Establishment Want Second EU Referendum

You might think that the title of this article is stating the obvious . There is no doubt that BREXIT is causing a headache for the establishment , who are generally used to getting their own way and maintaining the status quo for their paymasters at the apex of the parasitical profit based food chain .

One positive that will ensue is that whilst BREXIT is being hammered out , or hammered down , then the UK establishment will have their hands tied . This means no more large scale forays into foreign lands and meddling in other countries affairs , at least not publicly . Perhaps the chickens have now come home to roost .

What exactly will we use those shiny new aircraft carriers for ?

Back to the main story .

Is the UK Labour Party leader Corbyn a stooge and a puppet ?

Was the whole ‘antisemitism’ meme a carefully constructed establishment ploy ?

A ploy that also encompassed powerful elements that purport to represent all individuals of the Jewish community .

There are toxic elements within all countries and all communities that see the populations as useful fodder , especially when it serves their needs and the needs of their controllers . Do the people and voices in the mainstream media that purport to serve the interests of a particular community actually serve that community ? Or do they serve outside niche interests ?

Many individuals are obviously on the payroll , others are goaded and corralled in a particular direction .

A few can see through the smoke and mirrors .

The politics of fear are all around us , fear is used as a major controlling force in all Western ‘democracies’ .

The fear factor is used in far more ways than you can imagine .

Do you ever get the feeling that you are being manipulated and used ?

Do not fall for it .


Which brings us nicely round to BREXIT .

Who supports BREXIT ? Who does not support BREXIT ? Who gains ? Who loses ? Who wants what ? Was BREXIT a sinister plot from the start ? Does it represent a natural disengagement from politics in general ? Does it simply reveal the gaping gulf between the corporate and profit controlled puppet politicians and the public ? Does it represent a grasp by the people for more control over their own lives ? Does it reveal that the UK is now simply a pawn on the chessboard of global geopolitics , where once it was the Queen ?

It is hard to see between the lines (and the lies) on BREXIT .

In my opinion there are powerful domestic & global factions both for and against BREXIT .

Just as there are powerful domestic & global factions both for and against global wars and destruction .

One thing you can surmise from BREXIT is that is has divided the UK , even the political parties are split almost down the middle .

Then again , maybe that is the whole point .

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2 Responses to Establishment Want Second EU Referendum

  1. truth1 says:

    But but but, I thought we lived in a democracy? Another vote? Oh, you mean a Hippocracy. Now that makes sense. We are all captive slaves. It is interesting that ancient Greeks call all national leaders, tyrants. Dictator is another good word in its negative sense. The UK is the biggest farce on farce on earth and that not due to a lack of competition, either. Strange days indeed.


    • cultocracy says:

      Totally agree truth1 . The UK (or ‘Great Britain’) is not really a country anymore , more of a criminal club for globalists and profiteers , in reality it has been this way for centuries .
      Usually things like BREXIT are preplanned . I think the public are generally in the dark as to the reason(s) .
      Not sure if the US security establishment was afraid of losing its most favored puppet and poodle to a wiser and more expansive EU .
      Or maybe the globalist minded UK establishment wish to concentrate on the Commonwealth countries (stolen land and ethnically cleansed first nation populations) , giving access to Asia and confronting China blah…blah…blah…etc…etc .
      Or maybe it was simply a decision based on profit .
      Either way I do not think it was a decision made in the UK .
      Hard to tell these days with the glut of factions , each working in their ‘own’ interests and against each other . It goes without saying that the greater good does not enter into their thought process .


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