Nanotechnology News – June 2022

Mass formation psychosis  ?


Mass formation psychotronics ?


Maybe both .


Maybe neither .

I’ll let you decide .

If you still can .

Decide that is .


Nanotechnology News – June 2022




Genetic Engineering

Cultocracy note :

Always remember , there is a gap of around 10 years or more between published research and covert research .

Super Soldier News

A new study shows, a variant of a gene that encodes an ion channel in tendons that is sensitive to mechanical pressure, can make mice run faster and jump further. “

PIEZO1 plays a key role in the properties of tendons.”

“The PIEZO1 ion channel was discovered in 2010 by Ardem Patapoutian, PhD….”

“Earlier studies have shown PIEZO1 to play a role in the development of blood vessels, heart, bone and immune cells.”

PIEZO1 regulates Mohawk, a gene discovered by Asahara’s team, that plays a role in tendon differentiation.”

“Mice carrying the variant in all cells of the body or in tendons alone, jumped further and could run faster than control mice.”

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  4. Stimulation of Piezo1 by mechanical signals promotes bone anabolism
  5. Mechanically activated ion channel Piezo1 modulates macrophage polarization and stiffness sensing

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  2. From bioweapons to super soldiers: how the UK is joining the genomic technology arms race
  3. DARPA : Genetically Modified Humans for a Super Soldier Army
  4. REVEALED: US army’s plans to create a generation of SUPER SOLDIERS
  5. China has done human testing to create biologically enhanced super soldiers, says top U.S. official
  6. Is Russia Creating A Nazi-Style Army of Genetic Supersoldiers?

Further reading (Mohawk People) :

  1. Mohawk Indians Kidnapped and Tortured a Jesuit Priest in New France for His Spread of Magic
  2. “Indigenous Genocide: The Foundation of the Holocaust”
  3. ‘There are bodies here’: survivors braced as search begins at Canada’s oldest residential school
  4. Mohawk: The tragedy of colonization

Not related (I think) :

  1. Mice With Mohawks Yield Clues to Autism


DNA Theft

Every so often stories of genetic theft make headline news.

So it was with a picture of French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin sitting at opposite ends of a very long table after Macron declined to take a Russian PCR COVID-19 test.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz similarly refused to take a Russian PCR COVID-19 test.”

You leave your DNA behind you everywhere you go. The strands of hair, fingernails, dead skin and saliva you shed as you move through your day are all collectible trails of DNA.”

Genetic analysis can reveal not only personal information, such as existing health conditions or risk for developing certain diseases, but also core aspects of a person’s identity, such as their ancestry and the potential traits of their future children.”

“The U.S. Supreme Court is very unlikely to recognize new rights, or even affirm previously recognized rights, that are not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution. “

Cultocracy stranger things long sentence note :

A friend of a friend who’s uncle’s sister is a mate of someone who’s nephew knows someone who works as a cleaner at a local ‘clandestine research facility’ subcontracted to a US ‘clandestine research department’ sent me this secretly taken image of her boss .

Looks really familiar ???


Feed The World

CRISPR is poised to make an even broader impact on the world.”

Far from being limited to modifying the genomes of human cells, CRISPR is quite capable of modifying the genomes of plant cells.”

“The world of agriculture needs to do better than it has in the past if it is to solve an extremely complex problem—feeding more people while facing increasingly dire resource constraints.”

“After researching wheat for two decades, Catherine Feuillet, PhD, the CSO of Inari Agriculture, is all too aware that plant genetics research can move slowly.”

“The good news, she says, is that today’s revolution in technology can, for the first time, address these challenges.”

Before joining Inari, Feuillet was the head of trait research at Bayer Crop Science.”

Cultocracy revolving door note :

Well , all you need now is a food supply crisis  , wheat for example .


Never gonna happen .

Not related (I think) :

  1. Band Aid (YouTube)
  2. Sorry Bob, Band Aid millions DID pay for guns: Charity’s man in Ethiopia tells his disturbing story
  3. The funds raised during the Live Aid charity festival were actually spent on the purchase of weapons for rebels?

