Electromagnetic Radiation Poses Threat to Wildlife


Most informed and educated people now accept the fact that non ionizing radiation poses serious health risks , to both ourselves and the wider natural environment , imagine sticking your head in a microwave oven . The thermal effects are well publicized , less well publicized are the effects on DNA and RNA , profits always come first .

A new report from EU funded Eklipse confirms this fact , especially in regard to the the disruption of natural magnetic fields used by birds for migration and also bees for navigation .

To quote from the report :

“By far the most advanced theoretical foundation concerns the effects of RF fields on magnetic orientation migratory birds. Currently, there is strong evidence that the sensor is based on radical pair intermediates (perhaps in a protein called Cryptochrome) which are naturally sensitive to magnetic fields in the radio frequency range. It is established that the magnetic compass of migratory birds can be disrupted by the weak RF background in larger cities (nT-intensities) but it is currently unclear which exact frequencies are most effective.

Furthermore, some studies have suggested that fields emanating from power lines also affect the magnetic sense of vertebrates but again it is unclear whether this is effect is specific to 50Hz -MF or to harmonics or even electric fields. More and more evidence is accumulating that mammals (e.g. bats and mice) have a magnetic sense which might be based on radical- pairs and as such will likewise be affected by RF. It remains to be tested whether disruption of a magnetic compass has real ecological consequences as animals make use of a variety of mechanisms for orientation.”

Insect life is also affected :

“Effects on insects tend to be often complex, typically variable in direction or effect size, and only sometimes adverse. Of the few scientifically rigorous laboratory experiments on model species (i.e. Drosophila) there is some evidence of exposure leading to cell damage or effects on individual development, locomotion, or reproduction.”

Plant life is also affected :

“Mainly Angiosperms. Significant changes have been demonstrated at cellular and molecular levels. Changes in oxidative metabolism are quite often reported~: increase in peroxidase activity, membrane state. Exposure to low level of 900 MHz (10 min, 5V/m) caused a rapid increase in stress-related transcript accumulation in tomato.”

“Terpene emission was reported to be enhanced by EMR and could also be considered as a marker of stress perception.”

The Eklipse research was also reported in a few MSM rags , maybe this marks a turn towards the general public and away from their establishment benefactors ? Probably not .

The reports in the MSM could simply be a diversion from the multitude of military RADAR and LIDAR applications , ubiquitous in remote sensing systems . The carcinogenic effects of UV light for example are well documented , particularly skin cancer . That is even before we get to ‘ionospheric heating systems’ such as HAARP and terahertz systems .

Targeted non-ionizing radiation is currently used by deep state organizations and their affiliated crime gangs in a global campaign of experimentation , eugenics , oppression , neural manipulation , torture and assassination .

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