Leaked: The UK’s secret blueprint with telcos for mass spying on internet, phones – and backdoors

From the TheRegister.co.uk we learn that the UK deep state is stealthily expanding it’s bulk information & surveillance powers :

“The UK government has secretly drawn up more details of its new bulk surveillance powers – awarding itself the ability to monitor Brits’ live communications, and insert encryption backdoors by the backdoor.

In its draft technical capability notices paper [PDF], all communications companies – including phone networks and ISPs – will be obliged to provide real-time access to the full content of any named individual within one working day, as well as any “secondary data” relating to that person.

That includes encrypted content – which means that UK organizations will not be allowed to introduce true end-to-end encryption of their users’ data but will be legally required to introduce a backdoor to their systems so the authorities can read any and all communications.

In addition, comms providers will be required to make bulk surveillance possible by introducing systems that can provide real-time interception of 1 in 10,000 of its customers. Or in other words, the UK government will be able to simultaneously spy on 6,500 folks in Blighty at any given moment.

According to the draft, telcos and other comms platforms must “provide and maintain the capability to disclose, where practicable, the content of communications or secondary data in an intelligible form and to remove electronic protection applied by or on behalf of the telecommunications operator to the communications or data.”

The live surveillance of individuals will require authorization from secretaries of state, overseen by a judge appointed by the prime minister. And there are a few safeguards built into the system following strong opposition to earlier drafts of the Investigatory Powers Act.”

There is no logical reason for expanding internet surveillance powers , the hackneyed & threadbare excuse ‘The War on Terror’ never had any legitimacy from the start . It would seem that even the slightest ‘information leak’ or ‘terror attack’ is rapidly monopolized & used to consolidate powers to hoover up any & all electronic information in a feverish & maniacal manner . So what is the underlying agenda ?

It was reported several years ago that the N.S.A & it’s Five Eyes poodles are attempting to create a working simulation of the Earth itself , named the Sentient World Simulation . The N.S.A has teamed up with the US Department of Defence to create the mother of all computer simulation games , it goes without saying that UK intelligence services will be rewarded for their subservience by gaining access to the simulation , partially at least .


The ‘Special Relationship’

The real-time global simulation is an attempt to predict future events (such as elections) by monitoring all internet information & applying this information to complex computing models . It is said that the whole system can be scaled down to monitor & model individual countries & cities , businesses and probably individuals or groups of individuals (such as political parties) . It is said by some commentators that the simulation houses a ‘clone’ or ‘sim’ of a vast portion of the Western population , all based on internet used , governmental records , credit card spending patterns etc. In the modern era of electronic connectivity most individuals will leave a large electronic footprint which can be analyzed & disseminated .


The Sims

Much of the information gleaned will more than likely be useless , any computer simulation is only as good as it’s human programming component . No doubt the bulk of the information will be used purely for commercial gain & profiteering , hard cash always buys corporations & wealthy individuals access to similar computing systems .

It is also true that as world events unfold that the system will be able to monitor & ‘learn’ from existing events , the butterfly effect can now be used with more accuracy & less chance of failure . For example , the system could evaluate & predict what effect a ‘terror attack’ or a ‘data leak’ could have on world events , such as an election in any given country . It also follows that if a favorable outcome is gleaned from the computing model then a similar ‘nudge’ could be synthetically introduced to a population or country to induce a certain pattern of events .

Interestingly we see more & more examples of ‘nudges’ that it would seem are introduced before any significant event in countries around the globe . Examples of this are the ‘hacking’ of Hilary Clinton before the US elections and more recently the ‘hacking’ of the French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron . Also interesting are the relentless ‘terror attacks’ in countries across the globe , usually preceding pivotal events , I am sure that there are many , many more examples in the fields of politics , finance , corporate affairs etc .

Will we see an identifiable pattern of events emerging before the UK election this year ?  Or has there already been a series of ‘nudges’ in the required direction ?