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  1. Live Aid looks tipped for a comeback amid corona battle
  2. Bob Geldof and Midge Ure angrily deny taking any money from Band Aid
  3. Bob Geldof Should Write a New Tune: Do They Know They’re Starving?

Absoulutely not related (I think) :

  1. The hypocrisy of Bob Geldof
  2. Scots singer Midge Ure tells of upset after someone tried to mug him in broad daylight



Quantum Computing & Communications

Does the MoD need a New Doorstop ?

The UK government has bought its first quantum computer, with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) acquiring a British-built machine in the hope of speeding up the process of analysing large sets of data from sensors and other equipment.”

“Built by ORCA Computing, the PT-1 operates at room temperature and can be rack mounted alongside other classical computers. “

The price the MoD has paid for the computer has not been disclosed.”

“…..the MoD investment in a British development quantum computer makes perfect sense, even if it has no immediate practical use…..”

Culocracy quote note :

Quote : “Does the Ministry of Defence need a quantum computer”

Nope .

But the MIC stakeholders need cash , lots of it .


Quantum Brain Sensing

Over £500,000 in funding has been awarded to Dr Kowalczyk to develop hybridised quantum optical sensors which will, for the first time, be used to simultaneously measure the brain’s neural and vascular responses. “

Interfaced with brain stimulation, this technology will allow us to directly assess and measure connectivity in the brain

“Another layer of extreme complexity is added when sensing needs to be achieved in a non-invasive manner, through the skull.”

“In this project, Dr Kowalczyk aims to combine Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) with magnetoencephalography (MEG) based on Optically Pumped Magnetometers (OPM) – novel quantum sensors which allow small magnetic fields to be measured.”

“The project will combine these technologies with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), a non-invasive form of brain stimulation.”


Unequal Twins

A team of researchers from Basel and Bochum has now produced identical photons with different quantum dots – an important step towards applications such as tap-proof communications and the quantum internet. “

“In their experiments, the physicists used so-called quantum dots, structures in semiconductors only a few nanometres in size.”

Warburton and his collaborators chose a different, more ambitious approach.”

“The physicists in Basel used electrodes to expose two quantum dots to precisely tuned electric fields.”

“Those fields modified the energy levels of the quantum dots….”

“….they could conclude that the photons were 93 percent identical. “

“In other words, the photons formed twins even though they were “born” completely independently of one another.”

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  7. Search term : “quantum dot brain”




Artificial Intelligence – AI

NATO Going Dark

The CEO of AI cybersecurity firm Darktrace has called for a “Tech NATO” to counter growing cybersecurity threats.”

“Poppy Gustafsson spoke on Wednesday at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) – the UK’s leading and world’s oldest defense think thank – on the evolving cyber threat landscape.”

Russia’s illegal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has led to a global rethinking of security. “

“At the beginning of Russia’s invasion, the country attacked Viasat to disable Ukrainian communications.”

“The attack on the Viasat satellite that disabled Ukrainian military communications one hour before the invasion was a key component of the beginning of this war….”

Kultocracy note :

Good job i’m not a konspiracy feorist or somefin , or I might fink there was a dual use purpose to many ‘civilyan’ space birdz.

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  4. Mystery solved in destructive attack that knocked out >10k Viasat modems
  5. Viasat Awarded Contract to Upgrade the UK Ministry of Defence’s Ultra High Frequency Satellite Communications Network Control Stations
  6. British military’s space campaign picks up steam with ‘Skynet’ upgrade
  7. Priti Patel accused of conflict of interest in MoD contract

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  1. KA-SAT
  2. Airbus UK signs contract with UK Ministry of Defence for Skynet 6A satellite
  3. BT and Serco among bidders competing to run Britain’s unfortunately named Skynet military satellite system
  4. Skynet (satellite)
  5. Skynet 6

Absolutly not at all related :

  1. GCHQ’s Andrew France to Head Mike Lynch-Backed Cyber Security Firm Darktrace
  2. Darktrace Federal Announces Former U.S Marine and Senior CIA Officer Appointed as CEO


Musk friends in high places also not related note :

  1. Elon Musk’s Starlink ‘destroyed Putin’s information campaign’ in Ukraine, US general says


Autonomy Algorithms

U.S. military researchers are asking industry to develop reliable and trusted artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and systems autonomy technologies for future command and control, surveillance, and logistics systems.”

