Dark Side of the Moon – Russia & US Plan Lunar Base

Cultocracy note :

Despite the apparent rivalry for Earth resources it seems that there will always be cooperation between Russia and the U.S. regarding space exploration .

Recent media reports tell us that the two superpowers are collaborating on a new space station that will orbit the Moon , dubbed ‘Deep Space Gateway’ . The station may eventually lead to a ‘manned’ Lunar outpost that could be used for further exploration deeper into the Solar System , initially this would be Mars .

NASA is also planning a ‘Solar Probe’ mission that intends to examine the outer layers of the Sun , researching Solar Winds and the formation of charged particles and magnetic fields in space . If these two phenomena can be harnessed effectively it could lead the way to efficient space travel without the need for traditional fuel boosters .

It should be noted that if Solar Winds can be harnessed then they could also be used to create a space based weapon of weapons .

There are many agencies and corporations researching the required technologies , many aligned to the military which itself is aligned to corporate power .

Ongoing Earth bound research into space travel by humans includes the development of self sufficient ‘underground environments’ . Other related research areas include genetic manipulation , cyborg like implants and AI . Many of the research projects involve unwitting human test subjects and are ‘blacker than black’ .

There is a core group of interlinked agencies zealously dedicated to outer space travel and planetary colonization , first championed by their idealogical father Wernher von Braun .

On a positive note it may illustrate what can be achieved when the corrupt warlike factions of each nation state are contemptuously disregarded .

A realist could also argue that the partnership and resources poured into this project could be better spent on securing a better future for the Earth rather than planning a potential bolt hole in space .

Will future space travel be a peaceful colonization , or a destructive invasion ?

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2 Responses to Dark Side of the Moon – Russia & US Plan Lunar Base

  1. truth1 says:

    I’ve been thinking about weapons escalation and space research. Is the main purpose to just make the wealthy, who all have investments in each others holdings, more money siphoned from the tax payers/slaves? Oh sure, they might be told by Satan that he wants to them to colonize, but they are not going to be around long enough to see that come into being. Satan knows but he dose not want “them” to know it. Everything is so fake and full of lies now. It always a challenge to stay on top of it all.


    • cultocracy says:

      I think wealth creation has now been superceded by the notion of global control truth1 . In the last century having great wealth naturally led to power and control . In the coming century the control of certain technologies will give power to the owners without the need for financial wealth , for example if all financial transactions are electronic then it will be the people that control the electronic infrastructure that wield the power . Space based technology will offer a unique method to control ground based technologies . I think that many apparently benign ‘space research projects’ are used for nefarious ends with much of the investment being siphoned off for black projects based on societal control . I agree , It is hard to find the truth amongst a glut of fakery and lies .


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