Nanotechnology News – February March 2022

Cultocracy note :

A little late this month readers , I must admit that I was distracted by the distraction .

Geopolitics ?

Bipolar world order ?

Business as usual in the background .

Nothing ever happens by accident .

I suppose the big question is ‘where’ the ideologically crazed and confused trajectory will leave us .

Assuming there will still be an ‘us’ .



Nanotechnology News

February / March 2022




Genetic Engineering

Bacteriophages and Brainpower

Growing evidence implicates the gut microbiome in cognition.

“Viruses, the most abundant life entities on the planet, are a commonly overlooked component of the gut virome, dominated by the Caudovirales and Microviridae bacteriophages.”

“Here, we show that subjects with increased Caudovirales and Siphoviridae levels in the gut microbiome had better performance in executive processes and verbal memory

“Conversely, increased Microviridae levels were linked to a greater impairment in executive abilities.”

“Thus, bacteriophages warrant consideration as novel actors in the microbiome-brain axis.”

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COVID-19 Vaccine and Liver Cells

A new study from Lund University in Sweden on how the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine affects human liver cells under experimental conditions, has been viewed more than 800,000 times in just over a week.

We show that the vaccine enters liver cells as early as six hours after the vaccine has been administered. “

We saw that there was DNA converted from the vaccine’s mRNA in the host cells we studied.”

“One should consider that cell lines differ from cells in living organisms, and therefore it is important that similar investigations are also studied in humans.”

“One of the limitations of our study is that we don’t know if what we observed in this cell line could also happen in cells of other tissue types, and this needs to be addressed in follow-up studies.”

Cultocracy quote note :

Quote : “…important that similar investigations are also studied in humans…”

Perhaps similar investigations have already been studied ?




Quantum Computing & Communications

‘Synthetic Dimensions’

Rice University physicists are pushing spatial boundaries in new experiments.

They’ve learned to control electrons in gigantic Rydberg atoms with such precision they can create “synthetic dimensions,” important tools for quantum simulations.”

“The Rice team developed a technique to engineer the Rydberg states of ultracold strontium atoms by applying resonant microwave electric fields to couple many states together. “

“That’s hard to do with light — or nanometer-wavelength electromagnetic radiation — but we’re working with millimeter wavelengths, which makes it technically much easier to generate couplings….”

Quantum simulators are one of the low-hanging fruits that people think will be early, useful tools to come out of investments in quantum information science….”

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Artificial Intelligence – AI

The Uncanny Valley

Artificial intelligence (AI)–synthesized text, audio, image, and video are being weaponized for the purposes of nonconsensual intimate imagery, financial fraud, and disinformation campaigns. “

“Our evaluation of the photorealism of AI-synthesized faces indicates that synthesis engines have passed through the uncanny valley and are capable of creating faces that are indistinguishable—and more trustworthy—than real faces.”

“From synthesizing speech in anyone’s voice to synthesizing an image of a fictional person and swapping one person’s identity with another or altering what they are saying in a video , AI-synthesized content holds the power to entertain but also deceive.”

Generative adversarial networks (GANs) are popular mechanisms for synthesizing content. A GAN pits two neural networks—a generator and discriminator—against each other.”

“Perhaps most interestingly, we find that synthetically generated faces are more trustworthy than real faces.”

Cultocracy quote note :

Quote : “….we find that synthetically generated faces are more trustworthy than real faces…

Not too hard in the modern world I would have thought .




5G & IoT

Holy gremlins Batman !

Is it me or has the interweb started to behave a little differently in recent weeks ???

RAF Fryingdales

People living near RAF Fylingdales in North Yorkshire were refused smart meters…”

Radio frequencies used by the metres could disrupt anti-attack radar equipment…”

“Letter sent by the government to households said the meters needed ‘new tech’ …”

“People living near RAF Fylingdales in North Yorkshire are said to have been refused meters due to concerns the signals they send could disrupt radar equipment which warns of possible attacks to the UK and US. “

The radio frequencies used by smart meters are thought to be too similar to those at the base.”

Cultocracy qoute note :

Quote : “The radio frequencies used by smart meters are thought to be too similar to those at the base…”

Triple wowsers !!!

Does that mean that smart meters could also double as a radar system or similar ???

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Cultocracy note :

The Cultocracy team of expert fact checkers have scanned the article below and find it to be complete bol**x .

As everybody knows , anything that contradicts the $cience behind military radar and comms , DEW weaponry , telecomms , mobile telephony , wi-fi and other forms of wireless transfer is completely insane .