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Firestorm brewing as scientists work to create synthetic human DNA

Cultocracy note :

Apparently ‘institutional researchers’ & ‘corporate scientists’ are among the 200 or so researchers who have expressed an interest in the project to create synthetic human D.N.A.

This does not bode well if you take a look at how in recent times science has been hijacked for profit & control .

Guinea pigs need not apply , you will be ‘chosen’ .

  • The Human Genome Project (HGP) took 13 years and $3 billion to complete.
  • Scientists planning to synthesize human DNA think it is as little as 5 years away.
  • They are seeking $100 million, and believe it will in total cost less than HGP.
  • Their aim is to get the cost of making a DNA base pair down to one cent.

Alex Ossola, special to CNBC.com

Last May a seemingly commonplace meeting kicked off a firestorm of controversy. More than 100 experts in genetics and bioengineering convened at Harvard Medical School for a meeting that was closed to the public — attendees were asked not to contact news media or to post about the meeting on social media.

The same group is getting back together in New York City next week.

To the meeting organizers, last year’s secretive measures were, counterintuitively, to make sure as many people heard about the project as possible. They were submitting a paper about the project to a scientific journal and were discouraged from sharing the information publicly before it was published.

 But there’s another reason why this group of scientists, while encouraging debate and public involvement, would be wary of attracting too much attention. Their project is an effort to synthesize DNA, including human DNA. Researchers will start with simpler organisms, such as microbes and plants, but hope to ultimately create strands of human genetic code. One of the group’s organizers, Jef Boeke, director of the Institute for Systems Genetics at NYU School of Medicine, told CNBC that incorporating synthesized DNA into mammalian (or even human) cells could happen in four to five years.

This project follows in the footsteps of the Human Genome Project (HGP), the 13-year, $2.7 billion project that enabled scientists to first decode the human genome. “HGP allowed us to read the genome, but we still don’t completely understand it,” said Nancy Kelley, the coordinator of the new effort, dubbed GP-write.

Read the full article here at CNBC.com

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How Not to Be a Digital Slave of the Deep State

Nathaniel Mauka, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Catherine Austin Fitts, former US Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (under both Bush Sr. and Clinton), has some interesting insights about the possible futures which face us as a world population. Among her warnings are that the deep state would like to make us slaves via advanced digital technology. Some might call this artificial or augmented intelligence (AI).

It starts with the current war scenario. We can be certain that the war drums being pounded now are an orchestration by the deep state’s usual players.

Fitts says that the powers that be are “composting the United States” to save the Empire, by squeezing the middle class, and sending their resources elsewhere. The global elite will always try to save themselves. The U.S. is expendable, as is any other country. The good news though, is that Fitts says that they are in complete delusion.

As Fitts explains, the elite keep “extracting equity” from the “deplorable class,” while they are “harvesting” them and destroying them. As most anyone with two bits of intelligence understands, if you keep taking equity out of an investment, and never replenish it, it will eventually become worthless.

While people are never without worth, as they become more and more downtrodden and frustrated by being used, they will eventually have no choice but to rise up against their oppressors. The people’s use for the elite simply becomes worth nothing, and yet the elite seem dumbfounded by this phenomenon.

Meanwhile, the elite keep running toward a transhumanist future where people, as such, are not even needed. They plan to keep wearing Hermes scarfs and taking private jets while using human beings as slaves, pedophile-bait, or cyborgs that polish their boots and do the dirty work that none of these elites are willing to do themselves.

Only, this isn’t going to play out. Entrainment and subliminal programming only works while people are asleep. Too many are waking up to what is being done to them, and the future that is planned for them.

The elite are trying to weaponize the population against the people. This plan will fail. The central banking-warfare model is now common knowledge. As Fitts explains in an interview ;

“Think of this as a parasite. Every time we have war, the tapeworm gets a huge injection of food, so they’re feeling satiated and happy. . .their cash flows are rising, and of course that’s bad news for freedom and everything else, but everyone is on the dole. If you want some historical examples, watch two documentaries. Sputnik Fever, and Eisenhower.”

