HAARP , Charged Particles & Lights in the Sky – Part 2

This article relates to strange lights in the sky and how they may be related to HAARP type phased arrays , particularly laser arrays .

For a background to this article you should first read HAARP , Charged Particles & Lights in the Sky (Part 1) .


Further related background reading is included in the article Mad Mice & The Monte Carlo Method – Part 2 which discusses laser technology and the process of filamentation .

Ground and space based phased array systems could possibly explain the strange atmospheric ‘lights in the sky’ which have been seen across the globe .

In October this year a spectacular glowing orb was seen over Northern Siberia , Russia .


Several media sources suggested the orb was the after effects of a missile test flight by the Russian military .

Some commentators have a different explanation :

The glowing orb sighting follows a similarly spectacular glowing spiral spotted in the sky over Norway in 2009 . Again several media sources suggested that the spiral was the after effects of a ‘missile test flight’ by the Russian military .


Again several commentators have a different explanation :

The orb and spiral sightings could well be a failed missile test , or maybe a successful missile test .

Similar spiral light sightings have been spotted in the sky over China :

Of course , China also conducts missile test launches .

Free floating plasma balls and vortex tails have been produced under laboratory conditions :


There have been many sightings of atmospheric lights in the UK :


There have also been many more similar sightings of atmospheric lights across the world :

You can be certain that there are many more sightings of atmospheric lights that go unreported or are considered too insignificant to report in the mainstream media .

There are also natural auroras that are frequently viewed in the Arctic and Antarctic regions . Other auroras can be caused by geomagnetic storms emanating from the Sun .

Both natural and man ‘lights in the sky’ have one thing in common , they are generally caused by charged particles in the atmosphere .

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) often use charged particle beams which can ionize gases and other particles in the atmosphere , thus causing an emission of visible energy in the form of light . The color of light emitted depends on the chemical composition of the gas (or other particles) which are ionized . DEW weapons can also use neutral particle beams , these can also ionize other particles in the atmosphere by causing a rise in temperature .

Directed Energy Weapons can also fire a beam of electromagnetic energy . The electromagnetic energy can be composed of radio waves , microwaves , light waves or even terahertz waves . In fact DEW type weaponry can utilize any portion of the electromagnetic spectrum .


Groups of ionized or charged particles are termed plasma , plasma is electrically conductive .

A laser beam fired into the atmosphere creates a polarization wave , the wave causes a change in the refractive index of the surrounding atmosphere , which in turn has an effect on the propagation of the laser beam . A continuous mode laser beam will continually self-focus until it eventually collapse in on itself and implodes .

Pulsed mode lasers fired into the atmosphere produce a phenomenon known as filamentation . During this process , instead of collapsing , the beam ionizes the surrounding atmosphere creating plasma . The plasma serves to defocus the beam due the fact that it has a lower refractive index than non-ionized air . The defocused beam again starts to self-focus until plasma is created , the plasma again serves to defocus the beam .

The process of constant focus and defocus continues , allowing the laser beam to travel large distances through the atmosphere .

As stated earlier plasma creation causes an emission of energy in the form of visible light .


Furthermore , plasma filaments in air can act as a waveguide for microwaves and other electromagnetic waves .

So we have now established that pulsed laser beams can create a plasma filament which allows both a laser beam and a piggybacked microwave source to travel large distances .

Reflecting a ground based DEW beam off the ionosphere will allow the beam to travel even further .

A ground based beam could also be reflected from a satellite in low Earth orbit .

A satellite based DEW laser can reach the Earth from orbit via filamentation , this could also carry a microwave or other frequency .

LIDAR or traditional microwave phased radar arrays can also be used to transmit a directed beam at a target .

LIDAR uses an array of pulsed lasers .

The same radar systems can also track and monitor a specific target .

Artificial plasma ‘clouds’ can be created in the ionosphere , which can also be used to reflect a DEW weapon .


Is it a bird ? A plane ? A UFO ? No… A Plasma Cloud

Artificial clouds can also be created that can serve to focus a DEW beam at any particular geographic location . Imagine a mirror combined with a magnifying glass , that can be pointed anywhere .

In the UK , BAE Systems is developing systems that could be operational in the next 50 years has helped to develop fully functional systems that could “revolutionise future battlefields” .

Cultocracy note :

Hint :

Future battlefields = Present domestic

Shield armies = Protect the corrupt

Mounted on rocket = Satellite based

Snoop on enemies = Domestic surveillance

Death Star

Phased array lasers have already been developed and are used in defence applications .


