Cuban Diplomat Attacks – Neurosensory Dysfunction & Brain Injury

An update to the Cuban Diplomat attack story , or as it is now known in deep state crime circles , “we’ve managed to lie our way out of it so far , why change tactics now”  .

A medical report published on the 12th December this year found that many of the US diplomats working in Cuba now suffer from what is described as ‘Acute Neurosensory Dysfunction’ . They have suffered damage to the sensory organs and / or brain tissue controlling these organs .

The physicians who evaluated the diplomats hypothesized that the injuries were caused by an initial shockwave which led to a decrease in external air pressure , this decrease then caused ‘cavitation bubble formation in body fluids‘ . If you have ever been diving you may be familiar with the bends or decompression sickness , the directed energy weaponry (DEW) attacks on the diplomats resulted in similar symptoms .

Many targets will be all too familiar with the ‘Signs and symptoms of decompression sickness’ listed on the Wikipedia page .

If you think you are being targeted sleep with an almost full plastic bottle next to you (with the cap screwed on tightly) . Place another similar bottle (bottle two) away from you , on a shelf or on the floor perhaps .

You will see a slight decrease in the internal pressure of the first bottle after one or two nights , i.e. the bottle will be slightly compressed . Bottle two will be unchanged .

The results may not be as drastic as in the image below , but they will be visible .

It’s a brainwashing operation .

Sleep with your window open if possible .

Ear plugs  / nose clips may help with the pressure differential .

Good to see that the diplomats are following this through despite the external pressure , no pun intended .

Below is a summary of the findings from the report :

Acute findings in an acquired neurosensory dysfunction

“The lack of symptoms in the non‐affected “housemates” of affected individuals points to the fact that the exposure showed was both fairly precise and delimited in space and time.”

“The affected individuals all reported direct exposure to either noise or pressure. In many cases, their search for the origin of the noise (with the noise following them) resulted in a more prolonged exposure exceeding a few minutes. A few individuals (four total) had briefer, exposures (approximately 1 to 2 minutes), but these occurred over several nights. Immediately after the exposure the majority of individuals felt intense ear pain in one or both ears and experienced noticeable tinnitus.”

“All of the individuals noticed unsteadiness and cognitive symptoms (feelings of disorientation, lack of mental clarity, slower speed of processing, difficulty sustaining attention) within 18 hours of the exposure that produced ear pain.”

“Fifteen affected individuals reported either tinnitus or hearing loss (both symptoms reported by only one person), while 14 affected individuals reported either ear pain or tinnitus (one reported both symptoms) and no one displayed all three.”

“There was a high rate of abnormality (22/25, 88%) in the subjective visual vertical test (greater than or equal to 3.2 degrees of deviation from earth‐vertical with 18 of 25 (72%) of these individuals having deviations of greater than 4.3 degrees). This test is used to determine if there is damage to the otolithic organs (utricle and saccule) which are the inner ear organs that sense linear acceleration and orientation of the head relative to gravity.”Do not react to any form of provocation .

“The chronic findings originally reported in JAMA by Swanson et al. are not inconsistent with either a partially compensated vestibulopathy or mild brain trauma. The relatively high prevalence of chronic symptoms is not atypical for peripheral vestibular disorders .”

“The exposure responsible for these findings is unknown. It would be imprudent to exclude any potential directed or non‐directed energy sources at this time. For example, perceptions of sound can occur in response to energy exposures that include microwave pulses in the audible ultrasonic range (10–15 kHz peak sensitivity) or as synesthetic effects to light.”

“Pulsed microwave stimulation is known to produce ultrasonic cochlear microphonics in guinea pigs, which are suggestive of local propagation of energy in that frequency range. The ultrasonic frequency range is represented at the base of the cochlea (“hook portion”) in close proximity to the vestibule. Because sound activation of saccule and utricle produce cervical and ocular VEMPs, respectively, it is not inconceivable that resonant energy in that range could affect vestibular function. In fact, the occupational health literature indicates that intense ultrasonic radiation can produce “a syndrome involving manifestations of nausea, headache, tinnitus, pain, dizziness, and fatigue.”

“The potential mechanisms for injury by incident energy include cavitation bubble formation in body fluids. Cavitation bubbles can be produced in aqueous solutions by directed energy sources.”

“The energy released by the bubble collapse produces local jet, shock wave, and acoustic emissions.”

“…..internally generated, cavitation‐related effects in blood and intracranial fluids (CSF, perilymph, endolymph, and interstitial fluid) must be considered as possible etiologic factors after unknown energy exposures. ”

“The pattern of findings in the symptomatic group of a vestibulopathy combined with other neurosensory findings could be interpreted as being similar to the presentation of individuals with acute sequelae of mild traumatic brain injury following blast exposure or blunt trauma.”

“In addition, it does not seem imprudent to speculate that a highly specific unidentified energy exposure, perceived as a sound or pressure, could be producing an inner ear disturbance or demonstrate findings suggestive of an mTBI.”

Read the full paper at the link below :

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