China Plans New Gold Futures Market

It should be obvious to most people that the Western banking system is currently in the hands of a tiny group of psychopaths who manipulate markets , organise crashes & use financial terrorism against other countries . Money has long been used as a weapon on the global chessboard and it is always the regular people that suffer whilst ‘they’ themselves gain . It is no secret that the Western banking cartel was formed on the back of slavery , opium trafficking & war . This puts emerging economies is a difficult position , do they align themselves with the traditional banking cartel & opt for subservience & slavery ? Or do they fight against it and leave themselves open to ‘sanctions’ , bombing , terrorism & invasion ? It is a risky question for many smaller countries who can be picked off using the dual instruments of financial sanctions & military muscle .

silk-road-coinChina has decided that there is another option , which is to create rival trading markets which gives them more control over their own cash & therefore more importantly control over their own domestic policies . The introduction of new trading platforms based on the yuan is part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative .

The new gold trading contract proposed by China is markedly different to the cartel controlled FIAT system in that contracts have to be settled by physically proven gold . At the moment the cartel based system can be settled in US dollars which like most paper currencies can be created out of thin air . Moreover the new contract will allow trading not only in US dollars but also the Chinese yuan , specifically the offshore renminbi . The new contract is expected to be introduced this year by the Hong Kong futures Exchange (HKEX) . Coincidentally (or maybe not) the timing is 20 years after the UK ceded Hong Kong back to China , which the establishment stole from China for having the audacity to fight back against heroin trafficking during the Opium Wars .

China is currently the largest producer of gold in the world , so this step could potentially give the Chinese government more control over the spot price . At the present time the spot price can be artificially raised or lowered at will by manipulating the markets . The crooks and fraudsters that control international finance are able to trade anything and everything , in the past it was purely to satiate their greed , in modern times it is used to feed their craving for control . Another factor underlying the new contract is that China could increase trading levels in their own currency as opposed to the dollar , in the longer term this could be a small step towards the yuan replacing the dollar as the dominant global currency .

No doubt the banking cartel will be spooked , they feel that they own the worlds money & by default any population or country that uses ‘their’ money . I suppose if you use the UK establishment and also the hierarchies of many other countries as a datum then this is a given . Of course there are many more factors to take into account when trying to establish currency domination , for China it is mainly it’s massive export market & large foreign US debt holdings , not to mention current restrictions on it’s currency . The IMF which describes itself as the ‘World’s Bank’ is of the opinion that the renminbi will not be allowed to dominate , that is until they allow it to .


A possible future global currency ?

If the Chinese yuan does start to supercede the dollar as many economists are predicting then there is one thing you can count on , more global instability , more wars & more terrorism . Any country that starts to trade using the yuan (or any other trading system) in the future could well be opening itself to a ‘colour revolution’ or a cascade of bombs , maybe this scenario is already being played out .

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