Tanker Wars or Banker Wars

Following on from the mysterious but predictable oil tanker sabotage events the mainstream news now reports that (predictably) a British tanker the Stena Impero has been seized by Iranian forces .

Iranian oil exports have been sanctioned by the US administration , there is a realistic probability that there are a lot of countries weaving their way around the sanctions .

Dedollarization and the Petroyuan

Less talked about is the wider conflict which involves attempts to nudge global trade in the direction of non $US currencies which cold see a severe weakening of the petrodollar .

Which will have a domino effect in weakening those organizations that rely on US dollar hegemony as a backbone to their own strength , for example the military corporate complex .

China is by far the largest consumer of oil , which gives the country leverage as to how they might pay for their oil .

Interestingly , although perhaps insignificantly , the British tanker was manned by Indian nationals .

Although like many other countries , India appears to be straddling the fence , or should that be walking the tightrope .

India , like China , is a large consumer of Iranian oil .

After decades of financial warfare based on the genocidal destruction of any country which may happen to stray into the cross hairs and outside of the dollar , the world is looking for an alternative to the US dollar for future trade and finance .

This fact is no secret .

China sees it’s bartering position strengthening year upon year .

If other large exporters were to emulate Iran then the slide towards a petroyuan could become inevitable .

That can never be allowed to happen .

Will persistence pay off ?

That can never be allowed to happen .

Currency Wars

The underlying issue is the ongoing currency war .

Also the underlying reason behind the ongoing trade wars .

The Chinese administration has been coaxing other countries to accept the yuan instead of the dollar for trade , along with a little help from their global allies .

The global share of trade in the yuan is slowly increasing within global oil markets .

This is likely to increase even further with the expansion of the proposed Silk Road .

The Chinese administration has also introduced a rival to the SWIFT global payment system termed CIPS .


The US dollar has been the weapon of choice for the globalized military corporate complex and their controllers for too long , a true weapon of mass destruction .

Will the arrival of crypto currencies and alternative global trading agreements mean a dilution of the dollar ?

Or will the globalized financial destruction machine simply move elsewhere ?

One ring to rule them all .

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