“The ANSR (Assured Neuro Symbolic Learning and Reasoning) program seeks breakthrough innovations in new hybrid AI algorithms for military command and control….”

Machine autonomy should be to hasten the tempo of military operations, reduce cognitive demands on the warfighter, and increase standoff distances to help keep warfighters safe, researchers say.”


Cultocracy note :

Digital twins are all the rage .

Most deep state agencies have their own world simulations up and running , hungrily feeding from ubiquitous mass data .

The Big Daddy simulation feeds from the minor players .

Less publicized is the litany of serious criminal activity applied to the creation , research and development of these not so clandestine projects .

The motives ?

Profit , precrime or prediction ?

Those are simply the selling points .

Pre-crime Mania

Advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have sparked interest from governments that would like to use these tools for predictive policing to deter crime. “

Data and social scientists from the University of Chicago have developed a new algorithm that forecasts crime by learning patterns in time and geographic locations from public data on violent and property crimes.”

The model can predict future crimes one week in advance with about 90% accuracy.”

“We created a digital twin of urban environments. If you feed it data from happened in the past, it will tell you what’s going to happen in future.”

Cultocracy note :


What if I was the creator of an advanced AI system , which I would like to sugar coat before mass market use , using the pretext of crime ?

Double hey….

What if the same advanced system could actually create a crime wave ?


Surely the most serious crimes are committed by those in positions of power , i.e. governments or shadow governments ?

Obviously any algorithm will be weighted to conveniently pass them by .

Unless they prove to be less than co-operative .




5G & IoT

Cultocracy note :

The metaverse is ever evolving .

Most are completely unaware .

You will own nothing and you will think you are happy .

Is ignorance really bliss ?

4G Fries French Cows

A court in France has found in favour of a farmer who claimed that a 4G antenna was damaging his cows’ health, and has ordered for the antenna to be switched off for two months.”

“Operator Orange now has three months to act in accordance with the ruling, including stopping the antenna’s operation while ensuring phone coverage, including emergency calls, for Orange users in the area affected. “

“Mr Salgues said that since the antenna’s installation in July 2021 – 200 metres away from his farm in Mazeyrat-d’Allier (Haute-Loire) – around 40 of his normally-200-strong herd had died, and milk production had decreased by 15-20% within days of the antenna being switched on.”

“Orange (and) Free and Bouygues Telecom, said that there was “no scientific evidence” that there is a link between animal health and electromagnetic fields surrounding mobile phone antennas.”

Further reading :

  1. Study Finds Wireless Radiation Affects On Wildlife
  2. Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation
  3. Search term : “electromagnetic microwave radiation animal health biology”


5G Beam Steering

Birmingham scientists have revealed a new beam-steering antenna that increases the efficiency of data transmission for ‘beyond 5G’ – and opens up a range of frequencies for mobile communications that are inaccessible to currently used technologies.”

“Around the size of an iPhone, the technology uses a metamaterial, made from a metal sheet with an array of regularly spaced holes….”

“…..the device can provide continuous ‘wide-angle’ beam steering, allowing it to track a moving mobile phone user in the same way that a satellite dish turns to track a moving object, but with significantly enhanced speeds.”

“….the antenna will control the deflection of the beam of a radio wave – effectively ‘concentrating’ the beam into a highly directive signal…..”

“The technology can also be adapted for use in vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, vehicular radar, and satellite communications, making it good for next generation use in automotive, radar, space and defence applications.”

