Those Who Control the Data Control the Future


Below is a video of a presentation Professor Yuval Noah Harari gave at the 2018 World Economic Forum at Davos .

Digital Dictatorship

To summarize the talk :

  • Those who control the data control the future
  • Data is the most important asset in the world
  • We have reached the point where we can hack humans
  • Advances in AI , machine learning and brain science allows brain hacking
  • Biological hacking will allow the ‘elites’ to engineer life itself
  • The future of humanity may depend on the regulation of data
  • Only a very small group of people and institutions understand what is at stake
  • Big corporations and governments know what is at stake

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Nano Technology News – January 2018



Cultocracy note :

In the rush to research and develop nano technology the possible detrimental effects regarding human health and the environment have been pushed to the wayside . No doubt this conveniently lax oversight is intended to give industry a window to develop products and materials before they are hampered by trivial matters such as biological and environmental toxicity . 

Profits before people , as always .

Only now are the possible risks being identified and studied .

To date there are no regulations specifically relating to nano materials .


This 2018 paper states that the human immune system treats graphene oxide as toxic .

A study in 2013 found that graphene nano particles may pierce individual cells , enter the cell and disrupt cellular functioning .

Biological Imaging

The following research paper describes how engineered bacteria combined with ultrasound can be used in biological imaging .

Engineered bacteria can also be used to deposit nano materials at specific cellular locations .

“Researchers at Caltech have, for the first time, created bacterial cells with the ability to reflect sound waves from inside bodies, reminiscent of how submarines reflect sonar to reveal their locations .”

Tissue Engineering

“We are trying to make stem-cell-loaded hydrogels reinforced with fibers like the rebar in cement,” said Justin L. Brown, associate professor of biomedical engineering. “If we can lend some structure to the gel, we can grow living cells in defined patterns and eventually the fibers will dissolve and go away.”


It would seem that the planned ‘Internet of Things’ will also include plants . This research paper describes how graphene sensors can remotely monitor water movement in plants .

Nano graphene sensors can be powered by WIFI and 5G networks .

Nano Medicine

Macrophages are white blood cells that are important to the immune system . This paper describes how engineered macrophages may be used to treat sepsis .

Useful for when you have sepsis caused by engineered nano particles .

“A team of researchers at the University of California San Diego has developed macrophage “nanosponges” that can safely absorb and remove molecules from the bloodstream that are known to trigger sepsis. These macrophage nanosponges, which are nanoparticles cloaked in the cell membranes of macrophages, have so far improved survival rates in mice with sepsis .”


Nano technology research is linked closely with next generation computing .

Crucial for neural networks and artificial intelligence systems .

Yes you guessed it , also crucial for the ‘Internet of Things’ .


Paradoxically nano technology could possibly also be used to counter environmental damage and provide clean water and green energy .

Useful for water contaminated by nano materials .

Graphene again .

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Court of Appeal rules Government surveillance regime IS unlawful

Cultocracy note :

Good to see that the high court judges are backing the people versus the establishment , an independent judiciary is the backbone of any civilized society . This decision wouldn’t have been made 20 or30 years ago when most judges were hand picked establishment stooges , many compromised and blackmailed due to their predilection for young boys .

Although the judgment is rendered null and void as the piece of legislation it refers to magically metamorphosed into a completely different bill before the ruling .

The civil rights group Liberty challenged the legislation with funds raised via a crowd funding platform . Sections of the legislation were also declared illegal by the European Court of Justice in December 2016 .

Liberty intend to challenge the new legislation later this year , the outcome should be interesting .

What is never questioned is why the shadow government need every piece of data on every UK citizen .

But that is a completely different story .

Court of Appeal rules Government surveillance regime IS unlawful

The Government is breaking the law by collecting the nation’s internet activity and phone records and letting public bodies grant themselves access to these personal details with no suspicion of serious crime and no independent sign-off – meaning significant parts of its latest Snoopers’ Charter are effectively unlawful.

Judges at the Court of Appeal have today backed a challenge by MP Tom Watson, represented by Liberty, to the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act (DRIPA) – a previous law covering state surveillance.

DRIPA expired at the end of 2016 – but the Government replicated and vastly expanded the same powers in the Investigatory Powers Act, which started to come into force in 2017. Liberty is challenging this latest law in a major separate case, to be heard in the High Court later this year.

In anticipation of this ruling, the Government has already conceded that the Investigatory Powers Act will need to change. But its half-baked plans do not even fully comply with past court rulings requiring mandatory safeguards – and they continue to allow public bodies to indiscriminately retain and access personal data, including records of internet use, location tracking using mobile phones and records of who we communicate with and when.

Martha Spurrier, Liberty’s Director, said: “Yet again a UK court has ruled the Government’s extreme mass surveillance regime unlawful. This judgment tells ministers in crystal clear terms that they are breaching the public’s human rights. The latest incarnation of the Snoopers’ Charter, the Investigatory Powers Act, must be changed.

“No politician is above the law. When will the Government stop bartering with judges and start drawing up a surveillance law that upholds our democratic freedoms?”

Read the full article here at Liberty

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Whistler Waves , Magnetic Poles , H.A.A.R.P – Part I

Media reports suggest that NASA has recently been monitoring “electric blue clouds circling over Antarctica” . Noctilucent clouds are formed when water vapor and “dust” collect in the upper atmosphere .

NASA suggested that the clouds were created by “the fine debris left behind by disintegrating meteors” .

The anomaly could also have been caused by a conglomeration of atmospheric “dust” which has been trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field lines and transported to the Arctic regions .

The anomaly could also have been caused using H.A.A.R.P type Earth destruction systems coupled with satellite technology .

This is not the first ‘anomaly’ seen in the arctic regions , expect many more in the future .

Also according to NASA :

“According to researchers, noctilucent clouds have both intensified and spread in recent years.”

NASA added: “In recent years NLCs have intensified and spread. When noctilucent clouds first appeared in the 19th century, you had to travel to polar regions to see them.”

“Since the turn of the century, however, they have been sighted as close to the equator as Colorado and Utah.”

“Some researchers believe this is a sign of climate change.”

“NASA’s AIM spacecraft was sent into orbit in 2007 to observe the phenomenon. In the decade since then, scientists have observed the clouds forming earlier and earlier each year.”

It is clear that something is detrimentally affecting the Earth’s atmosphere and also the general environment .

Particles from space are generally deflected from the Earth’s atmosphere by the natural electromagnetic field emanating from the Poles , this protective layer is known as the magnetosphere .

So how can “space dust” penetrate the magnetosphere and enter the Earth’s atmosphere ?

