UK Espionage Act to Target Journalists & Whistleblowers

In a long planned & calculated move the UK $TA$I & their many partners in crime are in the process of introducing new legislation that would see any individual exposing their criminal activities jailed for up to 14 years . Telling the truth will soon become a crime on par with murder & drug trafficking . This does prove what a few commentators have been saying regarding the Snowden & Bradley Manning leaks , that they were limited hangout style operations conducted by the the UK & the U.S. $TA$I simply to force through the new legislation .


As the corruption & dereliction within the higher echelons of the shadow government continues there is simply an overload of ‘activities’ which need to be concealed from the public . Their only answer is to introduce draconian legislation which simply amounts to threats & intimidation , basically crimes to cover up crimes to cover up crimes . The taxpayers money that is spent on covering up the variety of illegitimate enterprises is astronomical , it is no coincidence that the budgets of these outfits have increased year on year , the funding increases have little connection to the fabricated racket known as the ‘War on Terror’ . They need these new laws to counteract the growing resistance from within their own ranks , resistance to the rampant fraud , theft , human rights violations , murder & torture committed in the name of ‘national security’ . It goes without saying that weak & compliant political puppets are only too willing to follow the orders that come from above , many are compromised , others have been blackmailed .

The SIA’s in the UK now constitute a large cult-like group of disparate organised criminal gangs , there is no ideology to follow , the UK public are now the enemy , an enemy that needs to be repressed & oppressed . Orders come primarily from the energy & defence corporate behemoths , other cliques have wealthy oligarchs as their patrons , Joe Public is not even on their list of priorities , many of the ‘operatives’ now work under the cover of quasi-private ‘security companies’ , basically mercenaries & privateers . Their greed for money & power sees no boundaries , both physical & moral . Grasping gluttony & paranoia are spreading like a virus , no one can be trusted , they are in a state of denial regarding the noxious , rancid state of their organisations . Fast cars & foie gras rule .


They like BMW’s , a lot , a very lot . Maybe this ‘leak’ will get me 14 years ?

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1 Response to UK Espionage Act to Target Journalists & Whistleblowers

  1. truth1 says:

    It was inevitable. We can see their true colors, at least. Let the buyer beware.


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