Further reading :

  1. HAARP , Phased Radar Arrays , Charged Particles , 5G , BAE Systems
  2. The Matrix Deciphered – Dr. Robert Duncan Pt. 3


Teravision (TM)

Even though consumers won’t see it for years, researchers around the world are already laying the foundation for the next generation of wireless communications, 6G.”

“…..the researchers demonstrated new radio frequency switches that are responsible for keeping devices connected by jumping between networks and frequencies while receiving data.”

“…..these new devices are made of two-dimensional materials that take significantly less energy to operate…..”

“…..the potential uses for 6G are so vast, including driverless cars and smart cities…..”

“The next generation of wireless will be infused with technologies that have come of age during the past decade: ubiquitous sensing, augmented reality, machine learning and the ability to use higher frequency spectrum at mmWave and THz bands.”

“The project was funded by grants from the U.S. Office of Naval Research and the Air Force Research Laboratory.”

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Military and Defence

Cultocracy article below note :

Just in case you were wondering who really calls the shots….

Just Another Revolving Door

President Joe Biden is closing in on a new top scientist for his administration.”

Arati Prabhakar, the head of the Defense Department’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency from 2012 to 2017, is a frontrunner to lead the White House science office, according to three White House officials.”

Dr. Prabhakar was a fantastic DARPA director who led the agency at a critical time for our nation’s defense…..”


DARPA Drones With Lasers

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, the Pentagon’s emerging technologies specialist, is looking into outfitting aerial refueling tankers as “Airborne Energy Wells” to recharge battery-powered drones.”

“The agency has put out a request to industry players as it seeks information on the feasibility of using modified manned tanker aircraft to wirelessly transmit power, via laser beams, to unmanned aerial vehicles, in what could be a potentially ground-breaking development.”

“The solution would also be expected to provide beam forming and steering of the laser energy…..”

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Full Body Suit

We’re trying to develop a solution that integrates a number of sensors on the arm and hand and sends signals to the part of the brain that processes this type of sensory impression….”

“The point is to communicate with the brain without having to imbed any wires in the body.”

“Instead, information from the sensors will be sent in the form of microwaves….”

“Our subcutaneous fat lends itself to this since it has less attenuation of electrical signals….”

“The signal is received in the brain by an implant….”

“Researchers are currently testing the system on monkeys.”

“In the long run, they envision that brain implants will be able to perceive nerve signals and send stimuli to all parts of our nervous system.”

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  6. Syringe Injectable Brain Implants
  7. Search term : “wireless body area network WBAN”


Flexible Neural Interface

Researchers have developed a tiny neural probe that can be implanted for longer time periods to record and stimulate neural activity…”

“The new neural probe is extremely thin , about one-fifth the width of a human hair – and flexible.”

“These features also make it more compatible with biological tissue and less prone to triggering an immune response….”

“The team implanted the probes in the brains of live mice for up to one month.”

“…..the probes were able to record electrical activity from neurons with high sensitivity. “

“The probes were also used to target specific neuron types to produce certain physical responses.”




Brain Computer Interface – BCI

Cultocracy alluding to note :

What if you could connect the minds of hundreds , maybe even thousands of people together .

What if you could do this whilst they were asleep .

What if you could control the whole process via AI .

What if you could then form a localized piece of the world simulation , or ‘metaverse’ .

Sweet dreams .

Wireless Mind Meld

In a new paper a team of scientists have developed an electromagnetic brain-computer-metasurface (EBCM) to flexibly and non-invasively control the information syntheses and wireless transmissions.”

“The presented EBCM can not only translate the operator’s brain messages to EEG signals, and further into various EM commands, but also perform the wireless “mind-communication” between two operators.”

“The presented work, combining the EM wave space and BCI, may further open up a new direction to explore the deep integration of metasurface, human brain intelligence, and artificial intelligence….”

Further reading :

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  2. The Matrix Deciphered – Dr. Robert Duncan Pt. 3
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  6. Sentient Artificial Brain , National Reconnaissance Office
  7. Pentagon to spend $2 billion on Artificial Intelligence
  8. Artificial Intelligence Summoning Demons , The Great Deception
  9. etc…etc…etc…etc…






Micro Medic

A new treatment for strokes caused by bleeding in the brain that uses a magnetically controlled microrobot-enabled self-clearing catheter has been shown to be 86% effective in animal models….”

