Divert and Discredit

Cultocracy note :

If you have lived in the UK all of your life and keep your finger on the political pulse then there should be no doubt in your mind that the UK establishment was a front for organized child abuse on a massive scale .

The peculiar and perverted ‘predilections’ of many establishment figures are well known , how could they not become targets . Perhaps it was simply common policy , a policy which has turned the UK power ‘elite’ into a global joke .

A policy which would inevitably become public knowledge and which inevitably would be swept under the carpet .

Sadistic sexual abuse has permeated the very fabric of society and caused incalculable and lasting damage .

Any government led ‘inquiry’ is always set up to fail .

The same applies to ‘showcase’ trials .

Carl Beech aka ‘Nick’ was a diversion , also intended to discredit , it worked .

Intelligence ‘operations’ involving child sexual abuse are the primary tools of blackmail and control in the UK . The intelligence agencies and their proxies are the organizers . The orders come from far higher up the food chain .

The establishment are always quick to blame ‘rival power structures’ , they never blame themselves .

The only question I have in my mind is whether the large scale blackmail operations were organized purely by the rotten and corrupt UK establishment , or whether establishment figures themselves were ‘victims’ .

Probably both .

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