UK Child Spies

Oh dear , recent news tells us that the UK establishment and their supplicant servants may now use children as undercover agents . The youngsters will not be called spies however , they are officially termed juvenile covert human intelligence sources (JCHIS) .

Just as I thought the establishment was inching their way back up the slippery slope .

History tells us that the UK intelligence services in particular and young boys in particular just do not mix . Historically the younger members of society , often from disadvantaged backgrounds , have been used , abused and exploited by the establishment in their pursuit of control and power .

Blackmail and pedophilia being the key words .

As is usual the buzzwords are being thrown around like confetti . We are told that child spies will be used to ‘fight terrorism‘ , ‘gang violence‘ , ‘sexual exploitation‘ and ‘murder‘ .

So I assume the establishment will primarily be investigating themselves .


Child spies were often recruited by the East German security services , known as the Stasi :

“Dubbed “Stasi-Kinder”, or “Stasi children”, by the German press, they don’t necessarily consider themselves victims or perpetrators – yet their early lives were deeply enmeshed with the Stasi system. Some faced underage recruitment through their parents; others, like Keil, clashed with them.”

Apparently there were over 10,000 Stasi informers who were under the age of 18 :

“Her colourlessness, she now realises, made her the ideal candidate as an informer for the dreaded Stasi when she was just 17. That and her willingness to “fit in” and do as she was told.”

Allegedly the Stasi also abducted and stole children from their rightful parents :

“When Karin Ranisch was told in 1975 by East German hospital authorities that her young son had suddenly died, she found it hard to believe. She still does, and is now going in search of the truth.”

Apparently the Stasi used to spy on young skaters who were deemed potentially subversive . Of course you could argue this was simply an excuse to indulge in a sinister form of voyeurism or a potential recruitment exercise .

“……the Stasi began monitoring the skating community to keep tabs on any potential troublemakers or ringleaders.”

Apparently the Stasi kept track of any East German children who wrote letters to the BBC , hope they weren’t writing to Jim’ll fix It .

“We’re being held in a huge concentration camp. There’s no escape. We vote for who we’re told to. We’re simply a herd of cattle which must obey.”

East German children are thought to have suffered sexual , physical and pschological abuse in childrens care homes .

As is usual in this type of operation , the East German establishment hushed everything up and then engaged in a cover up operation .

“Child abuse was far more taboo in the former GDR than in the West, an abuse committee has found. There was no counseling for victims because, in the state’s eyes, child abuse did not officially exist.”

It appears that German children will now be taught ‘Stasi Studies’ , where they will learn about the horrors of a security state as part of their curriculum .

“Victims whose lives were destroyed by the hated Stasi will visit classrooms, and children will even be given edited versions of secret police reports and classes in the often bizarre euphemisms and language which were used by informers and spies. ”

Apparently the ‘Stasi Studies’ school course may also include an interactive role playing  element .

“German teachers reported themselves to the far-right political party Alternative for Germany (AfD) this week after the party launched a scheme to use children as informants to spy on their teacher’s political leanings.”

As Germany looks to the past some commentators have asked ‘Where have all the spies gone ?’

“From these drab buildings, 34,000 officers ran the Stasi’s 39 departments. The personnel included 2,100 agents assigned round the clock to reading mail passed on from post offices and regional Stasi headquarters, 5,000 agents responsible for tailing suspects, and 6,000 operatives whose only job was listening to private telephone conversations.”

That one’s easy .

Although many could also be elsewhere .


So called ‘child spies’ are simply worthless and disposable assets in the establishments never ending quest for control . Children sucked into establishment controlled organizations will endure a lifetime of hell , they will be pimped out and prostituted to a never ending list of affiliated organizations and individuals .

Most will die young after enduring a lifetime of torture and abuse .

Others will find themselves press ganged or recruited into the periphery of what essentially is state sponsored slavery .

Others will face far worse horrors .

As always , the keyword is (divide and) control .

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