Giraffes , Birds , Bees & Agile Beams

Last week the UK’s MoD (Ministry of Defence) was delivered it’s tenth Giraffe Agile Multi Beam (AMB) radar system . The Giraffe is manufactured by Swedish conglomerate SAAB , probably better known for it’s motor cars , yet another company that has now switched it’s manufacturing base towards the ‘defence’ industry in the chase for greater profits .

The UK’s Minister for Defence Procurement , Guto Bebb MP , announced gleefully :

“The Giraffe radar system provides our military with unmatched surveillance capabilities, keeping the UK safe and protecting our troops on operations. Giraffe provides our cutting-edge Sky Sabre air defence system with crucial battlefield intelligence, so it is brilliant to see our defensive strength bolstered by the arrival of the tenth radar system,”

The Giraffe system is intended to ‘fill the gaps’ in existing and already extensive RADAR capabilities .


SAAB is a big player in the field of RADAR and associated sensor systems .

SAAB has also recently partnered with former mobile phone developer Ericsson to develop 5G technologies .

Ericsson was a major player in the early mobile communications industry , it was also a developer of microwave systems for the defence industry . The Ericsson company was carved up around a decade ago , the company was divided between STMicroelectronics , Sony and SAAB , with SAAB receiving the defence end of the business .

Electrosmog & Wildlife

The UK is a small country in geographical terms , historically it was always at the fore of the post World War II ‘Cold War’ , between the West & the Soviet Union , as such it has been the preferred base for a myriad of RADAR and related sensing systems . It appears that this is still the case . It is simply a business , a business largely built on fearmongering , paranoia and of course power & profit .

In real terms this means that the skies are becoming more and more saturated with microwaves , radio waves and other frequencies , an interacting smorgasbord of radiation which forms an invisible blanket over the country and indeed the Earth .

There is increasing evidence that the electromagnetic smog has a debilitating effect on wildlife and indeed ourselves , migratory birds appear to be most at risk , canaries in the coal mine perhaps ? Pesticides are currently taking the brunt of the blame , other groups blame ‘climate change’ , a slight of hand perhaps ? Maybe we cannot see the wood for the trees .


There is increasing evidence that non-ionizing radiation affects all living organisms .

The research will probably be sneeringly dismissed as ‘collateral damage’ by the controllers .

For now at least .

Further reading :

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