First we must understand plasma .

  • Plasma is often considered to be the fourth state of matter , behind solid , liquid and gas .
  • Plasma can be thought of as an area of charged particles , both positive and negative .
  • Plasma can be confined or directed using external forces or energy , the physical properties of plasma are often compared to those of a liquid .
  • Plasma can be confined or directed by magnetic fields or electric fields , in much the same way as a pipe confines and directs water .
  • The Earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere contain plasma , indeed the inner magnetosphere is usually termed the plasmasphere .
  • Lightning is basically a confined plasma channel .
  • When plasma encounters a magnetic field the charged particles tend to travel in a helical direction along the magnetic field line .

  • The frequency of rotation of a charged particle about a magnetic field is proportional to the strength of the magnetic field .
  • This frequency is termed the electron cyclotron frequency .
  • If an electrical field is also applied then the plasma can be accelerated along the magnetic field line .

So how can “space dust” penetrate the magnetosphere ?

One recently proffered theory from NASA scientists suggests that plasma wave interaction allows bursts of particles to penetrate the magnetosphere and enter the Earth’s atmosphere .

Charged particles or plasma in the ionosphere are in a constant state of flux , the plasma is tossed to and fro as it interacts with magnetic and electric fields . This ‘sea’ of plasma in the ionosphere can be imagined as being similar to the waves in an Ocean .

Whistler Waves

The Earth’s outer atmosphere is continually bombarded by electrical and magnetic energy from space . These electromagnetic waves interact with plasma in the ionosphere and magnetosphere , this interaction energizes the ions in the plasma and can accelerate the plasma towards the speed of light . In addition solar winds bring additional charged particles which collide with the particles in the ionosphere . The energy waves created by the interaction of electromagnetic waves and ions are also known as plasma waves .

Lower frequency plasma waves are known as Alfvén waves . If the magnetic field is strong and there is also an electrical field the ions are accelerated beyond the ion cyclotron frequency and become whistler waves . This acceleration can continue until near the speed of light , whereupon the plasma wave returns to the state of a normal electromagnetic wave .

Charged particles can become ‘trapped’ inside the Earth’s magnetic field , the magnetic field lines confine the plasma in a specific trajectory . Of course the diagram below depicts the Earth’s magnetic field as a line , when it actually exists as a wholly enveloping force .

The mirror points in the above diagram represent areas where the Earth’s magnetic field gradually becomes stronger causing the particles to decelerate and eventually reverse direction . The charged particle then returns in the opposite direction along the field line where the process is repeated at the opposite mirror point . A bit like a never ending boomerang .

The ‘tubes’ of electromagnetic energy and dense plasma which act as super highways for charged plasma are often termed plasma ducts . The forces created by the motion of ions within the ducts exert their own electromagnetic field and can actually increase the energy and force of the plasma duct , generating a strong electrical current .

Atmospheric penetration

As stated earlier the ions (charged particles) travel in a helical direction around a magnetic field line . If the pitch angle of a particle is shallow and close to parallel with the field line then the ions can penetrate the upper atmosphere instead of reflecting backwards and forwards from the mirror points .

The range of pitch angles in which the particles are allowed to filter down to the atmosphere is known as the atmospheric loss cone .

When the plasma particles collide with particles in the upper atmosphere there is a visible release of energy , often known as an aurora .

Whistle Down the Wind

Just like the waves in an Ocean , the plasma waves create a particular ‘sound’ which can be detected using specialized equipment and then converted to an audible frequency . This ‘sound’ is known as the ‘whistler mode chorus’ as the plasma waves sound just like a person whistling , well , quite similar anyway .


Whistler waves can be formed in the Earth’s atmosphere by a lightning strike , lightning is basically a confined jet of plasma . The lightning flash produces electromagnetic waves which travel through the atmosphere and beyond where they couple with ions and form a whistler wave . As described earlier this wave can then interact with magnetic field lines to create ducts of plasma which traverse the magnetosphere .

Lightning storms often affect terrestrial and space based and communications systems .

Indeed whistler mode waves have been used to probe the outer atmosphere for decades , using ground based transmitters and space based satellite receivers .


As we can now understand , natural magnetic and electric fields can harness plasma and create extremely powerful energy fields , visible as earthly phenomenon such as lightning and atmospheric auroras . These forces can affect the ion density in the upper atmosphere , creating Earth borne mayhem such as electrical storms and hurricanes . The forces can also temporarily disable or even knock out communications systems .

So what if you could harness the energy of a plasma duct ?

What if you could create an artificial magnetic field line on the Earth which could act as a conduit ?

What if you could create a plasma duct from space and direct it towards a specific target ?

What if you could create plasma streams that could affect global weather patterns ?

What if whistler waves could be harnessed to create a sophisticated communications system ?

What if you could fire a VLF signal into the ionosphere which would form a whistler wave which ‘landed’ as an electromagnetic signal at a corresponding point on the other side of the Earth ?

What if this signal could be used to create a region of ‘plasma rain’ on the Earth itself ?

Science fiction ?


Part II coming soon .

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Yes , the Iraq War was about oil – Establishment Cronyism , Mass Murder & Global Racketeering

Fifteen Years After the Invasion of Iraq: The Anglo-American Oil Giants Start to Flaunt the Spoils of Imperial Conquest

Amity Underground

After 15 years of repudiating claims that the invasion of Iraq was only initiated to seize Iraqi resources, large oil corporations fronted by former architects of the war who vacated to the private sector are flagrantly advertising their contracts for exploration and production of Iraqi oil fields to potential investors.

The British oil and gas company BP won the contract to operate the Rumaila Oil Field back in 2009, and now proudly boast of its new drilling capabilities on Twitter. Rumaila is simply huge; by some measures it is the third largest reserve of crude oil on the planet, and is currently extracting 100 million dollars worth of oil every day – enough to cover the annual health budget of Iraq under the wartime rule of the US coalition every five days.


One of the board members of BP at present is Sir John Sawers, the former Chief of MI6 from 2009 to 2014 who acted as UK special representative to Iraq during the occupation. He cashed in a few favours and joined BP as an Independent Non-Executive Director in 2015, one year after he departed MI6 and two years after BP had been handed a licence to exploit one of the most valuable pools of liquid gold on the planet. There was seemingly no regulatory oversight of this very British oligarchy.

In March 2003, just before Britain went to war, BP denounced reports that it had held talks with Downing Street about Iraqi oil as “highly inaccurate” and denied that it had any “strategic interest” in Iraq, while Tony Blair described “the oil conspiracy theory” as “the most absurd”.

