Iran Nuclear Deal – Rise of the Petroyuan

Recent news that US president Trump has scuppered the Iranian nuclear deal has divided opinion across the globe .

Well , not quite , it has pitted the US administration , Israel and Saudi against the rest of the world .

This is despite last ditch efforts by European leaders to sway Trump .

Fresh sanctions may be a last roll of the dice , the gulf is widening .

European countries have the most to lose in any fresh round of sanctions .

The nuclear deal was not really connected to nuclear weapons control , it was centered around global oil supply and trade , specifically maintaining petrodollar hegemony in an increasingly multi-polar world . The reality is that the petrodollar has brought immense wealth to sections of the US estalishment , wealth that has been largely squandered militarily in an attempt to preserve the dollar’s position as the global currency of choice . In recent years it has become clear that this position is being slowly eroded . The fabricated  ‘War on Terror’ was a last ditch attempt to maintain control . Once a position of power is reached , it needs to be defended .

Modern asymmetrical warfare takes many forms , it is less about bombs and bullets , more about fanatics and finance , this is more true today than it has ever been . Financial sanctions have always been used as a weapon of first choice , dollar hegemony allows this . Countries are ‘softened up’ financially as a precursor to invasion . A traumatized , starving and restless population are always open to suggestion , maybe regarding regime change .

It is a well worn plan of action , one that has now stopped working .

At what cost ?

Recent decades of increased global instability , torture , war and terror tell us that there is no price too high .

Power corrupts , total power corrupts totally .


Iran is one of the worlds largest exporters of oil and is a member of the OPEC cartel .


As the Middle East proxy war rumbles on , the OPEC deal is being scrutinized .

China has invested heavily in Iranian oil production facilities .

Dumping the Dollar

In recent years many other countries have investigated the possiblilty of trading oil in alternative currencies , other than the US dollar . Most notably Iraq .

We all know what happened there .

More recently Saudi Arabia , the backbone of the petrodollar , was also looking for trading alternatives .

Relations with the US establishment were in danger of turning sour as Saudi sought to expand it’s econmic horizons and seek greater autonomy from US petrodollar bondage .

Like many other countries Saudi leaders had sought to raise funds from a cash rich China as they sought to diversify from bonds issued in US dollars .

We all know what happened there .

Venezuela is the world’s 11th largest oil producer , the country has been under US imposed sanctions . Venezuela has recently decided to trade it’s oil in other currencies .

We all know what might happen there .

Iran is also looking at dumping the dollar and has decided to trade oil in Euro’s .

Russia has also considered dropping the dollar .

In fact , there are many ‘rival’ countries that have considered switching to a basket of alternative currencies to trade oil .


Oil wealth has lead to war after war , conflict after conflict . Many are now wising up to this fact , the global population in general is sick and tired of the phony wars , phony political figures and phony policies , all designed to increase the wealth of the few , to the detriment of the many .

The world will need to ween itself from oil , the process has already begun , it cannot be stopped .

As for the dollar , the Banking Cartel has the most to lose , this is the hidden hand that directs the dark forces .

Does anybody care if the ponzi pyramid is collapsing ?

Of course there could also be a dialectic in play , red team – blue team , divide and control .

In which case the pyramid will be rebuilt .


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