“Hugh Lee’s innovation can be remotely activated using externally applied magnetic fields.”

“As you change the direction of the magnetic field, the microdevice moves like a compass needle….”


Origami Millirobot

Wireless millimeter-scale origami robots have recently been explored with great potential for biomedical applications.”

“Here we report a magnetically actuated amphibious origami millirobot that integrates capabilities of spinning-enabled multimodal locomotion, delivery of liquid medicine, and cargo transportation with wireless operation.”

“….its geometrical features are exploited for generating omnidirectional locomotion in various working environments through rolling, flipping, and spinning-induced propulsion…..”




Musk for President

Cultocracy predictive programming note :

Can’t get rid of him , Musky is always in the news these days .

Or “Good ol’ Musky” as I now like to call his grace .

I am in no way reaching out for endorsement from his highness in a facile attempt to increase readership of this blog , as it is already stratospheric at 5 visitors per week .

Besides which , I couldn’t give a toss .

Quality not quantity an’ all that .

Thus , a new header title for everything Musk related .

Friends in very high places an’ all that .

Musk and Mars

….it’s hard to argue against SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s impressive track record when it comes to spaceflight — his most far-out statements are known to cause even skeptical space enthusiasts to froth at the mouth. “

“The plan is to “build 1000+ Starships to transport life to Mars. Basically, (very) modern Noah’s Arks,” Musk wrote…”

“SpaceX has yet to launch the Mars-bound spacecraft to orbit, but it is hoping to carry out its orbital maiden flight at some point this summer….”

“The main reason Musk’s plans may prove divisive is the fact that, even given SpaceX’s lofty standards, they’re just not very realistic.”

“While Musk says SpaceX will send one million humans to Mars by 2050, NASA aims to get the first humans to Mars — likely with the help of SpaceX — by the 2030s or 2040s, kicking off a years-long campaign of scientific research.”

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  2. Billionaire beef – Elon Musk and Bill Gates have reignited their feud by quarreling over contributions made towards battling climate change


SpaceX Monopolizing Space

SpaceX’s fully reusable Starship launch vehicle could launch on its orbital maiden flight this summer, kickstarting a new era of spaceflight.”

“Reports in February suggested NASA officials were worried Starship is so advanced it could “obsolesce all existing launch systems”.”

“And that’s before they knew about Starship’s Pez dispenser-style Starlink deployment mechanism.”

“The Starlink 2 satellites are part of SpaceX’s proposal, submitted to the FCC in May 2020, to send an additional 30,000 Starlink satellites into orbit.”

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  5. Elon Musk’s SpaceX raises $1.68B

Tesla Humanoid Robot (it’s not Musk)

Recently, Elon Musk tweeted that the Tesla AI Day was postponed to September 30 from August 19, in the hopes of unveiling a “working” Optimus prototype.”

Optimus, or Optimus Subprime — a bipedal, humanoid robot that Musk teased during Tesla’s AI Day in August 2021 — is the billionaire’s vision of a bot who could take on all the boring, repetitive tasks that humans would rather not do.”

It will upend our idea of what the economy is explained Musk

“It will be able to do basically anything humans don’t want to do. It will do it. “

It’s going to bring an age of abundance. “

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Kultocracy note :

Good job i’m not a konspiracy feorist or somefin , or I might fink there was an underlyin agenda to everyfink Musk has goin on .

Anyway , ‘age of abundunce’ means he’s gettin my vote .