However, memos disclosed by The Independent in 2011 tell a very different story. In a series of meetings in 2003, BP revealed that they had approached Labour Peer Lady Symons to lobby the Blair government into demanding a share of spoils from the Iraq War in return for UK military support.

Minutes of a meeting with BP, Shell and BG (formerly British Gas) on 31 October 2002 read: “Baroness Symons agreed that it would be difficult to justify British companies losing out in Iraq in that way if the UK had itself been a conspicuous supporter of the US government throughout the crisis.”

The minister then promised to “report back to the companies before Christmas” on her lobbying efforts.

The Foreign Office also invited BP in on 6 November 2002 to talk about opportunities in Iraq “post regime change”. Its minutes state: “Iraq is the big oil prospect. BP is desperate to get in there and anxious that political deals should not deny them the opportunity.”

Not for the first time in their history (see the 1953 Iranian coup d’etat) BP succeeded in convincing the UK government to forcibly seize the resources of a sovereign foreign nation to bolster the share prices of large corporations like themselves. Cronies who endlessly spin around the revolving door between military/government positions like Sir John Sawers no doubt made a fair few quid in dividends and obscene salaries; in fact, Sawers is now a regular feature at Bilderberg conferences, rubbing shoulders with Hillary Clinton and George Bush. I imagine they got on famously.

The only cost was 100,000 Iraqi civilian lives.

At least now we can say conclusively that, yes, the Iraq War was about oil.

Amity Underground | Iraq War

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Groundbreaking Study Shows Shielding EMF Improves Autoimmune Disease

Cultocracy note :

It follows that increased exposure to EMF’s accelerate autoimmune disease .

Electromagnetic weaponry is used as a silent method of control , torture and soft kill by deep state agencies and their partners .


Groundbreaking Study Shows Shielding EMF Improves Autoimmune Disease

Written By:Ali Le Vere & Sayer Ji

Novel research reveals that blocking exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) produces significant symptom changes in 90% of patients with autoimmune disease. No longer can it be ignored that man made electromagnetic radiation poses innumerable risks to human health

The Ubiquity of Electrosmog

Concerns about electromagnetic fields (EMF) are branded pseudoscientific conspiracy theories and relegated to the realm of tin-hat wearing quackery. However, a recent publication in the peer-reviewed journal Immunologic Research entitled “Electrosmog and Autoimmune Disease,” sheds new light on the validity of concerns about this so-called electrosmog with which we are constantly inundated.

Although we encounter natural microwave electromagnetic radiation in the form of cosmic radiation from outer space, the aurora borealis, and thunderstorms, the vast majority of electrosmog that we encounter is largely manmade (1). These atmospheric phenomena, however, emit electromagnetic radiation at lower radio frequencies and are negligibly weak in comparison to manmade sources, which have increased exponentially due to the emergence of television, cellular phone technologies, and WiFI, all of which utilize microwave frequency bands (1).

According to researchers Marshall and Heil (2017), for instance, “The recent release of WiGig and anti-collision vehicle radars in the 60 GHz region embody a 1000-fold increase in frequency, and photon energy, over the exposures mankind experienced up until the 1950s” (1).

How Electrosmog Interfaces with the Bioelectromagnetic Body

It is intuitive that electrosmog would interact with human biology, since human physiology operates in part via electromagnetic fields. Apart from physical information superhighways such as the blood, nervous, and lymphatic systems, the body uses electromagnetic forms of energy transmission and communication which are several orders of magnitude faster than chemical diffusion (2).

Called biophotonic emission (BPE), these quanta of electromagnetic energy have a visibility one thousand times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eye and are quintessential to cellular metabolism and to the powering of our energy-intensive nervous and immune systems (3). Harbored within our genetic material, biophotons serve as a mode of instantaneous communication from one body part to another and to the extraneous world (4) and their emission is influenced by our global state of health (5). Research even suggests that mental intention and the fabric of our consciousness is mediated by these quantum of light, which operate as highly coherent frequencies and generate an ordered flux of photons (4).

Thus, both the stuff of consciousness and the functioning of our cellular energetics is premised upon electromagnetism, which may be susceptible to distortion by electrosmog. Curtis and Hurtak describe the electromagnetic body as both “an entire body distinct from the chemical body that interpenetrates it” and “a light circulatory system operating on an energetic level in a markedly different manner from that of its molecular counterparts” (2). That there is “an incredible amount of activity at levels of magnification or scale that span more than two-thirds of the 73 known octaves of the electromagnetic spectrum” (6) in the human body is emblematic of our vulnerability to electromagnetic disturbances.

Potential Immune Disturbances due to Electrosmog Exposure

Although current public health laws are predicated on effects of short-term exposure, research suggests that dosage and repetitive exposures likely influence health risk of electrosmog (7). Two thirds of studies examined report ecological effects of electromagnetic radiation, and researchers state that, “current evidence indicates that chronic exposure to electromagnetic radiation, at levels that are found in the environment, may particularly affect the immune, nervous, cardiovascular and reproductive systems” (7).

Although the conventional mantra is that no harm is incurred from low-energy radio waves, low-level exposures to ionizing radiation are known to manifest profound effects upon human physiology (1). Ionizing radiation exposure, which occurs secondary to nuclear energy accidents, for example, produces immunosuppression, so much so that some scientists have even suggested radon exposure as a therapeutic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis due to its inhibition of inflammatory immune messengers such as the adipokine visfatin (8).

There is, however, often a substantial lag time between exposure and the materialization of symptomatology (1). The detriment to immune defense “often does not become apparent until the body catastrophically fails to overcome an acute challenge” (1). In addition, new science is overturning the previous assumption that immunosuppressive effects are exclusive to ionizing radiation exposure.

A research group headed by Lushinov, for example, found that repeated exposures to low-level non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation impaired the immune response in mice, negatively influencing immunogenesis, or the ability of the immune response to respond to an immune-provocating antigenic substance (9). The exposure to low-intensity electromagnetic radiation negatively influenced thymic and splenic cellularity, causing a statistically significant decrease in the immune cells generated by these lymphoid organs (9). The immunocompetence of the Aegean wall lizard was also significantly reduced upon daily exposure to radiofrequency resembling the amount of electrosmog emitted from cordless phones (10).

Moreover, Gapeev and colleagues (2006) elucidated that exposure to low-intensity non-ionizing electromagnetic waves exerted equivalent immunosuppressive effects to a single dose of the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) diclofenac (11). In another experiment, exposure to low-intensity electromagnetic radiation reduce the footpad edema and local hyperthermia, also known as swelling and heat, that accompanied injection of zymosan, an agent that induces acute inflammation (12). This constitutes evidence that electrosmog exposure may impair the normal immune response to potential threats.