In fact the Cultocracy team of fact checkers have received several very large brown envelopes and are now busy assembling 23 contradictory $cientific articles to counter the scare-mongering , far-right , mysoginist , ‘rubble baby’ murdering  , Russian state funded , China Wuhan , traitorous , domestic terrorist , conspiracy theorist related paper below .

After many hours of plagiarizing similar papers and cut-and-paste based research they will be treating themselves to a well deserved vacation .

5G ‘Microwave Syndrome’

In the first study of its kind, Swedish researchers found 5G radiation causes typical symptoms indicative of “microwave syndrome.”

The study, published in the journal Medicinsk Access, also confirmed that non-ionizing radiation — well below levels allowed by authorities — can cause health problems.”

“According to the study, a 5G base station installed on the roof of an apartment building caused extremely high levels of non-ionizing radiation in the apartment of the two persons living just below the station.”

Within a few days of exposure, the residents of the apartment developed symptoms of microwave syndrome. “

After moving to a place with lower radiation, the symptoms quickly decreased or disappeared.”

“The highest radiation level was detected in the bedroom, located just 5 meters below the base station, prompting the authors of the study to call for further investigation into the effects on people exposed to 5G radiation levels.”

It is shocking that this is the first study performed on 5G health effects, three years after the roll-out of this technology started and after having already exposed the population to 5G high-intensity pulsed microwave radiation for several years….”

“…..studies have repeatedly and convincingly showed increased risk of the microwave syndrome and cancer….”

“The man and the woman experienced fatigue, sleeping problems, dizziness, emotional effects such as irritability and depression, nose bleeds, tinnitus, heart symptoms, memory problems and skin issues, all typically associated with microwave syndrome.”

“All symptoms ceased or decreased within 24 hours (for the man) and 1-3 days (for the woman) of moving to the new apartment with low radiation levels.”

Cultocracy japery juncture :

What’s the difference between conspiracy theory and fact ?

About 20 months or so according to the above paper……

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Global Surveillence

An elite hacking group under the US National Security Agency (NSA) was found to have been creating an advanced and covert backdoor which has been used to monitor 45 countries and regions for over a decade, the Global Times learned from a Beijing-based cybersecurity lab exclusively on Wednesday.”

“Experts from the lab told the Global Times that the “Telescreen” has been raging around the world for more than a decade, infiltrating 45 countries and regions including China, Russia, Japan, Germany, Spain and Italy…..”

“Japan, though a victim itself, has also been used as a springboard to launch attacks on targets in other countries and regions .”

“It can be concluded that Bvp47 is a hacking tool belonging to Equation….”

“Researchers at the lab gave Bvp47 a code name, Telescreen Operation. “

A telescreen is a device imagined by British writer George Orwell in his novel 1984, which can be used to remotely monitor people or organizations, and grasp the information at the hackers’ will. “

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Driven by the global demand for high-data-rate communication links, the use of terahertz (THz) radiation to carry data-streams will soon become unavoidable.”

“In the paper, the scientists proposed a novel approach for the realization of broadband THz signal processing in metal-wire waveguides….”

“For example, we could think of “holographic messaging” in 6G, comparatively to SMS and voice mail in 1G and 2G. “

“It will allow for fascinating application scenarios, such as the multi-channel transmission of uncompressed ultra-high-definition video, ultra-high-speed short-distance data transfer between devices, as well as chip-to-chip communications.”

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Researchers have created a device that enables them to electronically steer and focus a beam of terahertz electromagnetic energy with extreme precision.

“This opens the door to high-resolution, real-time imaging devices that are hundredths the size of other radar systems and more robust than other optical systems. “

“The reflectarray, which packs nearly 10,000 antennas onto a device the size of a credit card, can precisely focus a beam of terahertz energy on a tiny area and control it rapidly….”

“The researchers demonstrated the device by generating 3D depth images of scenes.”

Antenna arrays are very interesting because, just by changing the time delays that are fed to each antenna, you can change what direction the energy is being focused…..”

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Military and Defence

Cultocracy here we go again note :

Globalist inspired dialectics will always pit contrived and constructed nationalist factions against each other .

With the assured destruction of one party enabling the assimilation of culture and countrymen into the respective flavour of the newer , new world order .

That is assuming that there is no mutually assured destruction .

Which is quite likely known as an unintended bonus in corporate globalist circles .


The problem with assymetric proxy wars is that they spread like a virus .

Another problem is that eventually you have to fight a real war .


Again .

Then you lose….

Again .