Read the full article here at The Waking Times

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UK Killer Whale Death, Infertility & PCB’s

Cultocracy note :

‘Lulu’ a female killer whale died in 2016 after becoming entangled in fishing nets , a postmortem revealed high levels of toxic PCB’s in Lulu’s blubber , moreover Lulu was said to have been rendered infertile due to the PCB’s . Lulu was a member of the last pod of killer whales sighted in Britain , the pod has not produced a single calf for over 20 years .

Monsanto held the licence to produce PCB’s , the adverse health effects from PCB’s have been well documented since manufacturing started in the 1930’s , they were only banned in the 1970’s .

PCB’s do not break down or degrade , they are easily transferred from the soil and water to the atmosphere by evaporation .

PCB’s have a chemical structure similar to the highly toxic & carcinogenic group of compounds known as dioxins . Monsanto has now merged with Bayer , Bayer was once owned by I.G.Farben , Bayer was the first company to market ‘heroin’ .

Monsanto was also the manufacturer of Zyclon B (with I.G.Farben) , Agent Orange & DDT’s . More recently Monsanto has been the major proponent of GM crops & Roundup (glyphosate) .


As with the previous post regarding bees the root cause of these issues is the corruption & control of elected officials by wealthy corporations .

It would seem that Monsanto has a monopoly on bringing toxic products to the mass market which result in severe effects to the natural environment , is this a coincidence ?

From The Guardian

UK killer whale died with extreme levels of toxic pollutants

Adult whale Lulu was one of UK’s last resident pod and had never produced a calf, probably because pollutants in her blubber had caused infertility

One of the highest concentrations of toxic pollutants ever recorded in a marine mammal has been revealed in a Scottish killer whale that died in 2016.

The adult whale, known as Lulu, was a member of the UK’s last resident pod and a postmortem also showed she had never produced a calf. The pollutants, called PCBs, are known to cause infertility and these latest findings add to strong evidence that the pod is doomed to extinction.

The level of PCBs found in Lulu’s blubber were extreme at 950mg/kg, more than 100 times the 9mg/kg limit above which damage to the health of marine mammals is known to occur. A 2016 analysis showed the average concentration for killer whales in the north-east Atlantic was about 150mg/kg.

Lulu died after becoming tangled in ropes used to haul up creels, the netted cages used to catch lobsters and crabs. But Andrew Brownlow, head of the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme, said: “Given what is known about the toxic effects of PCBs, we have to consider that such a high-pollutant burden could have been affecting her health and reproductive fitness.”

Read the full article here at the Guardian

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Europe Pesticide Ban , Bees & Magnetite Nano Particles

Cultocracy note :

Proof that the E.U. is not a complete & total cesspool of corruption . This ban is long overdue and is a small step in the right direction . It does not address the root issue which is the corruption & control of elected officials by shadow corporations who have no respect at all for the natural world & by default us humans .

There is far less research into the effect of the electromagnetic soup we are all drowning in and the residual effects on bees , bees are known to be able to sense magnetic fields . This is thought to be linked to the mineral magnetite . Magnetite was first detected in the human brain over 20 years ago , more recently synthetically formed spherical magnetite nano particles have been found in the human brain , naturally formed magnetite is usually angular in form . These particles enter the body through the nasal passage & enter the brain through the olfactory bulb , magnetite particles are used as a contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) . Nano magnetite has been linked to respiratory problems & alzheimers . Magnetite has several military applications , primarily for electromagnetic shielding & cloaking .

An important question everyone should be asking is how such a harmful substance was allowed to be used in the first place and how many more are currently in use . There are many , many more toxic chemical compounds and other synthetic substances being sprayed in an indiscriminate manner across the world , all in the name of power , profit & control .


From The Guardian

Exclusive: Draft regulations seen by the Guardian reveal the European commission wants to prohibit the insecticides that cause ‘acute risks to bees’

The world’s most widely used insecticides would be banned from all fields across Europe under draft regulations from the European commission, seen by the Guardian.