Human Proteins are Responsive to Electromagnetic Waves

Biomolecules, which are constantly undergoing molecular collisions and interacting on the scale of picoseconds, are subject to forces exerted by incident electromagnetic fields (1). According to researchers Marshall and Heil, “It seems likely that signals a million times lower than those currently being used in research may be sufficient to elicit a tangible change in human biology” (1).

Induction of Stress Proteins

Electrosmog at both an extremely low-frequency (ELF) or in the radio frequency (RF) range has been found to stimulate a cellular stress response, leading to expression of stress response genes including heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) (13). As a consequence, there is increased production of highly conserved stress proteins, which serve as chaperones by refolding and repairing damaged proteins (13). Heat shock proteins have likewise been observed to up-regulate an immune response, “transferring antigenic peptides to the class I and class II molecules of the major histocompatibility complexes” as well as increasing activity of a class of immune cells which perpetuate an immune reaction, such as macrophages and dendritic cells (14).

Aberrant Anti-Microbial Response

In addition, the function of another human protein, lysozyme, has been shown to be disrupted by electromagnetic radiation (15). Also called muramidase, lysozyme is an antimicrobial enzyme liberated from cytoplasmic granules of immune cells such as granulocytes and macrophages (16). Contained in human secretions such as mucus, tears, saliva, and breast milk, this bacteriolytic element degrades glycosidic bonds in peptidoglycan, a molecule prominent in the cell walls of gram-positive bacteria (17).

Lysozyme is a major contributor to bactericidal activity, facilitating elimination of inhaled airborne microorganisms to prevent their colonization in the respiratory passages, which would interfere with sterile gas exchange (17). Studies have indicated that depletion of lysozyme reduces bacteria-killing ability of human airway sections by approximately fifty percent (18). Animal studies also highlight how lysozyme is especially important in host pulmonary defense, since, “Increased concentration of lysozyme in the airspaces of transgenic mice enhanced bacterial killing whereas lysozyme deficiency resulted in increased bacterial burden and morbidity” (17).

Turton and colleagues (2014) published a study in Nature Communications showing that non-ionizing terahertz electromagnetic radiation altered the binding of lysolyme to its ligand, triacetylchitotriose, which in turn would affect the biological function of lysozyme (15). Although this represents a much higher frequency than normal background electrosmog, the implications are that human immune defenses against pathogen invasion and virulence may be adversely affected due to repeated and cumulative exposures to electrosmog (15).

Derangements in Vitamin D Pathways

Research shows that Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) pathways are susceptible to interference by electrosmog (1). Functionality of the vitamin D receptor, a transcription factor that translocates to the nucleus and influences gene expression when bound to vitamin D, is fundamental for immunomodulation. The cascade of effects that occur upon vitamin D binding to its receptor reinforce gut barrier integrity, establish oral tolerance, and suppress autoimmune responses by enabling the immune system to differentiate self from non-self.

According to researchers, the shape of the VDR molecule transforms with electrosmog exposure within the frequency range of WiFi routers: “Groups of hundreds of atoms which form the helical “backbone” of the VDR…shift together at the lower frequencies present in electrosmog” (1). Sophisticated molecular dynamics software, which illustrates the lock-and-key interaction between the vitamin D receptor and its native ligand, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin-D (1,25-D), have shown that so-called Lorentz forces act upon charged oxygen atoms in carboxyl groups of the vitamin D receptor (1). These Lorentz forces may either promote or hinder activation of the vitamin D receptor, depending on both the frequency of the “molecular interactions, and that of the impinging electromagnetic waves” (1).

Electrosmog Affects Human Brain Activity and Behavior

As far back as 1987, Bise published a pilot study wherein electrosmog exposure at levels dramatically lower than that observed in urban areas elicited transient changes in human brain waves and behavior (19). He reports, “Constructive and destructive interference patterns from standing waves within the skull possibly interact with the bioelectric generators in the brain, since electroencephalogram wave amplitudes and frequencies increased or decreased respectively at different radio wavelengths” (19).

What’s more, the literature reveals that neuroimaging and electroencephalography studies demonstrate enhanced cortical excitability with EMF exposure, particularly in the front-temporal regions, which is paradoxically correlated with faster reaction times, but may also interfere with sleep (20).

Alarmingly, the patterns observed in human electroencephalograms (EEG) was altered by wave amplitudes as low as -100 dBm (19). Bise was able to induce an immediate frontal headache at a level of -60 dBm (19). Unfortunately, barring use of a Faraday cage, these experiments are impossible to replicate since electrosmog background levels in cities are now 100,000 times stronger at -50 dBm (19).

Silver-Threaded EMF-Blocking Caps Improve Autoimmune Disease

In a recent case series, patients wore shielding clothing and tenting consisting of silver-coated polyester threads interspersed with bamboo fibers that were partially capable of blocking penetration of microwave electrosmog (1). Due to anecdotal testimonies of improvement, researchers decided to distribute standardized garments that would shield the brain and brain stem in order to systematically analyze the results (1).

In this study, 64 patients with assorted autoimmune diagnoses such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), multiple sclerosis (MS), Sjogren’s syndrome, and celiac disease, many of whom were disabled and house-bound, were recruited (1). Subjects wore the silver-threaded cap for four hours at night and for four hours during the day, and patient-reported outcomes were collected (1). Impressively, 90% of patients indicated a “definite” or “strong” change in their symptomatology, which is at variance with the 3% of the population that is estimated to be sensitive to electrosmog (1).

Some researchers have attributed this so-called electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) or idiopathic environmental intolerance (IEI) to the nocebo effect. However, Dieudonné explores the possibility of a psychosomatic mechanism in the journal Bioelectromagnetics, and concludes, “Overall, symptoms appear before subjects start questioning effects of EMF on their health, which is not consistent with the hypothesis that IEI-EMF originates from nocebo responses to perceived EMF” (21).

In this groundbreaking study, it is also telling that the researchers found the therapeutic efficacy of the silver-coated caps to be so theoretically plausible that they decided the idea of using a control group was unethical. These authors concluded that autoimmune patients exhibit a pronounced susceptibility to electrosmog at levels normally encountered in home and occupational environments, and hypothesized that the exposure may be contributing to their disease etiology (1).