You the general public that is .

The stakeholders and the Military Corporate Complex always win…

Again .

Defence Stocks Surge (Again)

Defence stocks have surged to multi-year highs after Germany committed to a huge increase in military spending in response to a “new era” of Russian aggression. “

Weapons maker BAE Systems hit a record high after leaping to the top of the FTSE 100 leaderboard on hopes that NATO countries will boost defence budgets in the wake of the Ukraine invasion.”

“BAE shares soared 14pc in morning trade to reach a record high, adding almost £3bn to its market value, as the wider FTSE 100 index slipped back more than 1.5pc. “

“Chloe Lemarie, analyst at Jefferies, said non-US NATO countries need to boost defence budgets by 25pc to reach the goal of spending 2pc of GDP on the military.”

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Ukraine Power Struggle

Since 2017, Ukraine’s national grid operator—Ukrenergo—has sought to sever ties with Russia’s electrical grid and instead synchronize networks with the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E).”

Coincidentally, on February 24, the very same day that Ukrenergo was conducting a practice disconnection test from Russia’s grid, Russia invaded Ukraine.”

Ukraine’s electrical grid was knocked offline by Russian hackers in December 2015…..”

“…the fate of Ukraine’s grid is a symbolic power struggle.”

Cultocracy quote note :

Quote : “Ukraine’s grid is a symbolic power struggle….”

Much , much more than a symbolic power struggle .

Hey…Just noticed…..

“Power struggle”….Get it ??


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Brain Computer Interface – BCI

Brain Implant Technology

Anything you can think of, they are researching it, Blackrock Neurotech CEO said of the potential for brain-computer interface (BCI)

Neuralink won’t be the first company to implant a BCI in a human brain for therapeutic purposes.”

“…..only two companies have received the FDA’s permission to test BCI implants in humans: Blackrock and New York-based Synchron.”

Currently, the only way to get a BCI implant in the U.S. is to participate in an FDA-authorized study.”

Cultocracy quote note :

Quote : “Currently, the only way to get a BCI implant in the U.S. is to participate in an FDA-authorized study…..”

Or more frequently participate in an MCC / MIC / Alphabet Agency / DARPA / IARPA unauthorized study…..

Volunteers need not apply .

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Remote Sensing & Stimulation

DARPA Laser Weapons

The Pentagon’s research funding arm is prepping a five-year program to develop high energy laser sources for directed energy applications that are ideally suited to combat drone swarms, among other undisclosed military uses.’

DARPA will hold a proposers day for its massive five-year Modular Efficient Laser Technology (MELT) program, which seeks to “develop a laser tile as the building block for compact, scalable, panelized High Energy Laser sources.” “

“As for additional use cases, DARPA says it has identified “a variety of other compelling Service LWS applications,” but doesn’t mention what those applications are specifically.”

“We often think about directed energy as large lasers…but we also have high-powered microwaves, which can be very effective….”

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Cultocracy note :

The adverse biological effects of electromagnetic radiation are well documented , although suppressed .


They do not want you to know……

Holmfield Hum

It isn’t a virus. It is a sound — a low-frequency, intrusive sound which, she says, has destroyed her life, and that of others in her hometown of Holmfield, a suburb of Halifax in West Yorkshire.

They call it the Holmfield Hum.”

“There has been much speculation about the noise — suggestions that it is caused by factory extraction fans or a U.S. military programme. “

“Some even believe it’s the sound of aliens beaming signals to Earth.”

It was like a weird wave of energy going right through my forehead. Right through my ears and into my head.”

Once you’ve heard it, you can’t unhear it.”

“I hear it a lot at home and I get woken up at about two or three in the morning.”

Dr Glen MacPherson, a scientist based in Vancouver, has studied the hum phenomenon for more than 20 years and has produced an online map that shows thousands of instances. “

It indicates that the hum is particularly prevalent in the UK. “

“Many recent outbreaks in the U.S. have been blamed on phone transmissions and interference from U.S. military communications.”

“Some scientists even believe it could be a form of mass delusion.”

Cultocracy quiz note :

Here we go again with the ‘mass delusion’ and ‘aliens’ psyops .

What do you think is behind the mysterious hum ?

a) Classified biologically active experimental electronic warfare / communications systems .
b) Mass formation psychosis .
c) Damned those Mysterons to hell (again) .
d) The Wombles .
e) A network of vigilance disguised as a ‘network of vigilance’ .
f) Havana-Holmfield Syndrome .
g) Who gives a toss about the peasants and their damned health .
h) All of the above (and more) .