Other Musky Mania Highlights :

  1. Elon Musk Set To Become The World’s First Trillionaire By 2024
  2. Tesla fires Singapore country manager after Elon Musk warns of global job cuts
  3. Royal Caribbean is the first cruise liner to request Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet onboard its ships
  4. DOGE Coin Crashes 92% from Elon Musk-Driven ATH
  5. Elon Musk’s Twitter drama is encouraging arbitrage. Perhaps we should resist
  6. Elon Musk Has an Unusual Idea to Tackle Mental Health
  7. Chelsea Manning sounds off against ‘transphobic’ Elon Musk – but refuses to say if she is dating Grimes, claims US is on brink of ‘civil conflict’ and boasts about volunteering in Ukraine
  8. Elon Musk Takes Sides in the Gender Identity Debate
  9. With Elon Musk, the drama is the point
  10. etc…etc…etc…get used to it……





Cultocracy note :

It is considered vital amongst the higher echlons to control the narrative , or control information , this also includes disinformation .

Also known as censorship , but only if you live in Russia or China .

DARPA Disinformation Control

DARPA is looking to automate its understanding of how information flows from fringe to mainstream platforms with a new AI research opportunity.”

“In modeling the flow of information, the Pentagon’s research funding arm could potentially give the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) a powerful tool for its incoming “Disinformation Governance Board,” which critics are already calling the “Ministry of Truth.”

“If the incoming DHS Disinformation Governance Board ever got its hands on DARPA’s MIP tools, it would be able to collect data not just from websites, memes, or social media platforms, but from living human beings.”

“In the hands of tyrannical governments, DARPA’s disinformation modeling tools would aid any authoritarian censorship effort.”

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Brain Structure Altered by Abuse

After undergoing the MRI scan, the students completed a demographic assessment and the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire, which asked about the history of physical abuse. “

“The MRI scans showed structural differences in the brains of students who suffered physical child abuse. “

“Several white matter tracts, bundles of long slender projections of nerve cells that connect distinct regions of the brain, showed decreased cohesiveness in those students.”





Cultocracy note :

There is a fair amount of scientific research which seeks to understand the psychology of those who refused the COVID vaccine .

Interestingly , I have yet to find a research paper which seeks to understand the psychology of those who accepted the COVID vaccine .

Believe Nothing…..Question Everything

A major reason why some people oppose the COVID-19 vaccine is the influence of misinformation.”

“This study suggests that the cognitive paradox of simultaneously believing known facts less and new, “alternative facts” more is the outcome of a distrust mindset….”

“Less discernment between truths and falsehoods was correlated with less intellectual humility, more distrust and greater reliance on one’s intuition.”

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  2. Covid-19 booster shot uptake is at all-time low in the US, CNN analysis finds
  3. Covid’s creeping back – so when can I get my next booster jab?

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  1. Vaccination-hesitancy and global warming: distinct social challenges with similar behavioural solutions

Cultocracy note :

Who decides what is true and what is false ?

Do you trust yourself more than those who presume authority over you ?

Or perhaps the answer lies in this research paper .




Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Skin

Humanoids are robots created with human forms or characteristics; these robots also have the potential to seamlessly interact with human beings.”

“Here, we propose the use of skin equivalent, a living skin model consisting of cells and extracellular matrix, as a human-like and self-healing coverage material for robots.”

“we demonstrated wound repair of a dermis equivalent covering a robotic finger by culturing the wounded tissue grafted with a collagen sheet.”

“…..this research shows the potential of using skin equivalent as human-like and self-healing coverage material for robots.”

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  2. Nanostructured fibers can impersonate human muscles


Synthetic Cells

The cytoskeleton is an essential component of a cell. It controls the cell shape, establishes the internal organization, and performs vital biological functions. “

“Building synthetic cytoskeletons that mimic key features of their natural counterparts delineates a crucial step towards synthetic cells assembled from the bottom up. “

“To this end, DNA nanotechnology represents one of the most promising routes, given the inherent sequence specificity, addressability and programmability of DNA.”

“Here we demonstrate functional DNA-based cytoskeletons operating in microfluidic cell-sized compartments. “

“The synthetic cytoskeletons consist of DNA tiles self-assembled into filament networks.”

“Also, they possess engineerable characteristics, including assembly and disassembly….”

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  2. Synthetic Biology: The $3.6 Trillion Science Changing Life as We Know It





Cultocracy flummoxing factoid note :

Hey there…..

