Is it a bit chilly in here ? Or is it the new Cold War ?

November 2015 .

In November last year Mikhail Lesin a prominent Russian millionaire with high-level ties to the Kremlin was found dead inside the DuPont Circle Hotel in Washington DC , he was aged 57 . Lesin is credited with helping to create the news organization RT , he was also the former head of media affairs for the Russian government and was accused of curtailing the country’s press freedoms . Although overtly propagandist , RT has become increasingly popular in the West due to it’s alternative perspective on world events , which often contradicted the controlled media of the UK & the U.S.

At the time it was unclear why the trusted adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin was in Washington , although this coincided with Russian intervention in Syria & its evident success in combating the Washington sponsored ISIS , which occurred in the even wider context of the Western backed coup in Ukraine & the Russian counter action in the Crimea .

The story in the Russian press , including RT , was that Lesin had died of a ‘heart attack’ after a ‘prolonged illness’. A U.S. law enforcement source said when police first investigated the hotel room where Lesin’s body was found, they did not find any damage or evidence indicating foul play. Later a formal investigation into his death was started by the authorities in the United States .

RT had been under attack from politicians in the States , with some even suggesting that the site be banned for ‘spreading propaganda’ . In fact, Sen. Roger Wicker called on the Justice Department to launch an investigation into Lesin over allegations of corruption and money laundering . It is obvious that pressure was being applied to Lesin by the authorities in the U.S.


Update: Friday , 11th March 2016 .

In a statement released this week the U.S. capital’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and the Metropolitan Police Department stated that the autopsy had found that ‘blunt force trauma to the head was the cause of death for a former aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin whose body was found in a Washington hotel room’ . Not only that ,Lesin also had blunt force injuries to the neck, torso, arms and legs . So we have moved from an apparent natural death to what sounds suspiciously like being beaten to a pulp ???

Is it a bit chilly in here ? Or is it the new Cold War ?

Cultocracy note:
The previous Cold War resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent people from countries around the globe , from Vietnam to Chile to Afghanistan . Meanwhile the Military Industrial Complex , the cultocrats & their corrupt cronies gorged on the profits , all at the taxpayer’s expense , the effects of which we are still seeing today .

History always repeats itself , evil never dies .


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