Electrosmog and Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Because electric fields result from voltage differences, whereas magnetic fields from the flow of electric current, EMFs may be capable of disrupting the finely orchestrated proton gradient and flow of electrons within the inner mitochondrial membrane upon which the process of oxidative phosphorylation is contingent (13). Oxygen-dependent aerobic respiration, which relies upon oxidative phosphorylation, is the process that drives production of the cellular energy currency adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in our cellular energy factories, the mitochondria.

These organelles are fundamental to every energy-dependent process in the body but especially quintessential for the energy-demanding nervous system. Thus, EMF-mediated changes in mitochondrial function may affect cognition and even perpetuate development of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in which mitochondrial dysfunction has been demonstrated. In fact, EMF-induced disruption of mitochondria may play a role in many diseases in which mitochondrial collapse is implicated, including psychiatric disorders, autoimmune diseases, migraine headaches, ataxia, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, neuropathic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and liver disease (22, 23).

It has also been proposed that EMFs can interact directly with electrons in DNA, so it is not a stretch that EMFs could interact with the electron transport chain (ETC) in mitochondria (24). This concept is supported by a study where pulsed electromagnetic radiation (EMR) resulted in alterations in the ETC, leading to adverse metabolic changes, cellular hypoxia, and increased generation of oxidative stress inducing free radicals such as the superoxide anion (25).

Electrosmog and Cancer

Although the undoubtedly industry-influenced mainstream consensus is that EMFs do not play a role in the development of childhood cancers, “Kheifets and Shimkhada [2005] stated that epidemiologic studies of ELF-EMFs and childhood leukemia are difficult to design, conduct, and interpret due to the fact that EMFs are imperceptible, ubiquitous, have multiple sources, and can vary greatly over time and short distances” (13). Also, in an animal study, a correlation between ELF-EMF radiation and development of malignant tumors, specifically gliomas and schwannomas of the heart, was discovered (26).

These findings led the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to revise their criteria for EMF exposure in children, and include recommendations such as using hands-free and wired headsets, holding the phone away from the head, limiting television watching, and texting when possible (13). Currently, a 14-country study called MOBI-Kids is being conducted to examine the carcinogenic effects of RF-EMFs from mobile telephones on the central nervous system in children and adolescents (27).

Further upstream, electrosmog has also been shown to induce DNA strand breakages, such that “Any extensive damage or changes to DNA that need repair may increase the risk of developing cancerous cells” (13). Studies also suggest that electrosmog causes genome-wide alterations in methylation (28), or the attachment of one-carbon tags to DNA sequences which modulate gene expression, affecting everything from neurotransmitter production to detoxification.

Mitigating Electrosmog Exposure

Although more data is needed, the science warrants exercising the precautionary principle and taking simple steps to minimize EMF exposure. To remediate electrosmog, renowned doctor Dietrich Klinghardt recommends removing cordless phones from the house, turning off WiFi, switching off fuses at night, considering an EMF-reducing sleep sanctuary or canopy, and grounding.

Moreover, fundamental to neutralizing the toxic effects of electrosmog is spending time in nature and grounding in order to scavenge free radicals and engender antioxidant effects. Direct contact with the surface of the earth precipitates an influx of electrons, which are absorbed and distributed throughout the ground substance of extracellular tissue as well as intracellular biopolymers, neutralizing oxidative stress in the body (29).

Studies have elucidated that grounding decreases the voltage imposed on the body by a factor of seventy upon exposure to alternating current (AC) electric potential (30). This transfer of electrons that occurs as a result of grounding, therefore, can minimize electrosmog-induced derangements in the electrical activities of our bodies, which is meaningful since researchers state that, “There is no question that the body reacts to the presence of environmental electric fields” (30).

© 2018 GreenMedInfo LLC. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of GreenMedInfo LLC.

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Empire and Cyber Imperialism: The Logic behind the Global Spy Structure

Cultocracy note :

This summary of the Five Eyes surveillance network is from Global Research . The global surveillance network is starting to resemble the Empire from Star Wars , a shadowy group of central figures backed by an army of sycophantic clones .


The Evil EMpire

Just like the Borg from the science fiction series Star Trek they seek to control and assimilate anything or anybody they find useful , subjugation of domestic populations forms part of this general policy .


The Hive Mind

I agree with the article in that the global political and financial ‘elite’ have controlled the surveillance agencies in the past , mainly to increase their wealth and power , there is no other reason . To this end they have started wars and established a wide variety of fraudulent rackets designed to leech taxpayer funding .

Although this puts the surveillance agencies in a commanding position , they can use the same tools against their paymasters . Therefore they have now become an almost autonomous group in themselves , I personally do not think that any single entity or organization is in total control , this in itself displays a subtle power shift to the new technocratic EMpire .

Control of the electromagnetic realm in an increasingly pervasive electronic world will hand the controllers unprecedented power . It should now be clear that the world is moving from a system controlled by wealth and finance to a system controlled by technology .

The question is whether they will use the power wisely , or will the power corrupt and control the controllers themselves as it always has .

Of course in the real world money talks , wealth provides access to the surveillance and control infrastructure . Another point is that any extremely wealthy organization or individual could always create their own system tailored to their own requirements .

Empire and Cyber Imperialism: The Logic behind the Global Spy Structure

By Prof. James PetrasGlobal Research

First published by Global Research on November 16, 2013

Revelations about the long-term global, intrusive spying by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and other allied intelligence apparatuses have provoked widespread protests and indignation and threatened ties between erstwhile imperial allies. 

Allied regimes have uniformly condemned NSA espionage as a violation of trust and sovereignty, a threat to their national and economic security and to their citizens’ privacy.

In contrast, Washington has responded in a contradictory manner: on the one hand, US officials and intelligence chiefs have acknowledged ‘some excesses and mistakes’, on the other hand, they defend the entire surveillance program as necessary for US national security.

Interpretations vary about the US global spy apparatus – how it was built and why it was launched against  hundreds of millions of people. ‘Subjective’ and ‘objective’ explanations abound, evoking psychological, social, economic, strategic and political considerations.

 A multi-factorial explanation is required.

The Integrated Hypothesis of the Global Police State

One of the essential components of a police state is an all-pervasive spy apparatus operating independently of any legal or constitutional constraints.  Spy operations include: 1) massive surveillance over text, video and audio communications and 2) the capacity to secretly record, store and use information secretly collected.  This information strengthens political and economic leaders who, in turn, appoint and direct the spy chiefs.  The political and economic rulers control the spy-lords by setting the goals, means and targets of the surveillance state.  The US global spy apparatus is neither ‘self-starting nor self-perpetuating’.  It did not arise in a vacuum and it has virtually no strategic autonomy.  While there may be intra-bureaucratic conflicts and rivalries, the institutions and groups function within the overall ‘paradigm’ established and directed by the political and economic elite.

