Google Censorship & Information Control


Only a fool would think that the ongoing campaign to censor information on the internet is not about controlling the discourse and thereby controlling the general population . What information makes the controllers sweat and why are they desperate to censor this information ?

Like most modern tech companies Google started out as a very good tool for searching the internet , it soon became apparent that the forces of greed and power were taking control , that is assuming they were not always in control . Most Google searches these days display a list of commercial advertisements or are directed towards the bigger media conglomerates  , who generally print fluff propaganda intended to endorse the latest political scheme or bout of warmongering concocted by their paymasters .

Google has always had a very cosy relationship with the deep state

Deep state censorship

Regarding information censorship Google receives most of it’s requests to delete information from Western governments , primarily the US & the UK , although Brazil topped the list . The requests to censor information are increasing year on year .

Putting profits before people is always the main driver in any business , censorship is not new in the Google business model , the company always bows to requests for censorship in the countries where it operates .

Obviously Google is stuck between a rock and a hard place regarding censorship requests from governments . If they do not abide by the information requests they could be banned form operating , straddling the fence is the general policy . Besides , the N.S.A would be extremely upset if they could not inspect foreign internet usage as well as domestic . The same rule obviously applies to foreign $TA$I style organisations who wet their knickers when the words ‘freedom of information’ are mentioned .

Do both China & Russia know something about Google that we are not party to ?

Have the links to Western spy organisations become a burden to Google ?

Or are the larger foreign powers simply protecting state controlled rival domestic search engines ?

Google censors alternative news

Google has obviously been heavily compromised and is under immense pressure by Western $TA$I organisations to censor alternative news sites . Replaced by a largely censored and controlled mainstream media . They are losing the information war , a war that is being waged against the general public . It is better that you believe lies and not truth , especially regarding clandestine programs of criminality and control instigated by the establishment .

In a more sinister turn Google has also been accused of censoring anti-war sites and also bowing to the demands of big-pharma . The censorship of specific sites could be seen as ‘testing the water’ for larger scale censorship of the internet , or also as a decision driven purely by economics .

Whichever way you look at the issues regarding Google the situation shines a light on the general path which Google is following ; corrupted , compromised and controlled by profiteers and the military corporate complex .

Cultocracy note :

It should be noted that the biggest censors of the internet are the shadow state who employ 1000’s of minions to search the web on a daily basis and forcibly remove (hack) any information that could expose the crimes of their controllers .

Always make a hard copy of any information you find useful .


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