Phased array lasers work in much the same way as phased radar arrays , allowing the beam to be steered without moving the laser , perfect for a satellite or any other mobile snooping platform .

More power can be generated from a laser array by using a method called beam combining , basically combining several separate beams into one beam .

Logically the beams are combined using a beam combiner , obvious applications include high powered lasers for the military , but they can also be used in long distance communication systems . Again , perfect for a satellite .

Problem , Reaction , $olution

A recently proposed weapons program named DE STAR (Directed Energy System for Targeting of Asteroids and exploration) has been proposed that could save the Earth from ‘asteroid strikes’ .

Cultocracy note :

Don’t they just love their snappy acronyms , it seems to be a prerequisite for obtaining funding and siphoning off taxpayers cash for far more nefarious means .

The DE STAR would in theory use satellite phased array laser systems to blast any incoming asteroids to pieces by vaporising them .

A similar weapon could also be used to vaporise whole buildings or whole areas here on Earth .

Of course a similar phased laser system could serve a more mundane dual purpose as the ultimate multiple target surveillance , torture and assassination tool .

Funding is required for such an ambitious project , first you have to invent and propagate a plausible background story , usually involving the projection of fear , based on total annihilation .

It is not a novel idea , the whole scheme was first initiated under the auspices of the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) back in the 1980’s when Ronald Reagan was the US president . At that time the overriding theme was annihilation from Soviet nuclear missiles with a splash of asteroid defence . A well crafted pre-planned defence strategy was conjured up that involved satellites , underground control centres , space mirrors , communications systems , lasers and other exotic directed energy weaponry . Numerous defence contractors were awarded rolling multi-billion dollar contracts and the stage was set . The total cost of the SDI project is unknown , although it is thought to run into trillions of dollars . Thus the backbone of the modern space based military industrial complex was formed which spawned the electromagnetic surveillance , neural manipulation , murder , prostitution , racketeering and torture network we see today .

Like most major projects in this field the SDI program was not without casualties :

Read down to the bottom of the article in the above link , looks like the book burners are still hard at work trying to rewrite history .

Back to the present .

The theme at present is not nuclear war , but an asteroid collision with the Earth and of course the resulting annihilation of mankind , freedom and everything else we hold dear .

The primers have been obediently reported in the mainstream media for several years , the usual suspects supplying the information are coincidentally also the main beneficiaries of future funding , along with their partners in crime (…s against humanity) in the ‘defence’ sector .


This could hit you…..Right on your head….Honestly….


I also remember a period several years ago (when arch traitor and puppet Tony Blair was P.M. in the UK) there was an ongoing discussion to formulate a UK based policy for ‘asteroid defence’ . The UK even formed an all party ‘Asteroid Defence Committee‘  . Despite widespread coverage in the media the idea did not gain traction and was eventually rejected by parliament . I also seem to remember that the prime lobbyists for the ‘asteroid defence’ project were our old friends and chief crumb seekers at the Pentagon table , BAE Systems . Funny , I cannot seem to find any reference to this fact on the internet .


I am sure that Lembit Opik was somehow involved , although I also remember that he went ‘off message’ when distracted by one of the Cheeky Girls , obviously an Eastern European Mata Hari .


But I digress…….

It seems that like fidget spinners , asteroids are a new fad , the latest craze .

We now have an annual ‘Asteroid Day’ , hosted by an “esteemed group of planetary scientists, astrophysicists, astronauts, artists, academics and concerned citizens” .

A grand scheme would not be complete without the membership of Sycophants International , aka the Brown Envelope Masters , aka Rubber Stamps Incorporated , aka the United Nations :

The youth arm is apparently called the Near Earth Object Project Group or NEO .

Cultocracy note :

Another snappy acronym .

Some people have really gone into party mode and although they are on message , the message seems to be coming from another planet , or maybe the message is coming closer from home…..


Watch out for the Klingons


Cultocracy note :

What ?…….. No snappy acronym ?!?!?!

The name Asgardia is based on the realm Asgard from Norse mythology . Asgard is said to be home to a tribe of Gods and houses Valhalla .

Cultocracy note :

Aaaahhh……A deeper meaning for the mind controlled ‘initiates’ .


Asgardia ? Or Elysium ?

Unfortunately the name of the ‘Star Trek’ world is most inappropriate , in Norse mythology it is prophesised that most of the Æsir (Gods) will die and Asgard will be destroyed .

As usual , some people are more pragmatic regarding asteroid mania and see the chance of a nice little earner :

The usual suspects are always there pulling the strings :

Perhaps NASA should rename itself to NA$A .