 The Global Spy Structure

The growth and expansion of the US spy apparatus has deep roots in its history and is related to the colonial need to control subjugated native and enslaved peoples. However, the global operations emerged after the Second World War when the US replaced Europe as the center of world imperialism.  The US assumed the principal role in preventing the spread of revolutionary and anti-colonial movements from the Soviet Union, China , Korea , Vietnam and Cuba to war and crisis-burdened countries of Europe, North and Southeast Asia and Latin America .  When the collectivist states fell apart in the 1990’s the US became the sole superpower and a unipolar world emerged.

For the United States, ‘unipolarity’ meant (1) an impetus toward total global domination; (2) a world-wide network of military bases; (3) the subordination of capitalist competitors in other industrial countries, (4) the destruction of nationalist adversaries and (6) the unfettered pillage of resources from the former collectivist regimes as they became vassal states.  The last condition meant the complete dismantling of the collectivist state and its public institutions – education, health care and worker rights.

The opportunities for immense profits and supreme control over this vast new empire were boundless while the risks seemed puny, at least during the ‘golden period’, defined by the years immediately after (1) the capitalist takeover of the ex-Soviet bloc, (2) the Chinese transition to capitalism and (3) the conversion of many former African and Asian nationalist regimes, parties and movements to ‘free-market’ capitalism.

Dazzled by their vision of a ‘new world to conquer’ the United States set up an international state apparatus in order to exploit this world-historical opportunity.  Most top political leaders, intelligence strategists, military officials and business elites quickly realized that these easy initial conquests and the complicity of pliable and kleptocratic post-Communist vassal rulers would not last.  The societies would eventually react and the lucrative plunder of resources was not sustainable.  Nationalist adversaries were bound to arise and demand their own spheres of influence.  The White House feared their own capitalist allies would take on the role of imperialist competitors seeking to grab ‘their share’ of the booty, taking over and exploiting resources, public enterprises and cheap labor. 

The new ‘unipolar world’ meant the shredding of the fabric of social and political life.  In the ‘transition’ to free market capitalism, stable employment, access to health care, security, education and civilized living standards disappeared.  In the place of once complex, advanced social systems, local tribal and ethnic wars erupted.  It would be ‘divide and conquer’ in an orgy of pillage for the empire.  But the vast majority of the people of the world suffered from chaos and regression when the multi-polar world of collectivist, nationalist, and imperialist regimes gave way to the unipolar empire. 

For US imperialist strategists and their academic apologists the transition to a unipolar imperial world was exhilarating and they dubbed their unchallenged domination the ‘ New World Order’ (NWO).  The US imperial state then had the right and duty to maintain and police its ‘New World Order’ – by any means. Francis Fukiyama, among other academic apologists celebrated the ‘end of history’ in a paroxysm of imperial fever. Liberal-imperial academics, like Immanuel Wallerstein, sensed the emerging challenges to the US Empire and advanced the view of a Manichean world of ‘unipolarity’ (meaning ‘order’) versus ‘multipolar chaos’– as if the hundreds of millions of lives in scores of countries devastated by the rise of the post-collectivist US empire did not have a stake in liberating themselves from the yoke of a unipolar world.

By the end of its first decade, the unipolar empire exhibited cracks and fissures.  It had to confront adversarial nationalist regimes in resource-rich countries, including Muammar Gaddafi in Libya , Bashar Assad in Syria , Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Khamenei in Iran .  They challenged US supremacy in North Africa and the Middle East .  The Taliban in Afghanistan and nationalist Islamist movements questioned US influence over the vassal rulers of Muslim countries – especially the puppet monarchs in the Persian Gulf .

On the other side of the imperial coin, the domestic economic foundations of the ‘New World Order’ were weakened by a series of speculative crises undermining the support of the US public as well as sectors of the elite.  Meanwhile European and Japanese allies, as well as emerging Chinese capitalists, were beginning to compete for markets.

Within the US an ultra-militarist group of political ideologues, public officials and policy advisers, embracing a doctrine combining a domestic police state with foreign military intervention, took power in Washington .  ‘Conservatives’ in the Bush, Sr. regime, ‘liberals’ in the Clinton administration and ‘neo-conservatives’ in the Bush, Jr. administration all sought and secured the power to launch wars in the Persian Gulf and the Balkans, to expand and consolidate the unipolar empire.

            Maintaining and expanding the unipolar empire became the trigger for the White House’s global police state apparatus.  As new regimes were added to Washington ’s orbit, more and more surveillance was needed to make sure they did not drift into a competitor’s sphere of influence.

The year 2000 was critical for the global police state.  First there was the dot-com crash in the financial sector.  The speculative collapse caused massive but unorganized disaffection among the domestic population.  Arab resistance re-emerged in the Middle East .  The cosmically corrupt Boris Yeltsin vassal state fell and a nationalist, Russian President Vladimir Putin took power.  The willing accomplices to the disintegration of the former USSR had taken their billions and fled to New York , London and Israel . Russia was on the road to recovery as a unified nuclear-armed nation state with regional ambitions.  The period of unchallenged unipolar imperial expansion had ended.

The election of President Bush Jr., opened the executive branch to police state ideologues and civilian warlords, many linked to the state of Israel , who were determined to destroy secular Arab nationalist and Muslim adversaries in the Middle East .  The steady growth of the global police state had been ‘too slow’ for them.  The newly ascendant warlords and the proponents of the global police state wanted to take advantage of their golden opportunity to make US/Israeli supremacy in the Middle East irreversible and unquestioned via the application of overwhelming force (‘shock and awe’).

Their primary political problem in expanding global military power was the lack of a fully dominant domestic police state capable of demobilizing American public opinion largely opposed to any new wars.  ‘Disaster ideologues’ like Phillip Zelikow and Condoleezza Rice understood the need for a new ‘ Pearl Harbor ’ to occur and threaten domestic security and thereby terrify the public into war. They lamented the fact that no credible regimes were left in the Middle East to cast as the ‘armed aggressor’ and as a threat to US national security. Such an enemy was vital to the launching of new wars. And new wars were necessary to justify the scale and scope of the new global spy apparatus and emergency police state edicts the warlords and neoconservatives had in mind.  Absent a credible ‘state-based adversary’, the militarists settled for an act of terror (or the appearance of one) to ‘shock and awe’ the US public into accepting its project for imperial wars, the imposition of a domestic police state and the establishment of a vast global spy apparatus.