The documents are the first indication that the powerful commission wants a complete ban and cite “high acute risks to bees”. A ban could be in place this year if the proposals are approved by a majority of EU member states.

Bees and other pollinators are vital for many food crops but have been declining for decades due to habitat loss, disease and pesticide use. The insecticides, called neonicotinoids, have been in use for over 20 years and have been linked to serious harm in bees.

A fierce battle has been fought between environmental campaigners and farming and pesticides groups. The latter argue the insecticides are vital for crop protection and that opposition is to them is political.

The EU imposed a temporary ban on the use of the three key neonicotinoids on some crops in 2013. However, the new proposals are for a complete ban on their use in fields, with the only exception being for plants entirely grown in greenhouses. The proposals could be voted on as soon as May and, if approved, would enter force within months.

Read the full article here at the Guardian .

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AI , Genetics & Eugenics

Cultocracy note :

The article below is from the BBC and is titled ‘Is inequality about to get unimaginably worse?’ . The author is historian and writer Yuval Noah Harari .

The article prophetically describes a future where a wealthy ‘elite’ have access to genetic enhancement technology , the poor do not . He further states that many societal systems will be managed by super computers , leaving the public obsolete . Harari correctly describes a future where society is run using artificial black box algorithms , current IT research & development is acutely focused on these fields . Modern corporations are using these computing models to streamline their business models and maximize profit by replacing humans with computers , everything from finance & manufacturing to transport & policing will use these systems in the future .

Many transhumanists are predicting a future where computers are able to ‘learn’ and become more like humans with their decision making capabilities . Somewhat paradoxically the same people are also proposing a future where humans become more like computers , in that they will only be able to follow instructions from centralized machines .

As the algorithms become more & more complex , the programmers are losing control , they are simply too complex for a human to understand . Or are they ?


Could these black box algorithms be combined with D.N.A manipulation & nano technology to not only manage the bureaucracy & industrial aspects of a country , but also the population ? Maybe they already are .

A couple of excerpts from the article are below :

‘There are two main ways to upgrade humans.

Either you change something in their biological structure by changing their DNA.

Or, the more radical way, you combine organic and inorganic parts – perhaps directly connecting brains and computers.

The rich – through purchasing such biological enhancements – could become, literally, better than the rest; more intelligent, healthier and with far greater life-spans.

At that point, it will make sense to cede power to this “enhanced” class.

Your future depends on the goodwill of some small elite.

Maybe there is goodwill.’

Read the full article here at BBC News .

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Towards new Human Rights in the age of Neuroscience and Neurotechnology

Cultocracy note :

An article which shows increasing awareness from the scientific community regarding the perils of rapidly developing & sophisticated neural technologies . Unusually this particular article has also reached the mainstream media , it was printed in the Independent under the title ‘New computers could delete thoughts without your knowledge, experts warn’ . These topics have been covered extensively for decades by the alternative media .

There are currently no laws or ethical standards governing the use of neural technologies , this gives the users of such technology a false sense of legitimacy to use it at will . They are taking full advantage of their own suppression of the true uses of neural technologies to expand their networks of control , eugenics & enslavement .

This technology is the underlying reason for the increasingly draconian surveillance & control structure in Western countries , particularly the UK & US . The security establishment & their associated subsidiary private enterprises are petrified that the truth will emerge . Even worse is the fact that the technology is spreading like a virus and is now in the hands of wealthy individuals & corporations .

The technology is here & is being deployed & tested on a large scale for a wide variety of nefarious purposes .

Nobody can hide from the truth .

As usual , the keyword is control .


Marcello Ienca and Roberto Andorno

Life Sciences, Society and Policy


Rapid advancements in human neuroscience and neurotechnology open unprecedented possibilities for accessing, collecting, sharing and manipulating information from the human brain. Such applications raise important challenges to human rights principles that need to be addressed to prevent unintended consequences. This paper assesses the implications of emerging neurotechnology applications in the context of the human rights framework and suggests that existing human rights may not be sufficient to respond to these emerging issues. After analysing the relationship between neuroscience and human rights, we identify four new rights that may become of great relevance in the coming decades: the right to cognitive liberty, the right to mental privacy, the right to mental integrity, and the right to psychological continuity.

