Sound Effects – Acoustic Weapons

The ‘Cuban Diplomat’ Attack story has generated increased mainstream interest in modern WMD’s (weapons of multi-frequency debasement) .

An interesting presentation at this years DEF CON hacking convention explores the vulnerabilities in many modern day gadgets and electrical devices . The presentation explains that many devices , if not all devices , can be compromised and controlled to produce weaponized frequencies .

The presentation is titled ‘Sound Effects Exploring acoustic cyber – weapons‘ and was authored by University College London Phd student Matt Wixey .

The research expands on a previous presentation by Mr. Wixey titled ‘See no evil, hear no evil : Hacking invisibly & silently with light & sound‘ .

A few abridged quotes from the PDF version of the presentation are below .

‘Sound Effects Exploring acoustic cyber – weapons’

What can we hear ?

  • Ultrasound & infrasound: above/below human hearing threshold

This is a misconception: thresholds vary widely

  • Sound may be perceived as vibration

High frequencies may have adverse effects :

  • Neurasthenia, cardiac neurosis, hypotension, bradycardia, functional changes
    in CV and CNS

Adverse physiological effects of High Frequency Noise (HFN) :

  1. Neurasthenia, cardiac neurosis, hypotension, bradycardia, functional changes
    in CV and CNS

Adverse psychological effects of HFN :

  1. Nausea, fatigue, headaches
  2. Tinnitus and ear pain
  3. Somnolence, dizziness, palpitations, decreased concentration

Adverse physiological effects of Low Frequency Noise (LFN) :

  1. Heart ailments, chronic insomnia
  2. Elevated cortisol levels

Adverse psychological effects of LFN :

  1. Headaches and palpitations
  2. Deterioration in performance & productivity
  3. Lower levels of cooperation & agreeableness
  4. Depressive symptoms & distress
  5. Even at very moderate levels

Sound in security research

  1. Covert communications channels (HFN)
  2. Covert mesh networks
  3. Mobile devices
  4. Many consumer devices capable of emitting HFN


Could an attacker develop malware or attacks to :

Cause a device to emit HFN or LFN…

… at levels at or exceeding those in maximum permissible guidelines…

… and therefore cause adverse effects?

Implications – headphones ;

Audio manipulation attack could also succeed with headphones

Implications – parametric speaker ;

May be attractive as a portable, low – cost acoustic weapon

Implications – Bluetooth and smart speakers ;

Could be used to produce LFN consistent with annoyance



  1. Constant emission of HFN/LFN may degrade audio equipment
  2. No human experimentation on perceptibility/susceptibility


  1. As digital and physical worlds become more integrated
  2. Attackers may become increasingly interested in leveraging vulns against humans

Cultocracy conclusion :

Think of your entire collection of gadgets and gizmos , including wired connections and electrics , as an entire orchestra .

An orchestra that can be remotely conducted and choreographed to produce any required performance .

The presentation by Mr. Wixey barely scratches the surface of the technological capabilities available to deep state agencies and their hired hands .

Remotely delivered torture and termination tactics are commonplace in the modern world .

Sometimes they do it just for fun .

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