The September 11, 2001 explosions at the World Trade Center in New York City and the plane crash into a wing (mostly vacant for repairs) of the Pentagon in Washington , DC were the triggers for a vast political and bureaucratic transformation of the US imperial state.  The entire state apparatus became a police state operation.  All constitutional guarantees were suspended.  The neo-conservatives seized power, the civilian warlords ruled.  A huge body of police state legislation suddenly appeared, as if from nowhere, the ‘Patriot Act’.  The Zionists in office set the objectives and influenced military policies to focus on Israel ’s regional interests and the destruction of Israel ’s Arab adversaries who had opposed its annexation of Palestine .  War was declared against Afghanistan without any evidence that the ruling Taliban was involved or aware of the September 11 attack of the US .  Despite massive civilian and even some military dissent, the civilian warlords and Zionist officials blatantly fabricated a series of pretexts to justify an unprovoked war against the secular nationalist regime in Iraq , the most advanced of all Arab countries. Europe was divided over the war. Countries in Asia and Latin America joined Germany and France in refusing to support the invasion.  The United Kingdom , under a ‘Labor’ government, eagerly joined forces with the US hoping to regain some of its former colonial holdings in the Gulf.

At home, hundreds of billions of tax dollars were diverted from social programs to fund a vast army of police state operatives.  The ideologues of war and the legal eagles for torture and the police state shifted into high gear.  Those who opposed the wars were identified, monitored and the details of their lives were ‘filed away’ in a vast database.  Soon millions came to be labeled as ‘persons of interest’ if they were connected in any way to anyone who was ‘suspect’, i.e. opposed to the ‘Global War on Terror’.  Eventually even more tenuous links were made to everyone…family members, classmates and employers.

Over 1.5 million ‘security cleared’ monitors were contracted by the government to spy on hundreds of millions of citizens. The spy state spread domestically and internationally.  For a global empire, based on a unipolar state, the best defense was judged to be a massive global surveillance apparatus operating independently of any other government – including the closest allies.

The slogan, ‘Global War on Terror’ (GWOT) became an open-ended formula for the civilian warlords, militarists and Zionists to expand the scope and duration of overt and covert warfare and espionage.  ‘Homeland Security’ departments, operating at both the Federal and State levels, were consolidated and expanded with massive budgets for incarceration and repression.  Constitutional protections and the Writ of Habeas Corpus were ‘rendered quaint vestiges of history’.  The National Security Agency doubled its personnel and budget with a mandate to distrust and monitor allies and vassal states. The targets piled upon targets, far beyond traditional adversaries, sweeping up the public and private communications of all political, military and economic leaders , institutions, and  citizenry.

The ‘Global War on Terror’ provided the ideological framework for a police state based on the totalitarian conception that ‘everybody and everything is connected to each other’ in a ‘global system’ threatening the state.  This ‘totalistic view’ informs the logic of the expanded NSA, linking enemies, adversaries, competitors and allies.  ‘Enemies’ were defined as anti-imperialist states or regimes with consistently critical independent foreign and domestic policies. ‘Adversaries’ occasionally sided with ‘enemies’, or tolerated policymakers who would not always conform to imperial policies.  ‘Competitors’ supported the empire but had the capacity and opportunity to make lucrative trade deals with adversaries or enemies – Allies were states and leaders who generally supported imperial wars but might provide a forum condemning imperial war crimes (torture and drone attacks).  In addition allies could undermine US imperial market shares and accumulate favorable trade balances.

The logic of the NSA required spying on the allies to root out any links, trade, cultural or scientific relations with adversaries and enemies, which might have spillover consequences. The NSA feared that associations in one sphere might ‘overlap’ with adversaries operating in strategic policy areas and undermine ally loyalty to the empire.

            The spy logic had a multiplier effect – who gets to ‘spy on the spies?’  The NSA might collaborate with overseas allied intelligence agencies and officials – but American spymasters would always question their reliability, their inclination to withhold vital information, the potential for shifting loyalties. ‘Do our allies spy on us?  How do we know our own spies are not colluding with allied spies who might then be colluding with adversarial spies?’  This justified the establishment of a huge national vacuum cleaner to suck up all transactions and communications – justified by the notion that a wide net scooping up everything might catch that big fish!

The NSA regards all ‘threats to the unipolar empire’ as national security threats.  No country or agency within or without the reach of the empire was excluded as a ‘potential threat’.

            The ‘lead imperial state’ requires the most efficient and overarching spy technology with the furthest and deepest reach.  Overseas allies appear relatively inefficient, vulnerable to infiltration, infected with the residua of a long-standing suspect ‘leftist culture’ and unable to confront the threat of new dangerous adversaries.  The imperial logic regards surveillance of ‘allies’ as ‘protecting allied interests’ because the allies lack the will and capacity to deal with enemy infiltration.

There is a circular logic to the surveillance state.  When an allied leader starts to question how imperial espionage protects allied interest, it is time to intensify spying on the ally. Any foreign ally who questions NSA surveillance over its citizens raises deep suspicions.  Washington believes that questioning imperial surveillance undermines political loyalties.

Secret Police Spying as a “Process of Accumulation”

            Like capitalism, which needs to constantly expand and accumulate capital, secret police bureaucracies require more spies to discover new areas, institutions and people to monitor.  Leaders, followers, citizens, immigrants, members of ethnic, religious, civic and political groups and individuals – all are subject to surveillance.  This requires vast armies of data managers and analysts, operatives, programmers, software developers and supervisors – an empire of ‘IT’.  The ever-advancing technology needs an ever-expanding base of operation.

The spy- masters move from local to regional to global operations.  Facing exposure and condemnation of its global chain of spying, the NSA calls for a new ‘defensive ideology’.  To formulate the ideology, a small army of academic hacks is trotted out to announce the phony alternatives of a ‘unipolar police state or terror and chaos’.  The public is presented with a fabricated choice of its perpetual, ‘well-managed and hi-tech’, imperial wars versus the fragmentation and collapse of the entire world into a global war of ‘all against all’.  Academic ideologues studiously avoid mentioning that small wars by small powers end more quickly and have fewer casualties.

The ever-expanding technology of spying strengthens the police state.  The list of targets is endless and bizarre.  Nothing and no one will be missed!

            As under capitalism, the growth of the spy state triggers crisis.  With the inevitable rise of opposition, whistleblowers come forward to denounce the surveillance state.  At its peak, spy-state over-reach leads to exposure, public scandals and threats from allies, competitors and adversaries.  The rise of cyber-imperialism raises the specter of cyber-anti-imperialism.  New conceptions of inter-state relations and global configurations are debated and considered.  World public opinion increasingly rejects the ‘necessity’ of police states.  Popular disgust and reason exposes the evil logic of the spy-state based on empire and promotes a plural world of peaceful rival countries, functioning under co-operative policies – systems without empire, without spymasters and spies.

