Cuban Diplomats – Trauma and Fear

Cultocracy note :

An update to the Cuban diplomat attack story , or as it is now known in deep state circles , “I think we are losing the war………Nobody can hide from the truth……” .

Yet another article proposes yet another theory for ‘Havana Syndrome’ .

On this occasion an article in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine speculates that the diplomats suffered symptoms akin to shell shock and they were in fact showing symptoms of prolonged fear and trauma .

Not too far from the truth .

Although the author of the paper , one Robert Bartholomew , a ‘leading sociologist and an expert in neurodegenerative diseases’ , does authoritatively state the following :

“What is the more likely, that the diplomats were the target of a mysterious new weapon for which there is no concrete evidence, or they were suffering from psychogenic symptoms generated by stress? The evidence overwhelmingly points to the latter.”

“There have been four separate studies of ‘Havana Syndrome’ to date. Each have critical design flaws including the use of inappropriate controls, inflated conclusions, and a lack of evidence for exposure to an energy source or toxin….”

“None adequately test the hypotheses they propose, while promoting exotic explanations that are not supported by the facts….”


……..Exotic explanations………Not supported by the facts……..

So there we have it , highly trained , psychologically and psychometrically screened Intelligence Analy….. Cuban diplomats are all crazy , delusional lunatics suffering from some form of collective insanity and maladaptive madness .

Which paradoxically may be true .

It appears that all and sundry are willingly jumping on the bandwagon and throwing in their tuppence .

Anybody would think that Bartholomew had a book or two to sell……..

I can’t wait for the next chapter in this ongoing saga .

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