Yet another day , yet another dollar to be made . As time goes by the role of organizations such as NASA are being scrutinized with increasing skepticism . NASA was central to the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) which enabled the research and development of satellite and other technology which would eventually form the backbone of the oppressive global security state we see today .

As always , the precursor to any large scale racketeering programme requires the softening up of the public .

The deluge of asteroid-Earth collision warnings continues , complete with cataclysmic images and warnings of course :

Expect this type of headline to hit the MSM on a more frequent basis , at least until the funding is forthcoming .


The collection and collation of dubious data regarding asteroids is part of the whole process .

To this end the NEOWISE project (Near Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) has been cranked up a gear or ten . The project aims to scan space for asteroids , according to NASA the focus is on asteroids ‘that could pose an impact hazard to the Earth’ .

Not surprisingly the NEOWISE project has uncovered a plethora of previously non-existent space based objects that pose a threat to the Earth . Also , again not surprisingly ,  the threat of an Earth impact from one of these objects has now increased . In fact they could now hit our planet and wipe out humanity , although lets hope they don’t all hit the Earth at the same time , at least we would then have a chance .

Flawed & Unreliable

One researcher has called the statistics from the NEOWISE project ‘flawed and unreliable’ . Nathan P. Myhrvold has challenged the asteroid data from NASA , Nathan is a former chief technologist at Microsoft and holds a doctorate in physics .

His research led to a series of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from NASA , information that he probably hoped would prove him wrong . One man could not call into question the methods of a vast team of NASA scientists and technicians , surely such a veritable organization must be beyond reproach ?

Cultocracy translation :

‘Flawed and unreliable’ = Bullshit

‘Bad statistics’ = Bullshit

The Freedom of Information requests made to NASA by Nathan P. Myhrvold led to years of mud slinging , obfuscation and stonewalling .

In fact , Nathan P. Myhrvold called into question the whole NEOWISE programme .

Nathan P. Myhrvold papers have now been peer reviewed , the new findings show that he was right all along .


A subproject of the NEOWISE project is called NEOCAM (Near earth Object Camera) . NEOCAM is described as a next generation ‘infrared sensor’ .

MSM headlines declared that the NEOCAM could actually save Earth .

NEOCAM will find asteroids before they find us .

Cultocracy note :


Tiny but Expensive

Apparently the NEOCAM would form an essential part of a comprehensive planetary defence programme . It would cost the US taxpayer a mere $500 million per annum , a trifle when you consider the consequences .

Also the public agrees that NASA should not be sending astronauts on useless moon missions , instead NASA should be saving the Earth and possibly even saving the Universe .

Nathan P. Myhrvold’s research called into question the funding of NASA and particularly the NEOCAM project . Not to worry though , NASA got a record deal in the US budget from the Don . Although only a miserly $35 million will go to the NEOCAM sensor project .


Let us all hope and pray that the weak funding for the NEOCAM project is taken up by other NASA projects .

After all the fate of the Earth depends on it !!!

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