Did you know that Ukraine holds approximately 5% of the worlds mineral resources ?


Neither did I .

Another hey…..

What if I was a crazed globalist inspired power structure which simply wanted to cause supply line chaos , hike prices , divide power blocks , disrupt potential trade / diplomatic agreements and make $trillions in trading whilst simultaneously teaching the great unwashed masses a lesson in moderation…..

Also rid a country of it’s population backbone , thereby leaving a convenient vacuum and paving the way for a globalist inspired corporate resources grab .

Nah….Never gonna happen .

Nano-sensor Detects Pesticides

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have developed a tiny sensor for detecting pesticides on fruit in just a few minutes. “

“The new nano-sensors employ a 1970s discovery known as surface-enhanced Raman scattering, or SERS, a powerful sensing technique that can increase the diagnostic signals of biomolecules on metal surfaces by more than 1 million times.”

“Our sensors can detect pesticide residues on apple surfaces in a short time of five minutes without destroying the fruit…”

“Next, the researchers want to explore if the nano-sensors can be applied to other areas such as discovering biomarkers for specific diseases at the point-of-care in resource-limited settings.”

Cultocracy confounding coincidence note :


Did you know that the silver nanoparticles used in SERS are also used in ‘cloud seeding’ operations ?


Neither did I .

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  1. Search term : “surface-enhanced Raman scattering biosensing”






Glyphosate Kills Bees (again)

The world’s favorite herbicide is making it harder for buff-tailed bumblebees to keep their hives warm enough to incubate larvae, new research finds. “

Bumblebees are unique in their ability to maintain a collective ‘thermostat’ of sorts, to keep warm in areas where other bees cannot; they do this by regulating their own body temperature and the colony’s heat by ‘shivering’. “

“When colonies were undisturbed and well-fed,” the authors wrote, “no difference in mean nest temperature between the two sides of a colony was detected.”

“However, when colonies experience resource limitation, effects of glyphosate exposure became evident.”

“….this phenomenon could reduce breeding rates in periods of food scarcity, and contribute to a further decline of bumblebees worldwide. “

“It’s still unclear exactly why glyphosate affected the bumblebees observed, but based on previous research, the scientists suspect it may be due to the impacts of glyphosate on the bees’ microbiome. “

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  8. Scientists fail to locate once-common CA bumble bees
  9. UK extends license for glyphosate 5 years, will put in place post-Brexit review process

Cultocracy above link quote note :

Quote : “…post-Brexit review process…”


China Space Power Sat

Chinese scientists announced plans to build the first-ever solar power station in space.”

“… could help charge electric cars at any time and place and could even supply the Earth with energy 99% of the time…”

“If the solar power station works then solar energy would be converted to electricity, and they would use a microwave or laser beam to send the energy back to earth.”

“However, they need to study the long-term safety effects of microwave radiation from a space power station on the atmosphere and earth’s ecology.”


Cultocracy daily Biden Gaffe light interlude News :




$cientific $cammer of the Month

Fake Science AI Threat

Bad science can do lasting damage … [some studies] go beyond bad data and are wholly fraudulent from their inception. “

“A curious subset of these are scientific papers that are generated by computer programs. “

Custom algorithms can contribute sections or even spin up whole papers by splicing together likely-sounding phrases or linguistically twisting already-published results. “

Such papers get printed, even by reputable publishers, and while many of these papers have been retracted, some are still being cited in the scientific literature years after their retraction.”



Poetry Corner

Cultocracy note :


Poetry corner is back….

By popular demand….

I know you have missed it….

Don’t lie .

Unwanted Touching – Or – The Right Credentials

Poor old Chris , now faceth the abyss….

He doest not telleth lies….The truth it is this .

Only went for a piss…Naer looking for bliss .

A (mans) snake went hisssss…..

He then heldeth his whip…ready to strip .

Movest in for a kiss…

But nought for a miss….

For the ladies he doth dismiss…..

At least Boris loveth you….

Poor old Chris .

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