Qatar , Pipelineistan & the ‘War on Terror’

Cultocracy note :

More proof that the ‘War on Terror’ is simply a war for the control of resources and the power & profits that follow .

Will Qatar be thrown to the wolves and become the new Syria ? Probably not .

Will the country undergo a soft coup ? Possibly .

That all depends on whether the current leadership capitulate to the demands of the Western military corporate complex .

A country as small as Qatar cannot walk the high wire forever , it will eventually fall off .

From the controlled mainstream media it has been reported that Saudi , UAE , Bahrain, Egypt & the Maldives (???) have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar . Apparently according to the controlled mainstream media this is due to Qatar supporting & financing I$I$ inspired ‘terrorism’ . Yes , Saudi accused Qatar of supporting terrorism .

Many commentators have reported that the cause of the ongoing conflict in Syria is primarily due to competing plans for pipelines which can transport gas from the energy rich Middle East .

Qatar has the third largest reserves of natural gas in the world , Qatar’s main gas field is the South Pars field , jointly owned by Iran who has the second largest gas reserves in the world . Russia owns the largest reserves of natural in the world . Europe is one of the largest consumers of natural gas in the world , control of the energy supply to Europe would give any supplier a significant edge in controlling Europe .


Source : Wikipedia

Both Qatar & Saudi are known as the major financiers & supporters of I$I$ , all with the blessing of the corrupt Western establishment . Tonnes of arms & munitions along with hundreds of millions in hard cash have been funneled to the wide variety of manufactured terror proxy groups for decades .

Qatar is thought to have largely funded the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings and is a major supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood . Qatar also gave Abdelhakim Belhadj sanctuary after his release from custody in Libya , Qatar & Tony Blair led negotiations for his release . Belhadj was a former Al Qaeda fighter in Afghanistan & later became the leader of the LIFG who were instrumental in deposing Gadaffi in Libya . The LIFG was recently implicated in the Manchester Arena bombing . Qatar is also home to a large US military base .

Syria has relatively small reserves of oil & gas , but it does have land in which a proposed pipeline was to be laid . In 2009 Syrian President Assad rejected a Qatari offer to build a pipeline through his country , at this point the ‘War on Terror’ became focused on Syria . Many commentators also suggested that like Gadaffi & Saddam Hussein before him , Assad had signed his own death warrant .

In April this year the Qatari Foreign Minister met with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov , in Moscow . On the agenda for discussion was the gas attack in Khan Sheikhoun , Syria , which according to the controlled mainstream media was carried out by Assad . Both countries called for an independent investigation into the attack , which was snubbed by the U.S. After the meeting it was also reported that there was discussion concerning significant bilateral cooperation in the fields of investment and oil and gas .

Other significant factors hinting at a change of Qatari policy include the recent comments from Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani who stated that he would like ‘ties with Iran to be ‘stronger than ever before’ . In tandem with this comment the Qatari Emir also apparently stated that ‘Doha has ‘tensions’ with the Donald Trump administration’ , this particular comment appeared on the Qatari Emir’s Twitter account , along with another comment apparently praising Iran . The Emir later said that his Twitter account had been hacked & that he had not made the comments . Predictably the mainstream media was quick to blame Russia for the hack .

On hearing that Qatar had been ‘sent to Coventry’ US president Trump tweeted :

“So good to see the Saudi Arabia visit with the King and 50 countries already paying off,” “They said they would take a hard line on funding extremism, and all reference was pointing to Qatar. Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!” .

Is Trump now reigning in Western backed sponsors of terrorism in the Middle East with Qatar used as a scapegoat & held up as an example ? I doubt it .


A partnership between Qatar , Iran & Russia would give the three countries a virtual monopoly on gas supply to Europe . This would also effectively neuter Western proposals which involve a rival pipeline through Syria . Iran has also proposed a direct gas pipeline to China boosting China’s Belt & Road Initiative .

The Western energy oligarch’s & their puppet generals will do anything to stop this partnership , global hegemony must be preserved , as must the profits , no matter what the cost .


The ‘War on Terror’ has resulted in the loss of millions of innocent lives , it has brought numerous ‘terror attacks’ to our shores , it has resulted in the loss of individual freedom , it has cemented the powers of a corrupt establishment , it has cost the tax payer $billions .

The original scheme was no more than a fiendish plan for the capture and control of global energy resources in an era of increasing demand and decreasing reserves . In turn placing increased pressure on an emergent China , China’s growth is built on production not theft & the country needs energy & resources to fuel this growth . The original template for control was termed the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) . A summation of the PNAC report can be found here at Information Clearing House .

If it had succeeded it would have given immense global power to an insane & corrupt cabal , in their twisted minds it is not only imperative that they succeed , but also that others fail .

Coalition of the willing , unwilling , bribed & blackmailed

It would seem that the original ‘coalition’ is falling apart at the seams as the global population became increasingly aware of the diabolical global plan and the cost to humanity . Qatar is the latest of a long line of countries ‘jumping ship’ , or at least investigating further options . There is now a new push to form a new coalition , the insanity knows no bounds , the controllers are already corrupted beyond imagination and cannot find a way out , it is now all or nothing , they will drag us all down if they have to .

As the UK establishment was an original partner in the global criminal enterprise are they willing , unwilling , bribed or blackmailed ?

Answer : All of the above .

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