Answers on a postcard please .

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Mysterious Electromagnetic Weapon Inside Whitehouse

Former national security advisor John Bolton stated a coworker encountered disorientation, ringing in his ears, and an inability to speak or think clearly.”

“He is one among many US national security officials targeted with mysterious electromagnetic weapon who experienced unexplainable neurological symptoms in and around the White House.”

“A loud noise was mentioned by numerous people as being associated with or preceding their symptoms.”

It was about 3 or 3:30 in the morning….”

I see a white van. And the van’s brake lights turned on, and it pulled off and it sped away.”

“I’m here because I’m tired of the gaslighting that keeps happening from the U.S. government.”

James Benford, a physicist who co-wrote a book on microwave transmission, is the “best” and “most plausible” explanation for these instances.”

“He showed samples of “portable microwave transmitters of the kind that could damage the tissues of the brain,” and stated that “there are many kinds,” ranging “anywhere in size from a suitcase all the way up to a large tractor trailer unit.”

“He claims that the technology has been researched for more than 50 years….”

And yet, the director of the CIA is saying we can’t connect the dots .”

Cultocracy note :

When contacted by Cultocracy , John Bolton emphatically denied that the ‘co-worker with an inability to speak or think clearly’ was in fact Joe Biden…..

Clears that up at least .

Forget about the ‘white van’ as well .


Ionospheric Earthquakes

Earthquakes may release bursts of electrical energy that can be felt in the ionosphere, kilometers above Earth. The theory remains controversial, though.

Easter Sunday—northwestern Mexico started to shake. A magnitude 7.2 earthquake was rattling the Baja California region…..”

Subtle fluctuations in Earth’s ionosphere, a region of charged particles high above the surface, preceded the Baja earthquake, said the authors of a new paper published in Advances in Space Research.”

“…..a team of Chinese and U.S. researchers analyzed the atmosphere above the Baja California region for 72 days both before and after the earthquake.”

“…..they said they saw a clear anomalya spike in the number of ionospheric electrons—on 25 March, 10 days before the earthquake.”

“Scientists have been trying to tie disruptions in the ionosphere to earthquakes for decades.”

“In a similar study published in 2019, De Santis and his coauthors looked at more than 1,300 earthquakes from around the world.”

They tied similar ionospheric disturbances to earthquakes, but that work took a broader approach that was less likely to get fooled by false signals.”

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  10. Search term : “whistler mode earthquake”


Cultocracy note :


Old news flashes by in the blink of an eye these days .

Especially bad old news regarding the use of directed energy weapons against civilians .

I suppose things always go full circle .

Proof , if it was required , that even the lowly domestic ranks have access to DEW weaponry , assuming that the persons in the images are lowly domestic ranks .

I think you can safely assume that the use of similar covert weaponry is widespread in many Western domestic realms .

Probably only aiming them at the Russianz though .

Not sure of the context….But I do find it odd that the authorities decided to wave a flag to mark their presence .

A diversion perhaps ?

LRAD used at Canberra Protest

What started out at the beginning of the week as the ‘stuff of conspiracy theories’ was eventually confirmed by Police.”

Australian Capital Territory Policing admitted that they did use a Long Range Acoustic Device (also known as a LRAD) during the Canberra Convoy Freedom rallies outside Parliament House.”

“Reports are still coming in on various injuries at the protest – most relating to what looks like sunburn and heat stroke.”

“The ‘alert setting’ on the device is particularly dangerous and has been known to cause permanent hearing damage, dizziness, disorientation, and brain damage.”

The Canberra Convoy – created in sympathy with the Canadian Freedom Convoy in Ottawa – turned into one of the largest protests in Canberra’s history, culminating in a huge gathering in front of Parliament House.”

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  5. Retired NSA Analyst Exposes “Fusion Centers”, “Radio Waves Used Against American Public”


Cultocracy note :

Hey…By the way…..

Where is Trudeau ????


Meanwhile in Canada…..The natives are restless .

Those pesky , racist first nation , misogynist , right wing , terrorists .

I hope there is some form of compensation .


Cultocracy old news quiz note :

Paranoia reigns supreme in the higher echelons of power .

Interesting that the full weight of the FVEY Canadian surveillance state was activated to clear a peaceful protest .

It does indicate who is really in charge , or rather who is not in charge .

It is not us .