The original source of this article is Global Research
Copyright © Prof. James Petras, Global Research, 2018

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2018 Trust Barometer

As the graph below shows there appears to be a widening gulf in the trust individuals in the West have regarding their government and related institutions . This is not surprising as the more oppressive global regimes have become more open , whereas the traditionally ‘free’ Western countries have lurched towards a more authoritarian and controlling structure .

Interesting that the media is now the least trusted institute in the world , although not surprising .

Also interesting is that four out of the five – ‘Five Eyes’ – crime cartel members have seen a drop in institutional trust . Again , not surprising .

The head of the Five Eyes cartel is the US shadow government , the US has seen the largest drop in institutional trust out of all the countries surveyed .

At the opposite end of the scale China has apparently seen the largest increase in trust between it’s institutions and the people .

The poll was conducted online from a pool of several thousand people from 28 different countries , I assume the respondents were from a wide variety of backgrounds . Although it should be noted that the poll was split into two main demographics , the ‘informed public‘ and the ‘general population‘ . I assume ‘informed public’ means professionals , although why the general public is possibly seen as being uninformed is not answered . Interesting that the icon representing an ‘informed public’ is shown as the cap on a pyramid , with the rest of us below .


The 2018 paper is titled the ‘Battle for Truth’

An interesting ‘result’ is that the Edelman survey supposedly revealed an large increase in trust regarding ‘traditional media’ and a corresponding increase in ‘trust in journalism’ . I assume that this relates to MSM platforms . This finding is not remarkable as Edelman is a global PR firm that represents many supranational firms , the top of the globalist pyramid so to speak . Edelman also suggested that trust in ‘media platforms’ such as social media and search engines has decreased , again a slightly suspicious finding in some respects .

Another suspicious finding is that there has ‘been a rebound in faith in experts and leaders‘ , what leaders ? This may be true in certain countries , definitely not true in the West .

Who are Edelman ?

They are self described as a ‘communications marketing firm’ and also the ‘worlds largest PR firm’ .

In the past Edelman have represented the US oil lobby , although the partnership was dissolved after Edelman stated that they would not represent ‘climate change deniers’ .

Although this could be considered a PR stunt by the PR people .

Other clients read like a who’s who of global branding . Although there are a few oddities . A short Edelman CV includes the following companies :

  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • Mormon church
  • Government of Saudi Arabia
  • Roche
  • Nestle
  • Dow Chemical
  • S.C. Johnson
  • Mobil
  • Burger King
  • Volkswagen
  • News Corp.

So basically Edelman is a mouthpiece for the globalist corporate world and beyond .

Another aspect of the firm’s repertoire is ‘crisis & risk‘ management , I assume that if a truth bomb hits the headlines regarding one of their clients , then it’s action at all stations , with a furry of lies and counter stories presented as a deluge in the MSM .

Magic Roundabout

The revolving door in ‘elite’ circles is also revealed , one of Tony Blair’s close advisors , Anji Hunter joined Edelman in 2013 as a ‘senior advisor’ . In 2016 Edelman also hired Boris Johnson’s former chief advisor .

Top spook and ex Mi6 chief Sir John Sawer joined Edelman as an ‘advisor’ in 2016 , along with other lucrative positions at Macro Advisory Partners and BP . In the past Sawer has called for an increased ‘partnership’ between tech firms and government agencies , no doubt the term ‘tech firms’ includes search engines and electronic media platforms . Partnership from these people usually means assimilation and control .

Enough said . 

So who are Edelman representing with the Trust Barometer report ?

Well , the report does seem to have a positive bias towards ‘traditional’ media platforms and ‘traditional’ journalism , at the expense of the newer digital media platforms where everybody has a say . I am guessing they have large media conglomerates on their books , these dinosaurs are losing out heavily to a more independent media . ‘Fake news’ is mentioned in the report more than once , although there is no recognition that the traditional MSM platforms have been controlled by a small group of companies and shadow government agencies for decades .

Fake News

According to the report “7 in 10 of us are worried about ‘fake news’ being used as a weapon” .

I’m not at all worried about this , are you ?


So to answer the question as to who they represent we should ask ourselves a second question……..

Who is worried about ‘fake news’ being used as a weapon ?

Probably the same corrupt institutions and global oligarchs that have been peddling lies and misinformation with impunity for centuries , along with suppression of the truth .

Any official narrative , usually based on lies , is now picked apart before it hits the main channels .

They are worried , very worried .

Hidden Agenda ?

The UK press release for Edelman states ‘SOCIAL MEDIA ON NOTICE AS PUBLIC CALLS OUT INSUFFICIENT REGULATION‘ , apparently ‘64% of us back tougher regulation of social media companies‘ . I’m one of the 36% who would like to see less regulation , they like to make the decisions for us , Endelman & it’s clients obviously feel that we cannot be trusted with the truth , what are they afraid of ?

The response to the report from controlled and censored MSM outlets was to be expected .

Of course that will not prevent an attempt to stifle debate and the truth on alternative news platforms , the global corporate oligarchy are trying hard , very hard .

The report does offer a glimmer of truth though together with an explanation , by stating that a ‘Lack of confidence in media is undermining trust and truth‘ .

Although that solely depends on what ‘media’ you are reading .


The truth is that the ‘truth’ has undermined traditional platforms which are based on hidden political , financial and control agendas , this point is accepted in the report . There are many , many more outlets for information in the modern age , outlets that we can all access , read , digest or discard , eventually coming to the truth .

If anything the Edelman report lays bare the interlocked relationship between the global corporate world and their servants in governments around the world . The bond of trust between the controlled Western government agencies and the people they purport to serve has been broken , Irretrievably . Possibly due to controlled sex abuse rings , phony wars , planted MSM news stories , increased draconian surveillance , establishment racketeering , endemic fraud , constant lies or any other number of far worse crimes not widely reported .

The response ? More control , more surveillance , more laws , less freedom , more mistrust . Trust is hard won , but easily lost .

A slick PR exercise is not enough .


The elitist mentality is entrenched , it is now a form of insanity , acting like a virus , infecting all in the vicinity of power .

The result is less truth , from them that is .

Nobody can hide from the truth .

Endelman UK findings :

  1. Edelman Trust Barometer 2018 – UK Findings

Endelman global findings :

  1. 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer
  2. 2018 Endelman trust Barometer Global Report

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