Facial Recognition , BAE Systems , OmniPerception

News from the mainstream media today includes reports that the UK police are facing calls to end ‘trials’ of their facial recognition system .

I myself was recently passed several times by a similar facial recognition ‘van’ whilst walking down the street , which suggests that the facial recognition system is by no means a trial and has been rolled out throughout the UK .

That is before we even mention the ubiquitous UK CCTV systems .

The media reports cite the fact that the facial recognition system breaches human rights . Of course it does , but then there are far worse breaches of human rights in the UK that never reach the mainstream news .

But hey , ho . Such is life in a autocratic state controlled by zealots , warmongers , parasites , profiteers and other assorted and varied crackpots , crazies and cultists .


The company behind the bulk of the technology integrated into UK facial recognition systems is called OmniPerception . I think it it is safe to assume that the same firm is the technological provider for the recent facial recognition trials conducted by the Met Police .

In 2013 OmniPerception was bought by another company called Digital Barriers .

In 2017 Digital Barriers was subject to a management buyout and delisted from the stock exchange . The reason for the privatization of the company is suggested by the then CEO of Digital Barriers , one Zac Doffman who stated at the time :

“It’s clearly completely different to being a listed company, where everything is in the public domain.”

BAE Systems

A glance back in time can offer an insight as to who might have seeded OmniPerception in the first instance .

Yes , non other than the UK’s very own privatized , commercialized , militarized and securitized warmongering version of the Wombles and best friends of Cultocracy , BAE systems .

The seeding of the company was financed by I3 , BAE systems very own in house investment company .

BAE Systems website has this to say about I3 :

“BAE Systems Investment in Innovation (I3) is a multi-million pound programme to develop technologies for BAE Systems’ defence and security customers..”

As can be expected it is suggested that facial recognition systems could ‘Benefit National Security’ , i.e. benefit the already bulging wallets of the investors and the transhumanist control freakery of the stakeholders .

Mildy Interesting Digression

As an (mildly) interesting side note , in the aforementioned sale of Digital Barriers the buyer was an investment firm called Volpi Capital .

The founder of Volpi was Marco Sodi .

Marco Sodi is married to the daughter of one of the biggest losers in the Madoff investment fraud , one Walter Noel .

It is said that the daughters of Noel also suffered heavy personal losses .

Although others lost more than just cash .

Paradoxically , it is also suggested that Walter Noel was one of Madoffs best salesmen .

Mildy Interesting Digression #2

Did I also mention that Digital Barriers use the Jetson platform to interpret the facial recognition images ?

Hey , ho ….It’s a funny old world .

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Conclusion :

  1. Why is the government so close to BAE Systems?

Cultocracy note :

Because it is the British Government .

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