Thou canst not touch the freedom of my mind

John Milton


The quotation in the epigraph is from the play Comus, written by John Milton in 1634. The piece, an exhortation to virtue, follows the story a young noblewoman who has been abducted by a sorcerer called Comus. He has bounded her to an enchanted chair and tried to seduce her with arguments about the charm of bodily pleasure. Despite all his rhetorical assaults, the woman repeatedly refuses his advances and claims that, no matter what he does or says, she will continue to assert her freedom of mind, which is beyond his physical power. In the end, she is rescued by her brothers, who chase off Comus.

The quoted sentence conveys the idea that the mind is a kind of last refuge of personal freedom and self-determination. While the body can easily be subject to domination and control by others, our mind, along with our thoughts, beliefs and convictions, are to a large extent beyond external constraint. Yet, with advances in neural engineering, brain imaging and pervasive neurotechnology, the mind might no longer be such unassailable fortress. As we will explain in this paper, emerging neurotechnologies have the potential to allow access to at least some components of mental information. While these advances can be greatly beneficial for individuals and society, they can also be misused and create unprecedented threats to the freedom of the mind and to the individuals’ capacity to freely govern their behavior.

In the research context, brain imaging techniques are widely used to understand the functioning of the human brain and detect the neural correlates of mental states and behavior. Clinical applications of brain imaging as well as other neurotechnologies are significantly improving the well-being of patients suffering from neurological disorders, offering new preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Outside the clinics, pervasive commercial applications are rapidly providing new possibilities for self-quantification, cognitive enhancement, personalized communication and entertainment for normal users. Furthermore, a number of neurotechnology applications are becoming of major interest in the legal domain, especially tort law, criminal law and law enforcement.

On the other hand, these same technologies, if misused or inadequately implemented, risk creating unparalleled forms of intrusion into people’s private sphere, potentially causing physical or psychological harm, or allowing undue influence on people’s behavior.

This paper makes the case that the possibilities opened up by neurotechnological developments and their application to various aspects of human life will force a reconceptualization of certain human rights, or even the creation of new rights to protect people from potential harm.

The neurotechnology revolution

For a long time, the boundaries of the skull have been generally considered the separation line between the observable and unobservable dimension of the living human being. In fact, although primitive forms of neurosurgery used in ancient societies, including pseudo-scientific procedures such as trepanation, could allow for the observation and even manipulation (e.g. selective removal) of brain tissue, yet the neural and mental processes run in the brain and underlying emotions, reasoning and behavior remained at length unobservable. In contrast, modern advancements in neuroscience and neurotechnology have progressively allowed for the unlocking of the human brain and provided insights into brain processes as well as their link to, respectively, mental states and observable behavior. In 1878 Richard Canton discovered the transmission of electrical signals through an animal’s brain. Forty-six years later, the first human electroencephalography (EEG) was recorded. Since then, a neurotechnological revolution has taken place inside and outside the clinics. In the 1990s, sometimes referred to as the ‘decade of the brain’, the use of imaging techniques for neurobehavioral studies increased dramatically (Illes 2003). Today, as a wide and rapidly expanding spectrum of neuroimaging technologies has become clinically and commercially available, the non-invasive recording and display of patterns of brain activity (often associated with the completion of physical or cognitive tasks) has become standard practice. For example, EEG recordings are being widely used to non-invasively measure electrical activity of the brain and detect voltage fluctuations. In addition, derivatives of the EEG technique such as evoked potentials (EPs) and event-related potentials (ERP) allow to average EEG responses to the presentation and processing of stimuli, hence to record brain signals during the performance of specific sensory, cognitive or motor processes. Another technique, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), allows to measure brain’s electrical activity indirectly, i.e. by using hemodynamic responses (cerebral blood flow) as indirect markers. Current fMRI techniques can localize brain activity, graphically display patterns of brain activation, and determine their intensity by color-coding the strength of activation. fMRI techniques are implemented for a variety of purposes including pre-surgery risk assessment, and functional mapping of brain areas to detect abnormalities (e.g. left-right hemispherical asymmetry in language and memory regions) or to observe post-stroke or post-surgery recovery, as well as the effects of pharmacological and behavioral therapies. In addition, a number of neurological conditions including depression and Alzheimer’s disease can now be diagnosed with the use of fMRI (Koch et al. 2012).

