North Korea – Rare Deep Earthquake

rare deep earthquake was reported approximately 180km off the coast of North Korea , UTC time: Wednesday, July 12, 2017 19:48 PM , the quake depth was measured at 559km . Deep earthquakes are rare and mainly occur in areas where the Earth’s tectonic plates cross each other , theses areas are termed subduction zones . The reason for deep quakes are still a bit of a mystery to geologists .


Quake epicentre (red line = tectonic plate)

The quake was measured to be of 5.9 magnitude which is classed as moderate on the earthquake magnitude scale . The quake was too deep to cause any real damage to the North Korean coastal area .

Although it was relatively close to several reported North Korean military bases , including suspected nuclear & chemical weapons facilities .

North Korea has reportedly tested several missiles this year which have landed in the Sea of Japan , the tests have been dubbed by the mainstream media as a ‘challenge to Trump’ . North Korea was reported by the mainstream media to have called the tests “A gift to American Bastards” .

US president Trump responded to the missile tests by threatening a ‘very severe response’ .

Is Trump learning how to play the H.A.A.R.P ?

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