What do you think is happening in Canada , Australia , New Zealand , Ukraine  and other outposts of globalist inspired freedom and grand larceny ?

a) Dialectic in motion .
b) Infighting as the firm weaken and QEII ages .
c) Balkanisation followed by resources heist .
d) Regime change and colour revolution tactics come home to roost .
e) It’s the Russianz .
f) Far right conspiracy theorists , domestic terrorists and anti-vaxxers .
g) Damned those Mysterons to hell .
h) Lingering effects of a virus .
i) Virus ? What virus ??
j) Hostile takeover .
k) Trial run .
l) Couldn’t give a corona virus , I’m off to my yacht in the Caribbean .

Answers on a postcard please .


“Don’t trust any of these politicians”
– Kruger


Personally I think Trudeau has gone full ‘Colonel Kurtz’ .


Better stop waffling before my bank account is frozen .


Shine a Light

At the Black Hat Asia hacker conference in Singapore this May, researchers from Israel’s Ben Gurion University of the Negev plan to present a new surveillance technique designed to allow anyone with off-the-shelf equipment to eavesdrop on conversations if they can merely find a line of sight through a window to any of a wide variety of reflective objects in a given room…”

“By pointing an optical sensor attached to a telescope at one of those shiny objects—the researchers tested their technique with everything from an aluminum trash can to a metallic Rubik’s cube—they could detect visible vibrations on an object’s surface that allowed them to derive sounds and thus listen to speech inside the room.”

We can recover speech from lightweight, shiny objects placed in proximity to an individual who is speaking by analyzing the light reflected from them….”





Going Hyper

This study resulted in the most accurate reconstructions of face perception to date by decoding the brain recordings of two individual participants separately.”

“….generative adversarial networks (GANs) have emerged as perhaps the most powerful generative models to date that can potentially bring neural decoding to the next level.”

“…fMRI data were collected from two healthy participants while they were fixating a center target….”

“To inspect contributions of different brain areas to linear decoding, we included the voxel distribution across the 22 main cortical brain regions…..”

“Care must be taken as “mind-reading” technologies also involve serious ethical concerns regarding mental privacy.”

Neural decoding of fMRI measurements via the GAN latent space has resulted in unprecedented reconstructions of perception.”

“….reading neural information will not only help understand and explain human brain function but also find applications in brain computer interfaces and neuroprosthetics to help people with disabilities. “

Cultocracy above article note :

In layman’s terms , an AI system that can interpret what you are thinking .

You can be certain that the entire system can be reversed so that an AI system can implant subliminal thoughts and images into a persons mind .

Are you targeted ?

That depends…..

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  9. etc…etc…etc…etc…

Further reading :

  1. Havana Syndrome with Dr John Hall and Hypnotic Regression with Terry Lovelace



Our brain can change and adapt in structure and function throughout our lives.”

“Wuyts and his colleagues have, for the first time, investigated structural changes in the brain after spaceflight at the level of deep-brain white matter tracts.”

White matter refers to the parts of the brain that are responsible for communication between gray matter and the body and between various gray matter regions. “

“To study brain structure and function after spaceflight, the researchers used a brain imaging technique called fiber tractography. “

“We found changes in the neural connections between several motor areas of the brain…..”

“Our study shows that their brain is rewired, so to speak.”

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Cultocracy  properganda note * :

Who has the best propaganda ?

East or West ?

‘Who cares’ I hear you say , ‘have you seen my f**kin gas and diesel bills ???’

Well…I actually refer to the best wartime propaganda .

In my opinion the 1920 image above tops the lot .

Proper proper-ganda .

A true comic book style interpretation .

Believe it or not , a Soviet inspired Ukrainian majestic delight .


Hey…..Talking of Ukraine , if you were Ukrainian , which syndicate would you like to be intervetionised (sic) and liberated by ?

a)   Banking Cartel .
b)   Western energy pipeline barons and MIC .
c)   Eastern energy pipeline barons and MIC .
d)   Mysterons .
e)   Didn’t realise we needed liberating in the first place .
f)   Thanks for liberating me anyway and a big thanks for liberating the roof of my house , my taxes , my car and my dog and our countries resources .
g)   All of the above at the same time , thanks very much .
h)   Not bothered , I’ve got a shiny new gun …… I’m gonna steal a car , ram-raid the local expensive boutique , rob a bank , then I’m gonna shoot my neighbour for messin with my wife .
i)   Who care , this gonna be good for business , I have many wealthy client , I believe it called free market .
j)   Sorry , haven’t got time to answer , packing my suitcase .
k)   Ukraine real estate is exploding , literally , I’m gonna snap up a bargain or fifteen .
l)   I plan to take in around ten or so Ukranian refugees …..Or at least as many I can fit in my bed….I mean shed…..Ahem .
m)   Couldn’t give a коні дупі , Хай тебе громом йобне if you touch my fu***ng yacht  , you are a мертвий чоловік  .