The capacity of neuroimaging techniques to map brain functioning has been tested effective also in gaining insights into people’s intentions, views and attitudes. For example, scientists were able to infer from decoded brain activity which actions participants in their trial were intending to perform. The task in question was to decide whether to add or subtract two numbers and to covertly hold their intention for a few seconds. During that delay, it was possible for scientists to determine with 70% accuracy which of two tasks the subjects were covertly intending to perform (Haynes et al. 2007). In another study, participants toured several virtual-reality houses, and then had their brains scanned while touring another selection. By identifying certain patterns of brain activity for each house, scientists were able to determine which houses their subjects had been to before (Smith 2013). Brain scans do not only allow to ‘read’ concrete experiment-related intentions and memories. They appear even able to decode more general preferences. A US study has shown that fMRI scans can be used to successfully infer the political views of the users by identifying functional differences in the brains of respectively Democrats and Republicans (Schreiber et al. 2013). Similarly, men’s frequent preference for sport cars has been correlated with specific functional differences in the men’s vs the women’s brain (Baron-Cohen 2004).

Read the FULL ARTICLE here at Springer Open

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Artificial Intelligence: Socioeconomic, Political And Ethical Dimensions

Cultocracy note :

A very informative article on the issues surrounding artificial intelligence . AI can and indeed is being used for the control & conditioning of individuals which will lead to the centralization and consolidation of power & wealth towards the controllers . The current algorithms are lumbering & crude , although they are constantly being tested & perfected , shadow military & intelligence organisations are currently leading the ‘revolution’  .

The developers have not factored in one vital component , human free will .


Daisy , Daisy , give me your answer do………

Jon Kofascountercurrents.org

Artificial Intelligence: Socioeconomic, Political And Ethical Dimensions

In a few centuries or perhaps a few decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and biosynthetic engineering will be perfected to the degree that androids will closely resemble humans and biosynthetically engineered humans will resemble androids. Despite the nightmares of such a prospect for some scientists, humanist scholars and theologians, AI will be a dream becoming reality for those espousing Max More’s philosophy of “transuhumanism”; a movement whose goal is to enhance the human condition physically and intellectually through the application of scientific and technological means. (Carvalko, Joseph, The Techno-human Shell-A Jump in the Evolutionary Gap. Sunbury Press, 2012)

Whether one agrees with transhumanism or finds it abhorrent because it is merely another means of promoting eugenics, the race to transform science fiction dreams into a profitable reality is picking up speed by corporations and investors. Multinational corporations see the opportunity for billions in profits and that is all the motivation they need to move forward full speed, advertising AI research and development even now to prove that their company is decades ahead of the competition.

Besides corporations, the potential power and wealth in AI has universities, government-funded research institutions and privately-funded labs working to realize the dream without worrying about the potential risks involved for society at large. Like the nuclear bomb developed in the 1940s, the AI genie is out of the bottle and it has been since the 1940s when scientists from different fields contemplated building an artificial brain thus giving birth to the formalize scientific discipline of AI in 1956.

British code breaker Alan Turing is known as the Father of Computer Science, also a pioneer in the domain of artificial intelligence, was only at the theoretical stage in the middle of the 20th century when he was conducting research. Contemporaries of Turing, Ross Quillian and Edward Feigenbaum followed by Marvin Minsky who co-founded MIT’s AI lab were all pioneers along with corporate giant IBM. By 2016 when Minsky died, AI was the hottest field that corporations, governments, and research institutions intensely pursued, some trying to beat the competition marketing robots for various tasks in the next few years. (George Zarkadakis, In our Own Image: Savior or Destroyer? The History and Future of Artificial Intelligence, 2017).

