Cuban Diplomats – Crop Sprayed


Crop Dusting

Cultocracy note :

An update to the Cuban diplomat attack story , or as it is now known in deep state circles ‘Proceed with operation information overload’ .

According to Reuters the US & Canadian diplomats based in Havana were suffering symptoms of pesticide exposure due to fumigation work carried out by embassy workers .

The fumigation was aimed at Zika carrying mosquitoes .

In an astonishing coincidence the mainstream media is now reporting that Cuba was and still is a hotspot for Zika , despite the country apparently ‘missing out‘ in the 2016 ‘epidemic’ .

The same scientific team were unable to explain why only the diplomats and their families (and their pets) suffered from acute exposure whilst there was not a single report of similar symptoms from the local population .

An anonymous spokesperson (wearing dark sunglasses) for the US diplomats was also unable to explain why the insecticide did not kill all of the crickets in the immediate vicinity of the embassy .

Read the full article at Reuters at the link below .

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