Answers on a postcard please .

* As penned by guest columnist Jimmy Carr .


‘Governmental Trust’ and Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic brought unprecedented governmental restrictions to personal and political freedoms.

“….it assesses the extent to which different emotional reactions toward the pandemic influenced attitudes toward mobile phone surveillance and the implementation of curfews. “

“The results suggest that experiencing fear about Covid-19 had a strong positive impact on supporting these measures….”

“Specifically, experiencing fear was associated with higher acceptance of civil liberty restrictions. “

“Further, experiencing fear substantially decreased the effect of trust in the government….”

“Overall, the conclusions of this study confirm and extend findings of previous studies that have traced a link between threat and public willingness to curb civil liberties. “

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Cultocracy philosophical dog chasing tail note :


Diversions and distractions from the present , are always diversions and distractions from future diversions and distractions , which will always keep you diverted and distracted .


Another Bullshit Receptivity Paper

The present research examines the relationship between populist attitudes—that construe society as a struggle between the “corrupt elites” versus the “noble people”

Conspiracy theories are defined as assumptions that multiple actors collude in secret agreement to pursue goals that are widely seen as malevolent…”

“Study 1 revealed that populist attitudes are robustly associated with conspiracy mentality…..”

“Studies 2 and 3 revealed that besides conspiracy beliefs, populist attitudes also predict receptivity to bullshit statements and supernatural beliefs.”

“These studies support the notion of populist gullibility….”

“While populist movements frequently articulate a critical view of the way society is governed, paradoxically it may require an uncritical mind to support such movements.”

Cultocracy quote note :

Quote : “corrupt elites…”


Those whacky conspiracy theorists…..



I personally never fall for populism or conspiracy theories……


A friend of mine recently told me a true story that he was abducted by lizard-type space aliens in a syringe shaped craft , whose leader had a green sun-tan with a blonde whispy mop hairdo , whereupon he was anally probed……Repeatedly .

Afterwards they shared a beer (probably a cigarette too)…..

Said he enjoyed it as well .

The beer that is…..

……I think….



Is 2022 the Year of Censorship?

Most Americans condemn censorship unconditionally, regardless of their political party.”

We are patriotically proud of our freedom.”

It is, after all, our first amendment….”

“In the last decade, and more noticeably since the pandemic has begun (largely surrounding COVID-19), we’ve encountered a new form of censorship: fact-checking.”

“Why shouldn’t we censor it? The answer is in Robert Cialdini’s work on Scarcity……”

“It meant that censorship was far worse than I thought.”

This means that any form of censorship is doing the exact opposite of its intention. “

Cultocracy note :


I thought the year 2000 was the year of censorship…

Or was it 2011 ? Or 2015 ? Or 1984 ? Or 1964 ? Or 1923 ? Or 1756 ?………Or…….

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  4. National Endowment for Democracy Deletes Records of Funding Projects in Ukraine

Cultocracy waffling on note :

Personally I agree with censorship in all it’s glory .

That is why , starting from now , in support of ‘Ukraine’ , I will not write or speak any word beginning with the letter’R’ (for Russia) .

Not only that , I will not eat any foodstuffs beginning with the letter ‘R’ .

Damn…I feel good…..

Although hungry…..

Besides…..As every freedom loving democracy hugging UK citizen knows , we have zero censorship in these septic isles .

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Cultocracy humour hiatus :

What’s the difference between conspiracy theory and fact ?

About 1 to 5 days .

Hmmmmm…..Or should that be -1 to -5 days ?

Either way , a cracking joke I am sure you will agree .

Cultocracy the old ones are the best ones note  :

What’s the new difference between conspiracy theory and fact ?

About 1 day .





Nanocrystal Gel

New applications in energy, defense and telecommunications could receive a boost after a team from The University of Texas at Austin created a new type of “nanocrystal gel”—a gel composed of tiny nanocrystals each 10,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair that are linked together into an organized network.

“The crux of the team’s discovery is that this new material is easily tunable. “

“That is, it can be switched between two different states by changing the temperature.”

“Such tunable nanocrystal gels are called “programmable” materials. “

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  4. Search term : “hydrogel neural brain”
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Airborne Magnetic Nanoparticles ??

This work attempts to shed light on whether the COVID-19 pandemic rides on airborne pollution.”