GOOGLE’s Peter Norvik, in charge of research made the argument that there is no turning back on AI which he views as the ultimate tool in solving problems, not considering the new problems it would create. “I don’t care so much whether what we are building is real intelligence. We know how to build real intelligence…—my wife and I did it twice, although she did a lot more of the work. We don’t need to duplicate humans. That’s why I focus on having tools to help us rather than duplicate what we already know how to do. We want humans and machines to partner and do something that they cannot do on their own.” https://www.forbes.com/sites/gilpress/2016/12/21/artificial-intelligence-pioneers-peter-norvig-google/#7dd2f52c38c6

In 2016, there were more than 650 business deals involving $5 billion in startups for AI research. With Google leading in patent applications, Microsoft, Amazon, INTEL, Facebook, and Apple became heavily involved in the domain of AI. The same companies involved in the web and cell phones are now competing for the lucrative AI market of the future with different venture capitalists backing research and development (R & D). With the advent of the web and cell phones, R & D in AI has moved rapidly since Turing’s era into the mainstream of government in a number of countries in the world, but especially US and China which are the main competitors in the field. According to some, AI is the global arms race of the future because of its potential in every sector including defense. https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2017/02/china-artificial-intelligence/516615/; http://www.nbcnews.com/mach/features/next-global-arms-race-aims-perfect-artificial-intelligence-n685911

Because of immense institutional interest in AI, there has been a great deal written and debated about what it would all mean for society. There are tens of thousands of scholarly books and articles on the subject covering everything from scientific dimensions to social political and philosophical, some enthusiastic, others skeptical, and still others condemning AI as the new danger to humanity, even worse than motion pictures and science fiction novels depict. While most scholars are neither pessimistic nor as glowingly optimistic as Norvik about the miracle of AI awaiting the human race, there are those who cautiously point to both benefits and possible risks and skeptics cautious about the possible unforeseen consequences, some already evident with the cybergeneration of infophiles addicted to cell phones, computers, and video games.

In the early 21st century, the cybergeneration growing up in cyberspace with mechanical toys, videogames, cell phones and computers relate to machines as their reality. Accepting cyberspace as parallel to experiences with people they come into direct contact, the cybergeneration is conditioned to accept alienation from empirical reality as the norm, separating existential reality they may dread from cyber reality in which they live because they enjoy the illusion of greater control from a distance. A cybergeneration individual may have dozens or even hundreds of “cyber-friends” across the country and across the world but few if any friends in school, in the neighborhood, or at work. These cyubergeneration individuals deem detachment normal because the cyber-community has replaced the empirical one where they cannot hide behind numerous masks that cyberspace permits and promotes. The conditioning of the cybergeneration is very different than the socialization of any generation in the past that was socialized in the real community rather than in cyberspace. If this is the condition of the current cybergeneration, what would the future look like with AI robotics? http://cyberikee.tripod.com/thinking_cyber_subjectivity_1.html

By the end of this century, the reality of children growing up with robots, holograms and bioengineered humans will be far different than it is for the generation of the early 21st century in every respect from individual to group identity. The wealthier families will have androids in their homes, most likely helping to raise and educate their children, conditioning them about the existential nature of robots as an integral part of the family like the loveable dog or cat. The less affluent middle class would be able to rent-a-robot for the ephemeral experience of it. The lower classes will feel even more marginalized because AI robotics will be out of reach for them; in fact they will be lesser beings than the robots whose intelligence and functions will be another privilege for the wealthy to enjoy. As we will see below, the sense of identity and community will be largely impacted by AI in ways difficult to conceive today for all classes.

AI, Population Explosion and the Job Market

Robotics and AI goes to the heart of how existing and new industries could widen the class gap between rich and poor, and between richer advanced countries and poorer nations. AI raises many public policy questions especially in the domain of economics and politics. This is largely because resource allocation will mean that the lower classes and less developed countries will be further marginalized in the world economy. Even in the advanced countries robots will be replacing humans in the workplace with grave social consequences in the absence of a strict regulatory regime and a social safety net for the working class.

