The Fear Factor , MI5 And State Propaganda


Every month in the UK another article is rolled out in the mainstream media regarding ‘terror threats’ to the British public . This carefully orchestrated planting of stories is becoming normal policy for the security establishment , fear is now being used as a clumsy propaganda tool that would make even Goebbels blush .

The latest post appeared in the Guardian on the 1st November , apparently according to our slave masters Russia has usurped I$I$ & to quote from the article ‘(Russia) poses an increasing threat to the stability of the UK’ . Ex Guardian journalist Jonathan Cook sums up the spook guff-fest in this article titled Guardian plays Robin to MI5’s Batman .

Take a look at some of the mainstream red alert ‘terror’ reports from this year alone (in descending order) :

1st November (Guardian) – MI5 head: ‘increasingly aggressive’ Russia a growing threat to UK

31st October – (Express) – ‘ISIS threat here to stay’

17th September – (BBC News) – MI5 boss warns of technology terror risk

8th August – (RT) – MI5 ‘mind reading unit’ foils potential terrorist attacks

27th July – (Telegraph) – British security services warn attack on UK is ‘very likely’

7th June – (Independent) – Euro 2016 terror warning

11th May – (BBC News) – Northern Ireland terror threat level raised in Great Britain

15th April – (Evening Standard) –Police appeal for calm despite fears of terrorist attack

7th March – (Guardian) – Isis planning ‘enormous and spectacular attacks’

21st February – (BBC News) – Staying in EU ‘exposes UK to terror risk’

24th January – (Mirror) – RAF ‘foiled ISIS airline terror plot to bomb four UK cities’

Of course there are many more , going way back to the inception of the ‘War on Terror’ in 2001 . So what exactly is going on ? Are we really under a constant threat of terrorism ? Or has the security establishment spotted an angle & conveniently used various manufactured ‘threats’ to fill their coffers & lay the foundations for complete control of the UK ?

It is interesting that as more evidence emerges of I$I$ being a Western proxy outfit , there has now been a shift to a new ‘enemy’ , the current flavour of the month is Russia (yawn) . Who will it be tomorrow ?  The Eskimos ?


Mi5: ‘Putin wants to nuke us & is starting WWIII , honestly’

It is no secret that the establishment do not trust the politicians in Westminster , especially in times of austerity when funding is quietly evaporating . Just like Orwell’s ‘1984’ , these corrupt parasites require a constant enemy , they create terror where it did not exist before & clean up as a result of the inevitable budget increases in ‘security’ . The Conservative party is riddled with Mi5 plants & stooges , many are part of the ‘old boys network’ , there are also ‘rumours’ that many have been compromised in matters both financial & sexual .

A new controlling force is emerging in the UK and it is not our elected politicians .

Maybe we should start asking ourselves who the real terrorists are .

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