It was found that changes in coronavirus-related deaths follow changes in air pollution……”

“Similar data from Tehran were gathered for comparison.”

“This is in addition to the significant public health threats posed by air pollution, especially the fine <2.5 μm particulate matter (PM2.5) which, due to their small dimensions, can penetrate deep into the lungs and access the brain and the cardiovascular system, causing oxidative stress and inflammation”

Interestingly, this somehow parallels the symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection in humans.”

“….we (Kermenidou et al., 2020) and others (Petrovský et al., 2013), have provided evidence for the ubiquitous presence of magnetite in PM.”

“Moreover, the increased mutagenic activity of PM extracts related to the presence of magnetite may have a great effect on virus infectivity….”

“To the best of our knowledge, it is the first evidence provided on the linkage between air pollution and the seasonal variability of COVID-19.”

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  4. Magnetogenetics
  5. Search term : “magnetite neural brain”


Antibiotics and Bees

An antibiotic sprayed on orchard crops to combat bacterial diseases slows the cognition of bumblebees and reduces their foraging efficiency, a laboratory study finds .”

“The research focused on streptomycin, an antibiotic used increasingly in U.S. agriculture during the past decade. “

“No one has examined the potential impacts on pollinators of broadcast spraying of antibiotics in agriculture, despite their widespread use….”

“Based on established evidence, the researchers hypothesize that the negative impact of streptomycin on bumblebees seen in the lab experiments may be due to the disruption of the insects’ microbiome.”

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Rivers Polluted by Drugs

Humanity’s drugs have polluted rivers across the entire world and pose “a global threat to environmental and human health”, according to the most comprehensive study to date.”

Pharmaceuticals and other biologically active compounds used by humans are known to harm wildlife and antibiotics in the environment drive up the risk of resistance to the drugs, one of the greatest threats to humanity.”

Madrid in Spain was in the top 10% of places with highest cumulative concentrations, and Glasgow, UK, and Dallas, US, were in the top 20%.”

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  2. Reusable plastic bottles release hundreds of chemicals
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Health & Medical

Cannabinoids block SARS-CoV‑2

Cannabinoid acids from hemp (Cannabis sativa) were found to be allosteric as well as orthosteric ligands with micromolar affinity for the spike protein.”

“In follow-up virus neutralization assays, cannabigerolic acid and cannabidiolic acid prevented infection of human epithelial cells by a pseudovirus expressing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and prevented entry of live SARS-CoV-2 into cells. “

“Orally bioavailable and with a long history of safe human use, these cannabinoids, isolated or in hemp extracts, have the potential to prevent as well as treat infection by SARS-CoV-2.”






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  3. Does body mass index explain the apparent anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis use?
  4. COVID-19 Risk Appears to Vary Across Different Alcoholic Beverages
  5. Mysterious Link Between Vitamin D And COVID-19 Reaffirmed in ‘Striking’ New Findings

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  2. Pot for Shots


Vaccine-Associated-Tinnitus (VAT)

The global vaccination drive against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 is being pursued at a historic pace. Unexpected adverse effects have been reported following vaccination, including thrombotic thrombocytopenia, myocarditis, amongst others.”

“More recently, some cases of tinnitus are reported post-vaccination.”

“Although the incidence of COVID-19 vaccine-associated tinnitus is rare, there is an overwhelming need to discern the precise pathophysiology…..”

“Despite the incidence of adverse events, the benefits of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in reducing hospitalization and deaths continue to outweigh the rare ramifications.”


Australian Workers Suffer ‘Ringing Ears’

As many as half a million Australians are suffering from constant tinnitus, with farmers, automotive workers, transport drivers, construction workers and other trades people at the greatest risk, a national survey as part of Curtin-led research has found.”

“The prevalence of tinnitus was high in occupations most exposed to hazardous noise levels….”

However, as drivers are not usually exposed to the same levels of loud noise as some other workers, it is interesting that this workforce has a high prevalence of tinnitus.”

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  3. Researcher links diplomats’ mystery illness to radiofrequency/microwave radiation
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  6. Aligning Brains & Minds
  7. Ofcom , 60 GHz 5G , Oxygen & BOLD


Tinnitus and Altered Brain Activity

Tinnitus is currently not classified as a distinct disorder, but as a symptom with many possible causes….”

“The current pathophysiological model suggests that tinnitus arises as a maladaptive plasticity in response to diminished sensory input, whereby damage to the ear leads to changes in homeostatic gain control in the auditory brain stem and the auditory cortex….”

