European Stealth Fighter & Tempest

New toys are looked on with envy by bling merchants and Kings and Queens around the globe , or the Middle East to be more precise . In this respect the US has an advantage in that it is like a toy superstore to prospective buyers , whereas Europe is more like a second hand toy stall .

The US can let it’s best friends play with their new toys for free , whilst the rest can only look on in awe and anticipation . Just like in the playground , this is good for building up a nice little gang of supportive (yet sychophantic) school mates , whereupon you can set about bullying the small boy in the corner wearing glasses . It is also good for extracting dinner money (known as business in the arms world) and it may help the US build up support for their own private War Club , often known as NATO .

No doubt anticipating the new European Defence Force , France & Germany now want their own stealth fighter , this could also be used to woo potential converts to the future rival war camp .

Will the UK be left out in the cold ?

Not happy with their new aircraft carriers , the UK military industrial complex has been after several more new toys to play with , namely a new stealth fighter plane , provisionally called Tempest . There is one problem though , the UK is no where near as rich as the US , or Europe , so it cannot afford a new stealth fighter . In fact after Brexit the UK may not even be able to afford a paper plane .

An interesting twist on a possible Brexit (which is now looking more like Nexit – Never gonna happen exit) may see the European design and Tempest merge to form a completely brand new toy . Otherwise known in UK establishment circles as can we please play with your toy cos ours is broke . This will come at a technological cost , otherwise known as , you can play with ours if you let us play with yours .

Woooooowwww……I want one already .

Psssst……Modern satellite based radar renders stealth aircraft obsolete……don’t tell anybody in the Middle East though……at least not till we have their cash…..chuckle……..

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3 Responses to European Stealth Fighter & Tempest

  1. truth1 says:

    Was it Orwell, who foretold the UK as becoming an irrelevant air strip some day? I could see that. The UK only ever became anything because of her navies and merchant marine trade. She would bleed small nations to enrich herself. that is a lot harder to do now. And China now runs SE Asia. the outlook is not rosy for the UK. When she, under William 1066, took over the UK to be an island fortress and merchant fleet, insulated from army attacks, she did well for a while. Far less competition back then , , but not now. Its over. Corporations backed by global finance are the real bosses now. they can pack up any place and shut if down or build a place overnight with resources from all over the world, pouring in. So no nation is secure in their economies or anything else.


    • cultocracy says:

      Good comment truth1 , all the better for the public I think . Like you say , in the past the British Isles were seen as a natural fortress for the European heirarchy , the armed forces were strengthened for global plunder and pillage , never for defence . The general public was viewed as a useful commodity for this purpose .
      Now it is global finance & global corporations that rule from the shadows , they will infiltrate and co-opt any government they deem useful .


      • truth1 says:

        Well, I also suspect that Orwell had good information. Everything that I have ever heard coming from him has always proved to be true. times change and you can see this in retail. Stores with reputations spanning decades are now gone or soon will be. I could see this with nations, too, and 1st on the list might be the UK. she is such a dinosaur. Why wait for a meteor the world rulers ask! Lets put her out to pasture as we have new better players to make use of.
        You see this in steel factories in the USA. they died out in the 70s as more updated facilities across the globe had far cheaper labor as well. We are just a peace of tissue paper for them to blow their nose in. the Honey moon is over darling and I guts me a new gal. thanks for everything.

        the UK is so bogged down in old stuff that they just might push her off into the North Sea, or the Atlantic or English channel. Maybe a few castles, too.


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