UK Ministry of Truth Exposed , Integrity Initiative


I had to laugh at the name of the latest division of the UK Ministry of Truth , the Integrity Initiative (II) .

I had an even bigger laugh at the motto of the Integrity Initiative , which is ‘Defending Democracy Against Disinformation’ .

I practically started to roll around the floor in uncontrollable fits of hilarity when I read the motto of the parent organization of II , which is ‘Promoting Peace and Security through the skilful use of State Power‘ .

I guess peace and security is a reference to the ‘War on Terror‘ , skilful use of State Power must refer to BREXIT .

It looks like the Cold War never ended . It should be noted that the continuation of the Cold War is deemed very attractive to both parties , that is the UK and Russian establishments , which incidentally are both tied to the military and intelligence apparatus of their respective countries . This can be summarized by the following equation :

Cold War = Cash + Control

It should be noted that in the never ending propaganda war no side will be victorious , the war was never meant to be won .

It does mean the fattening of the surveillance state on both sides , they will surveil each other , I believe they call it the Great Game . The reality is that it gives non descript , non persons a seat at the trough , in layman’s terms it makes them ‘feel like the big man‘ (or woman) . The surveillance state is then turned inwards towards what is perceived as the real enemy in each country , that is the public , or you and me .

The Western oligarchies , particularly the UK establishment , are becoming more and more frustrated that Russia appears to be winning the information war . Or at least this is how the UK establishment view the issue in their own small , myopic , paranoid , militarized and securitized world .

It is not Russia that is winning the war , it is the West that is losing .

We the public are simply too stupid to see through the incessant and almost pathological and propagandized lies peddled by our glorious leaders and their puppeteers . They are far more intelligent than us , these methods have been honed over centuries and have worked previously , why not now ? There is no way the public are becoming smarter and wiser , therefore it must be the Russians (large yawn) , a point that is embedded into the psyche of many an establishment minion .

The dialectic is all too obvious , but only if you care to look .

The whole propaganda process does pose another question ; do the pimps & pushers of propaganda believe their own nonsense ? What about the new model information armies ? Thousands of keypushers employed to strategize , eulogize and digitize the information aimed directly at the public ? Maybe they get paid enough to be ‘on message’ , I suppose the alternative is to be ‘off job’ .

At the very least it does represent a nice little earner for the security establishment . In fact in the future I think that the budget for information and cyber wars may even usurp the budget for traditional warfare . Maybe it has already .

There is one loser in the info wars , that is the mainstream media , particularly the daily newspapers .

As one pundit speculates , if you extrapolate current trends there will be no more newspapers by 2020 .

A little premature . You could argue that the decline is directly related to the rise in online news sites and other electronic media . True to a certain extent , but I think the decline actually started way before this . The reality is that many readers simply switched off from the bile and drivel pushed by the largely controlled MSM , the public are not as stupid as the controllers would like to think . Establishment control has led to mediocrity and mendacity , not just in the news , but the mass media in general .

Which leads to bigger questions ; why do they wish to control everything ? What exactly do they fear ?

The psychology of conformity is a broad area of research , people within the establishment wish to conform for a variety of reasons . But why then attempt to push this model of conformity on the whole population ?

Easy , the answer is control .

If a mass of people think in a similar manner , react to the same things and want the same things , they can be easily manipulated in a fashion which suits the controllers , who are already uber conformists , at least in public . What these anally retentive types do behind closed doors as a release mechanism would probably make even the Marquis de Sade blush , or vomit , or both .

Control over another person is historically known as slavery , many slave masters actually got a kick out of the power they wielded over their fellow man , which often led to sadistic abuse . Imagine this scenario scaled upwards so that you had control over a group of people , or even whole populations , it is like a drug to the controllers and their minions .

Considering that mass media is already largely controlled where have the controllers set their sights in the present and where will they be in the future ?

Well there is a definite attempt at censorship of the independent media , several sites have been demonetized by PayPal , booted off larger social media sites , hacked and forced down the list on search engines . There are a myriad of tactics available to the controllers and their paid armies of cyber goons . You may also have noticed that the loading times on certain sites are quite slow , this is known as throttling . There are also far more sinister methods available to the controllers , these are deployed on a regular basis .

In the future you will see a definite attempt to thwart and neuter the larger and more independent media platforms , attempts will be made to slowly assimilate these organizations and bring them into the fold . Attempts will be made to rewrite the laws governing electronic media using fabricated scare stories , manufactured memes and media ‘honey traps’ as the thesis .

The proposed 5G networks also offer a fresh opportunity for censorship down to the scale of the individual .

AI will eventually be leveraged to automate the whole process .

It will not work .


There are those in society around the world that have reached what they perceive as the pinnacle of power in their respective domains . At this point the enemies , both real and perceived , multiply and become all pervasive , they are everywhere . As such an eye has to be kept on potential rivals , on potential usurpers , on potential leadership ambition , on the public . In fact , an eye now has to be kept on everyone .

Global ambitions need to be carefully crafted in a manner acceptable to the general public and the political establishment . This invariably involves , lies , lies and more lies .

We have now reached a point where the methods and tactics are static , they are not evolving at the same pace as the wide spread of information sources now available to the general public .

Therefore the next and only logical step is not to control the individual through the media , but control the individual themselves .

It will not work .

Big fish & Little Fish

It is said that people naturally seek to attain a higher position in society in part due to the freedom it offers , freedom being a form of control over your own life .

The controllers would have us all believe that we are not in control of our own lives , which no doubt to a large extent is true .

They would also have us believe that they are in control of their own lives , which in modern times is visibly and blatantly untrue .

A bit like their propaganda .

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