“….as well as thalamocortical dysrhythmia…..”

The auditory brain stem response (ABR) has been suggested as a tool for measuring such alterations in response…..”

“In conclusion, wave V latency for left ears distinguishes constant tinnitus from occasional tinnitus ……”

“This points toward a dysregulation of neuronal processing in the midbrains of individuals who have progressed from occasional to constant tinnitus…”

“Interestingly, our results go against the notion of tinnitus being associated with hidden hearing loss….”

“The effects on wave V latency observed here could originate from brain structures even more central than the brain stem, a so-called centrifugal effect from the auditory cortex….”

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  7. Nanotechnology News – October 2020 “New Research Helps Ringing in the Ears
  8. Cuban Diplomat Attacks – Neurosensory Dysfunction & Brain Injury
  9. Killing Them Softly


Cultocracy bad vibes note :

Are you ready for your upgrade ?

It appears that everything and anything will now be labeled as COVID (or cricket) related .

A very convenient corona indeed .

No matter what , there will always be a few who are always out of sync .




$cientific $cammer of the Month

Cultocracy note :


Many ‘scientific experts’ are now backtracking .

Others are simply burying their heads in the sand , as per usual .

Too late .

Masks were useless .

As were lockdowns .

As were the tests .

Data was manipulated and hidden .

Aren’t people funny .

Moderna COVID Vaccine Lawsuit

Arbutus Biopharma Corporation and Genevant Sciences today filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware against Moderna, Inc. seeking damages for infringement of U.S. Patents……”

“Scientists at Arbutus and Genevant have spent years developing and refining lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery technology….”

“With this technology, the RNA can travel through the human body to a target cell and through the target cell’s membrane before releasing the RNA.”

Cultocracy expert scientific head-hunt note :

The Cultocracy team of experts attempted to contact their fellow scientific experts from both Moderna and Artbus for comment .

Both companies stated that there were no experts left .

Apparently , to quote Lucy head of HR at Moderna….

“all of the experts have have departed overseas to undisclosed locations , in response to lucrative ‘preventative bioweapon research’ contracts .



Geo(netic) Engineering

Certain types of genetically modified crops – such as GM maize and soybean – are widely grown in other parts of the world, but hardly in Europe. “

The estimates suggest that more widespread use of genetically modified crops in the EU could prevent the release of 33 million tons of CO2 equivalents….”

“New genomic breeding technologies are currently being used to develop a wide range of new crop applications that could lead to additional climate change mitigation and adaptation benefits in the future….”

Cultocracy note :


If I wanted to push profit inspired GM crops on the world populace I wouldn’t bother with childishly transparent guff like the paper above .

I would simply instigate a war between two of the largest grain producers in the world .

Then simply wait untill the public were practically begging for GM crops .

Probably known as an unintended bonus in corporate globalist circles .

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Further reading :

  1. Breakthrough Institute (Wiki)
  2. Breakthrough Institute (Source Watch)
  3. Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
  4. The Breakthrough Institute’s Inconvenient History with Al Gore

Cultocracy fact check note :

I have fact checked the article above with the team of experts and find it to be 100% true .

I have also fact checked the ridiculopus conspiracy theory that my team of experts have recently received a bundle of large envelopes stuffed with cash from Bayer .

I find that preposterous allegation to be 100% false .

Expect any information to the contrary to be deleted from any reliable and trustworthy search engine .

Myself and the expert team are now going to the local car dealer to purchase new automobiles.


Flawed PCR Test was Flawed

It has been one of the most enduring Covid conspiracy theories: that the ‘gold standard’ PCR tests used to diagnose the virus were picking up people who weren’t actually infected.”

“Some even suggested the swabs, which have been carried out more than 200 million times in the UK alone, may mistake common colds and flu for corona.”

“And many of those who were ‘pinged’ and forced to isolate as a contact of someone who tested positive – causing a huge strain on the economy – did so unnecessarily.”

“In the coming weeks we will examine if Britain’s stark Covid death figure was overblown. We will also ask if lockdowns did more harm than good.”

“Last month a report by the research charity Collateral Global and academics at Oxford University concluded as much, stating that as many as one third of all positive cases may not have been infectious.”

“The Oxford scientists branded the UK’s testing programme – which cost an eye-watering £2bn-a-month – as ‘chaotic and wasteful’.”

Cultocracy mirth moment :

What’s the difference between conspiracy theory and fact ?

About 19 months…….

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  3. Kary Mullis, the Inventor of the PCR Test, Explains Why Its Results Are Meaningless


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