In 2016, a White House report speculated that AI will result in higher productivity, but it will also leave millions without work while creating far greater wealth inequality than already exists. Just as the Silicon Valley has created a small wealthy class without absorbing the surplus labor force at a time that the rich-poor gap has been widening in the last three decades, similarly AI will exacerbate the trend. Apologists of the market economy reject all pessimistic scenarios, insisting that AI will deliver paradise on earth for all humanity. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4068986/Is-job-risk-White-House-report-warns-AI-soon-leave-millions-Americans-unemployed.html; https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/jan/04/robots-future-society-drones

If world population reaches 9 billion by 2050 as it is expected (38% higher than in 2010), and assuming it climbs to 11.2 billion by the end of the century with 9 billion living in Africa and Asia, it is easy to envision the sorts of sociopolitical problems that AI will create in the name of solving others, mainly for the benefit of raising corporate profits. Considering that most people will live in the non-Western World, those in the West will use AI as the pretext to keep wages low and exert their political, economic, military and cultural hegemony. Xenophobic politicians and nativist groups will use AI as a pretext to keep out Africans, Asians, and Latin Americans. Heightened xenophobia with robots to the rescue of the Caucasian minority on the planet will be another dimension of those looking for a pretext to rally rightwing populists behind an authoritarian regime. http://www.visualcapitalist.com/animation-world-population-2100-region/

It is a given that AI will result in many benefits in every field from surgery to the auto industry, and to an estimated 700 fields according to an Oxford University study. Just as the internet has made possible the assistance of a physician in Cleveland providing live instructions and advice to a colleague carrying out surgery in the Philippines, similarly AI will result in such miracles. The issue however is the manner that corporations and government will use AI as leverage for labor policy. When the auto industry introduced robotics in the 1970s (MIT’s “Silver Arm”), auto workers reacted like Luddites in the early 19th century England because they realized that corporations used robotics as leverage to drive down wages and benefits, circumvent labor standards and policies impacting workers and their socioeconomic condition. http://www.oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk/downloads/academic/The_Future_of_Employment.pdf

In our era, fast food restaurants are among some industries that want to replace minimum wage workers with robots as soon as possible. Multinational corporations have been threatening government not to raise the minimum wage because robots are not far off replacing humans. Just as capitalists in early 19th century England were using the machine as leverage to determine labor policy, so do corporate CEOs in the early 21st century. Just as the British government sided with businesses against the Luddites in the era of the Napoleonic Wars, governments in the 21st century are also on the side of industry against workers.

From the perspective of the capitalist, an android can do a much better job in everything from serving food, to serving on the court bench as a judge without human prejudice which is the flaw that accounts human uniqueness. Although some argue that robots should not be used as health care providers or any area where human judgment of ethical considerations must be taken into account such as the judicial system, others insist that androids will serve humans better than people in every endeavor. As tools for human advancement and comfort, science and technology are a welcome development from a consumerist perspective, something that business and government use as an argument to fund R & D for AI.

AI could unlock immense potential for economic growth and development for the betterment of mankind, at least as far as its advocates are concerned. This assumes that the benefits of AI once fully implemented will be equally shared among all social classes across the entire world. Did all social classes and all nations advance equally because of the Scientific Revolution of the 17th century and the first Industrial Revolution in England in the 18th century? The rich-poor (northern Hemisphere vs. Southern Hemisphere) divide between northwest Europe, North America and Japan that were the core of the world capitalists system became more pronounced by continued scientific, technological, and industrial development. Scientific, technological, and industrial development under the capitalist system was hardly the solution for the lack of social justice, for widespread misery owing to poverty and disease, and lack of health and education among the poor. On the contrary, the advanced capitalist countries used technology as tools of exploitation of the Southern Hemisphere and AI technology will be no different.

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