There are glimpses in the mainstream media regarding the prime motive :

It does make you wonder who is actually controlling the US space program .

Maybe the usual suspects are controlling the usual suspects .

It also makes you ask the question , what is the real purpose of the space based technology that is in orbit now ?

What about the massive HAARP arrays built under the guise of an ‘ionospheric heating programme’ ?

What about the massive underground command and control centres , built under the guise of ‘continuity of government’ , no doubt in case there is an asteroid strike .

You could go on and on when listing the glut of projects that are apparently used for ‘defence’ , ‘national security’ or ‘fighting crime’ that have been subverted and actually have a completely different purpose than what is publicly stated .

Most people are completely oblivious to the real agenda and the intended functions of the technology . Information is deliberately withheld , knowledge is suppressed , secretive cult like groups are formed in the shadows to protect the house of cards .

Anyhow , back to the asteroid obsession .

Another mission to blast an incoming asteroid has been termed DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) . The DART method uses a kinetic projectile to smash into the asteroid , hopefully diverting it away from the US and into China . Surprisingly the DART system is directed by NASA and will require another tranche of funding separate to the laser method DE STAR mentioned earlier . Although both methods will require brand spanking new satellites and revamped “communications , command and control centres” .

Cultocracy note :

Yaawwwn…….Snappy acronyms……Yawn……..Usual suspects…..Zzzzzzzz…

It goes without saying that any individual or group who is off message and therefore takes lightly the imminent destruction of the Earth (and declines the polite offer of a lucrative contract or a fat brown envelope) will burn in hell fire and have sleepless nights in their own personal purgatory :

Armageddon? Catastrophe ? Obliterate Earth ?

Maybe they smell a trap…….Or maybe they have something else in the pipeline .

Or maybe the righteous indignation and terror mongering is simply about money :

Other plans in the pipeline regarding asteroid infatuation and the salvation of Earth and humanity include blasting an asteroid with nuclear missiles strapped to a Saturn V rocket . I can guarantee that this option will be disregarded as it will mean no more ‘shiny tin cans of control and oppression’ and minimal funding .

The remaining option is simply too ‘far out’ to be considered by even the most brainwashed and compromised political fool . It involves a ‘Gravity Tractor’ which could fly alongside the asteroid for a long period of time (perhaps decades) and use a ‘tractor beam’ (© Star Trek) to ‘divert’ the asteroid .

This last one is a slow burner and in there for the long game as it is no doubt the more costly option . Coincidentally this option neatly dovetails in with ‘asteroid mining’ , quelle surprise , or ‘creme de la menthe’  as Del Boy would say .



The likelihood of an asteroid colliding with the Earth is remote to say the least , although it is theoretically possible . This is not the real issue . The crime syndicate that controls the military and other organisations seem to be preparing for something new now that the infrastructure is in place for domestic population control . The technology and infrastructure was researched & developed primarily under cover of the Space Defence Initiative , research & infrastructure that was paid for by the taxpayer and is now being used as a weapon of population control , racketeering , theft , fraud , eugenics and social engineering . The exact same process is being repeated , it is how these people operate , they hop from one fraud to the next fraud , perpetrated on one generation and then the next generation .

Can you imagine that a corrupt global establishment would not turn any spaced based weapons of mass destruction back on the Earth , or at least use it as a gun pointed to the head to force weaker or poorer countries to submit to their will and become slave states . Do you not think that they already have similar weapons that can target individuals and even whole geographic areas ? Look around you and see how the Five Eyes crime syndicate and their corporate masters have used the military as a vehicle to pursue their demented policy of acquisition and control , wreaking havoc across the globe . Unfortunately the intellect of the controllers lags way behind the minds that they manipulate and the technology that is created . The insatiable craving for wealth , control and power controls them as individuals , the mind set is infectious , it is a form of insanity .

The dialectic is plain to see . Attempt to instill fear and terror in the population based on the illusion of massive destruction . Assimilate and recruit as many political figureheads as possible to the cause , using bribery and blackmail , or more realistically using sophisticated remote subliminal neural programming . Acquire the necessary funding to continue off the books black operations under the guise of ‘saving the planet’ . Pass the funding to ‘preferred defence contractors’ controlled by themselves . Continue the grand design which is total control of the population and the Earth’s resources .

As a bonus there may also be massive potential profits to be made from raping and pillaging near space as they have the Earth . As a double bonus , one day an inhabitable planet may be found and the process can begin again .

These people are the real threat to the Earth and humanity , not asteroids .

You will not find this fact printed in the mainstream media .

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