The Family – Australian Cult , Intelligence Services & Assange

The Family‘ is a documentary on one of Australia’s most infamous cults , also known as ‘Santiniketan Park Association’ and the ‘Great White Brotherhood’ . There have been other documentaries , this particular one is due to be aired later this month .


I’ve spotted Roy Orbison but which one is Assange ?

Information regarding the shadowy group has slowly surfaced since 1987 when a member was expelled & started talking to the police in Australia . Sarah Moore (formerly Hamilton-Byrne) was expelled from the ‘Family’ in 1987 , she went on to write a book about her experiences titled ‘Unseen , Unheard , Unknown‘ .The book was published in 1995 , much of the information below is from the book .

Background to the ‘Family’

Anne Hamilton-Byrne was the founder & leader of a cult called the ‘Family’ or the ‘Great White Brotherhood’ . The cult was started in the early 1960’s at the Dandenongs near to Melbourne , Australia .

The motto of the ‘Family’ was ‘Unseen, unknown, unheard’ .

Hamilton-Byrne’s bilogical family was known to have a long history of mental illness , the perfect patsy .

The sect co-founder was Oxford educated physicist Raynor Johnson . When living in the UK Raynor was connected with the Society for Psychical Research , the society study list included hypnotism, dissociation & thought-transference .

Hamilton-Byrne told her followers she was Christ who had returned to save the world , also that aliens were going to invade the Earth to cleanse the world of evil .

Raynor Johnson owned a series of properties where the cult was based , the estate was collectively known as ‘Santiniketan Park’ .

Newhaven Hospital in Kew , Australia was a private psychiatric owned and managed by Marion Villimek , a Santiniketan member , many of its staff and attending psychiatrists were also members of Santiniketan .

‘Treatment’ at Newhaven included a regime of dosing patients with the powerful hallucinogenic drug L.S.D. Many members of the ‘Family’ were former patients of Newhaven . Apparently the drug was sourced , free of charge from Swiss drug company Sandoz . Sandoz supplied LSD to various governments around the world free of charge in exchange for ‘research data’ regarding the drug . The company is known to have supplied the C.I.A with LSD for ‘secret research‘ .

Ronald Conway had connections to the Catholic Church , Conway was also a consulting psychologist to psychiatric hospitals around Melbourne . Conway’s special type of therapy for patients included masturbation & treatment with LSD , Conway was known to have worked with patients at Newhaven .

Child Abuse

Hamilton-Byrne started to ‘collect’ children in what she herself called a “scientific experiment”.

Cult member & lawyer Peter Kibby confessed to forging false birth certificates and adoption papers .

The children were held in isolation with minimal social contact except for the interaction with other cult members .

Most of the girls hair was dyed blond , cut into fringes and worn long with identical hairstyles and identically-coloured ribbons. All the boys had bowl haircuts .

Many children experienced physical abuse , including daily beatings , quoting Sarah Moore ‘The guiding principle of our rigid existence was discipline. Discipline was the word used to justify abuse.’

The ‘nurses’ forming the sadistic regime were known as ‘Aunties’ . Cultocracy note : Josef Mengele was known to tell children to call him Uncle .

Emotional & psychological abuse was also the norm , again quoting Sarah Moore ‘if you are told incessantly that you are horrible, that you are ugly, fat, evil, stupid and inferior you start to believe it. As a child you know no other truth than that which you are taught by those around .’


‘Nightmare Nurse’ – known as ‘Aunties’ .


Forced sedation & the administration of L.S.D were common , other children have spoke of forced starvation & sexual abuse .

It has been suggested that Anne Hamilton-Byrne would have had no power without a syringe (a quote from Sarah Moore’s book) .

Other interesting information regarding the ‘Family’

Many children involved with the ‘Family’ had multiple identities . To quote Sarah Moore ‘Some of us had multiple birth certificates and passports, and citizenship of more than one country.’

Other children had no identity at all , to quote Sarah Moore ‘These were ‘invisible’ kids, because they had no papers and there is no proof that they ever existed.’

Many of the elder cult members were educated & had what could be described as ‘middle class professions’ , this helped to facilitate the secrecy surrounding the cult & it’s activities .

Julian Assange has connections to the ‘Family’ . Assange’s mother was involved with ‘Family’ member Leif Meynell . In his biography Assange states :

  • ‘My stepfather’s place in our family was usurped by a man called Leif Meynell . I remember he had shoulder-length blond hair .’
  • ‘Eventually, it was a matter of us escaping from him. We would cross the country and only then suffer this sinister realisation that he had found us.’
  • ‘I just knew that he wasn’t my father and that he was a sinister presence.’

Julian Assange is also known to have connections with Australian Intelligence .

Co-founder of the ‘Family’ , Raynor Johnson spoke about a process called ‘prototyping’ in his ‘secret diaries’ . To quote from Johnson’s diaries ‘Prototyping is a process which some evolved souls can use . It involves the creation of a mental duplicate (or even more than one)’ . The product is indistinguishable to the senses of an ordinary human being from the ‘original’ person .’

Cultocracy note : The above sounds suspiciously like Monarch programming or Trauma programming , used by intelligence groups .

In a further twist to the story Sarah Moore spoke of a ‘Lord Casey’ who was ‘treated’ by the cult ‘Aunties’ after a road crash . Richard Gavin Gardiner Casey was the former Governor General of Australia from 1965 to 1969 , he was also the minister responsible for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service .

In fact the Australian Secret Intelligence Service HQ is named after Casey .


R.G.Casey House – S.I.S

In her book , Sarah Moore states :’Several of the Aunties nursed Lord Casey , a former Governor-General of Australia . Rumour has it that he made a significant donation to the sect .’

‘He (Mr. Ellis a cult member) talked about how he and other sect members had nursed Lord Casey, after a serious road accident. Mr Ellis was assigned to watch over Lord Casey at night and to give him his medication. All this despite the fact that he had only ever had a small amount of training as a medical student.’


A few questions emerge after digesting the above facts .

Was the ‘Family’ a carefully constructed & ongoing intelligence programme , designed to investigate behavioural responses & conditioning in children . Many ‘cults’ or ‘sects’ that sprung out of nowhere during this era were run by the C.I.A & UK Military Intelligence . Many such cults were created on the foundation of research instigated by Nazi scientists in concentration camps , most of whom were expatriated after WWII in an operation named ‘Operation Paperclip’ . Cults such as the ‘Family’ provided the perfect cover for what essentially were open air laboratories for research into mind control techniques that would later form the basis of MKUltra type conditioning . They were naturally secretive & secluded , any connection with the outside world was frowned upon . Cult members systematically had a secretive mentality forced upon them , this mentality became normal & was enforced with strict protocols , they were conditioned using psychological techniques perfected in the intelligence community . Deniability of any governmental or ministerial involvement is crucial to such operations , Anne Hamilton-Byrne was the perfect ‘cut out’ . A history of mental health issues in her family & the obvious delusions & mental health issues she suffered herself provided the perfect antidote to any insinuations regarding the complicity of military intelligence .

The physical & emotional abuse along with the strict military-like regimen imposed on the children also suggests that this is true . Experimental administration of drugs , including L.S.D are classic signatures of military & intelligence experimentation & methodology of that particular era . The fact that the ‘Family’ managed to evade justice for so long also speaks volumes , their reach into the bureaucracy Australian Government is often understated , proof of this is the new identities & passports for the children . Time & again a carefully constructed web was spun allowing key members of the cult access to the public institutions , forgery which is another hallmark of intelligence operations was also key to the cults success .

All of this is simply conjecture , but based on the circumstantial evidence it is a definite possibility , what do you think ?

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