Saudi Arabia – A Sinking Ship

News this week suggests that both the US and the UK are attempting to change tack regarding arms sale to Saudi Arabia . It would appear that many politicians and law makers are now starting to wake up and see through the smoke and mirrors which underpins a large portion of all global organized terror .

It goes without saying that the now privatized military corporate complex in both the UK and the US have many other tricks up their sleeve which will be used to garner support to further milk Saudi oil and line their own pockets .

The resistance to arms sales could be a temporary blip , it could be business as usual next week , in any case rat lines are already in place for lower level clandestine arms trafficking .

Saying that , it would be hard to get a fighter jet or two past even the most corrupt of observers .

French establishment arms dealers will be quietly rubbing their hands at the news .

As will Iran , although who needs friends when you have frenemies in the Western establishment .

A facile argument from UK defence and aerospace corporations has always been ‘if we don’t sell the arms , then France will’ .

It does make you wonder how far the warmongering element would actually go to maintain their position .

Many now realize that they overstepped the mark a long time ago .

Every dog has it’s day , this particular dog in now rabid and foaming at the mouth .


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