UK Politics – A lesson in Divide & Control


The continuing smears and slander directed against the UK Labour party reveals an underbelly of control and collusion between globalists and the establishment .

I think that for many traditional old school Labour Party members the penny only dropped after the Tony Blair years . The fact is that the political system in the UK is (or maybe was ?) controlled by the establishment , with a decent dose of foreign and global corporate meddling to boot .

Shocking revelations in the MSM continually tell us that Jeremy Corbyn is a communist , a Putin puppet , an evil alien from Mars etc….etc….What the MSM headlines never tell us is that Corbyn is a stooge and a useful idiot , useful for some that is .

Not so new revelations suggest that as usual there is a hidden hand behind the front men (or women) , the hidden hand(s) behind the hidden hands are rarely revealed . Many have known for years that Corbyn had powerful allies , allies that could get him elected as Labour leader despite being a rank outsider . I can guarantee that there were more than a few wagers placed on Corbyn at the time of the leadership struggle .

The Thin Controller

Seumas Milne has been described as the thin controller (in reference to the fat controller) . Milne has also been described as one of the most divisive people in the UK Labour Party , which is the whole point .

“How Seumas Milne – a Winchester-educated Guardian left-winger – became Jeremy Corbyn’s spin doctor and one of the most powerfully divisive figures in the Labour Party.”

The continual diatribe aimed at Corbyn simply does not stick , it falls off of his teflon coated crumpled suit where it is then trod upon by a feckless Corbyn himself . So new dirt is now being thrown at the people in the background , which is the whole point .

The more informed will not take the slightest bit of notice regarding staged political mudslinging , the less informed may form a knee jerk opinion .

Milne appears to be a staunch ‘lefty’ , he is anti establishment and friends with the Miners , he has produced ‘lefty’ magazines , we are told that he even wore a Maoist badge at college .

Which is the whole , very convenient point .

What should be remembered is that the voters do not count in a modern two party ‘democratic system’ , it is far more important to control the political process and the politicians themselves .

Global power play and profiteering are far more important issues than domestic politics , for now at least .

Champagne Sociology

Regarding Seumas Milne , the usual pointers are there :

  • Former journalist with the Economist magazine .
  • Former journalist with the Guardian newspaper .
  • Son of former BBC Director General Alasdair Milne .
  • Educated at the spooky Oxford University .
  • A pattern of early behaviour designed to produce a prefabricated persona .

According to Wikipedia , Seumas Milne joined the ‘lefty’ Guardian newspaper after being recommended by Andrew Knight , himself a prominent figure in the world of journalism and also a former head of several globalist investment vehicles .

It should also be noted that both Corbyn and Milne have been described as ‘security risks’ who would not gain security clearance from spook central if in government .

A useful fear based tactic , usually twinned with the buzzwords ‘terror’ or ‘terrorist’ , aimed primarily at those who believe everything they see on mainstream news channels .

After all , recent reports suggest you have to be ‘fully qualified‘ to receive top security clearance .

The above headline also suggests that there is ever increasing and ever more intense competition to get ‘your man‘ into the top positions .

Winchester College

Seumas Milne also attended Winchester College which is one of several UK public schools reserved solely for educating future establishment puppets and goons . Winchester is also one of the few schools which acts as a feeder for the spooky Oxbridge Universities .

Cultocracy note :

I can name all eight schools on the list :

  1. The school of sedition .
  2. The school of surveillance .
  3. The school of subterfuge .
  4. The school of spying .
  5. The school of skimming .
  6. The school of sadism .
  7. The school of sodomy .
  8. The school of Satanism .

Support for Palestine Antisemitism

The UK Labour party is currently embroiled in an internal support for Palestine ‘antisemitism’ row , stoked by external figures , this has been going on for a while now . The whole meme sprung from nowhere and now has a life of its own , headlines range from the ridiculous to the sublime , although many can see through the charade :

Glamorous UK TV blonde fluff pieces have now been dragged into the argument .

I wonder who the online trolls are ?

I also wonder if the authorities will ever find the online trolls ?

Probably not .


One or all of the following could be true :

  • UK politics is tightly controlled , there is a definite attempt to split the labour vote and form a resurgent yellow team (centrist party) .
  • Corbyn et al are true communists and Russian bots who support anybody who will help them overthrow the existing order to be replaced by a socialist Utopian dream .
  • Corbyn and everyone in the labour party who supports Corbyn hate Israel and all Jewish people , they wish to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth with the help of CIA/Mi6 Islamic terror operations (and also Putin) .
  • The establishment is playing a game of double bluff in that Corbyn is controlled and is the populist anti politician who nobody will vote for , a bit like Trump .
  • Milne has gone rogue .

Regarding the possible creation of a new centrist party , I think Matthew Goodwin who is a politics professor at the University of Kent hit the nail on the head with the following quote :

“I think it would do very well in Oxford, Cambridge and London but that’s about it…”

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