Technocrats VS Tech Giants


The battle between tech giants and the surveillance state rumbles on . Many tech companies have already sold out to the state , others have been infiltrated and compromised to such an extent that their products are now produced under guidance from the deep state . Others will have actually been seeded by deep state aligned corporations .


Encryption is a useful tool , it is the only defence an individual has against state sponsored electronic snooping and surveillance .

Is there any other type of electronic snooping and surveillance ?

In September this year the Five Eyes syndicate expressed concern that the tech industry was not submitting to deep state orders to hand over encryption code and keys .

In a scenario straight out of Star Wars the tech giants are forming a rebellion that could ultimately displace deep state power , knowledge is power in deep state terms , they are trying very hard to nip the rebellion in the bud .

Most encryption can be broken by deep state super computers , although it takes time . The problem arises when billions of people around the world start to use encrypted devices to communicate , in deep state terms this is a little like closing your curtains whilst the peeping tom is lurking outside your home .

The tired old fear mongering propaganda exercises are being dusted down and wheeled out to the public , yet again (yawn ) .

“Many of the same means of encryption that are being used to protect personal, commercial and government information are also being used by criminals, including child sex offenders, terrorists and organized crime groups to frustrate investigations and avoid detection and prosecution,” said the statement from the five countries issued by Australia’s Department of Home Affairs.”

This would be a fair enough point if there was any truth to the claims . Unfortunately the vast majority of ‘criminals, child sex offenders, terrorists and organized crime groups’ inhabit the upper echelons of the state security apparatus . Other similar and affiliated groups are directly under deep state control for use in blackmail , black funding and terror operations spanning the globe . This is a fact .

So maybe therein lies the crux of the argument , maybe now there is a realization that the surveillance state spends most of its time surveilling itself . The average person could become self taught regarding encryption and communications , yet it is clear as day that the people who are adept in these methods will be state actors , or more appropriately in modern terms , ex-state actors and their paymasters .

We live in hope .

Tying up the Tech Giants

As stated earlier , knowledge is power , mass surveillance gives those controlling the levers of surveillance great power , power which has been continually abused in recent times in an ever increasing spiral .

Power and money are interchangeable in a modern world . What is never mentioned by the Five Eyes syndicate is the financial power that can be generated via mass surveillance . This can be anything from insider trading , to industrial espionage and the theft of intellectual property . This is far more widespread than most people can imagine , in fact it did form the initial guiding ethos of mass surveillance , many individuals became extremely wealthy , others increased their already vast wealth considerably . Hard cash buys access to the state surveillance systems , although this fact is only mentioned in guarded whispers , such is the level of fear and control in the command and control centers .

Business users and also the scientific and academic communities are now recognising more than ever that encryption is a necessity .

As such the oligarchs and the warmongers , the power brokers and control freaks , the sociopaths and psychopaths are now fearful of ceding a little bit of ‘their’ power to the great unwashed and the uncooperative . Although the power of encryption is wielded initially by the tech giants , it is passed on by them to all of us .

The Five eyes syndicate and their billionaire sponsors are aghast at the mere thought of this proposition . You see , the people can not be trusted with any form of individual empowerment .

We may start wars , we may murder and assassinate our rivals , we may conjure up elaborate schemes to part the taxpayer from their cash .

We may steal , plunder and rampage across the globe in a wanton murderous spree , with no thought for anybody else except ourselves .

Only the ‘elite’ are allowed to do that .


The Five Eyes syndicate forms an interconnected chain in which information is relayed between members without question . Only one member country is required to pass laws which will then automatically enable the same laws between the other partner countries . For example , if Australia passed laws requiring tech giants to divulge encryption code and keys , this would be immediately enacted in the UK , US and by default across the globe .

Boundaries and borders do not exist in cyberspace .

The tech giants have been dragging their feet , like many other corporate entities they now recognise that the deep state is potentially malign and malevolent . There has never been a carrot in this particular deal , the stick is always wielded in an attempt to foster fear and result in eventual compliance .

Rebel Alliance

The larger tech giants have not only become increasingly aware of state interference , infiltration and intrusion , they are now starting to fight back .

As is to be expected , the prosecution in the kangaroo court cited terrorism , the buzzword guaranteed to send the public to sleep , not to make them panic as required . The propaganda spouting from the belly of the beast is excruciatingly embarrassing .

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison has demanded the bill be passed into law before parliament goes into recess on December 6, saying a number of ongoing counter-terrorism investigations were being hindered by plotters’ use of encrypted messaging.”

“Authorities stepped up pressure for the bill’s urgent adoption after three men were arrested and charged two weeks ago for allegedly plotting an Islamist-inspired mass shooting attack in Melbourne using encrypted messaging applications to communicate.”

The insinuation and veiled warning being that if you do not give us what we want , there may be more ‘terror attacks’ . The dialectic is not only wearing thin , it is now threadbare and at the point of disintegration .

The tech giants are not giving in without a fight , the words of the defence also reveal that they know exactly who the ‘bad actors’ are .

“The DIGI alliance, which also includes Twitter and Verizon’s Oath platforms, said the bill as written would force them to create vulnerabilities in their operations which could be exploited by bad actors.”

“That is a needle that cannot be threaded—you cannot break encryption without introducing a vulnerability into the whole system,” the alliance said.”

“The technology firms further complained that the proposed law did not include enough judicial safeguards against possible abuse by security agencies, and could force them to “take actions in Australia that violate laws of other countries in which they operate or have customers.”


The modern Western Military Intelligence Industrial Complex has been founded over a period of several decades , it has been built against a background of murder , corruption , fear and terror . It is the only method they know , the method has a detrimental effect on the social , financial and environmental aspects of the countries where the centres of power reside . The cancer has now spread to the global environment .

This particular spat , although seemingly related to encryption , underlies a much larger argument . The tech giants now facilitate and allow free speech between individuals and groups of individuals across the globe . The flow of information and news , once tightly controlled and tethered , is now in danger of breaking free . People are now wiser and more educated as a result , this presents a danger to those who would prefer control and conformity .

This will have the natural effect of undermining any state propaganda or discourse , which in turn will reveal the machinations of the deep state and their true agenda , which is power and profit .

The ‘War on Terror’ opened many people’s eyes , the deep state now blunders and blindly bumps along like a zombie corporation , a rudderless ship .

The keyword is always control .

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