Elon Musk – Sensors in the Human Brain

Cultocracy note :

Yet another ‘conspiracy theory’ is on the verge of becoming conspiracy fact .

Variations on this type of implant have been used by a wide variety of deep state organizations for decades .

Elon Musk is a front for a shadowy faction of the military industrial complex , in essence he is tasked with bringing covert technologies to market .

I wonder if the work on implants is somehow connected to the launch of the Starlink Satellites ?

Elon Musk & Brain Implants

“We hope to have this in a human patient by the end of next year,”

“A monkey has been able to control a computer with its brain.”

“Ultimately (Musk wants) to achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence.”

“Neuralink didn’t come out of nowhere, there’s a long history of academic research here,”

“We’re, in the greatest sense, building on the shoulders of giants.”

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Frankenstein :


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