Surveillance and Decline

A recent article in the Independent caught my eye this morning . The article cites a rise in state surveillance in the UK under Theresa May , the current leader of the Conservative Party and current UK Prime Minister , although not for much longer .

In my eyes ‘Mother Theresa’ was woefully under qualified to push BREXIT through parliament , this was probably the plan all along , they build you up and knock you down .

Political marksman Boris Johnson was always waiting in the wings as the establishment’s number one , not very talented , but very well connected .

The article in the Independent questions in which direction the UK will go under the next Prime Minister , a bit like asking will night follow day . As the article states , all of the front runners for the PM’s job have consistently voted for increased surveillance of the masses .

Another interesting point found in the article suggests the globalist ideology of the British Empire led to the situation we face in the UK today . That is , as distant lands were plundered and pillaged , the local populations needed to be subdued and surveilled . Just in case they decided that having their own property stolen and their family members murdered and tortured was simply not cricket .

There is no doubt that the method to steal resources , wealth and freedom from under the noses of a population has been perfected over the years by the global power mongers , including those based in the UK . There is also no doubt that the method involves surveillance and oppression of the masses , this has always been the case .

Mind the Gap

Which leads me to another recent series of mainstream articles involving the arrest of Australian journalists . The journalists were apparently targeted because they printed plans for Orwellian style surveillance of Australian citizens by unelected bodies , Other journalists were targeted due to speaking out about alleged war crimes and asylum seekers .

Welcome to the club .

There does appear to be a degree of panic in the upper echelons of the Australian establishment (UK & US globalist governed) which may centre around a current climate of whistle blowing , such behavior has to be nipped in the bud and will require a very public show of force . Unsurprisingly the ‘show of force’ also involves ‘sifting through the female News Corp editor’s underwear drawer‘ , standard procedure in these situations .

Other more discreet methods are available and are no doubt being utilized , but it is better that the public remains in the dark about these .

Reverse psychology

It is hard to find an immediate reason for the harassment of the Australian journalists , just one of a long series of  events marking the decline of Western globalist power . I personally agree with one commentator who states that ‘It may simply be the reflex of an ailing empire‘ .

As anybody in the West knows (or should know) there is no such thing as a free press , the fact that one raid involved a News Corp rag should also set off alarm bells . Some commentators put the raids down to internal Aussie politicking , nothing more than a harmless bit of door ramming (and knicker sniffing) . Others are keen to link the raids to the visibly and suspiciously protracted Julian Assange case , which I doubt , unless there is partisan support for Assange ‘down under’ in Australia .

Although the fact that one ‘leaked story’ involved the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) would suggest that this fact underlies the whole issue .

Mass data collection is central to the grand design of total control , data is central to machine learning , which is viewed as being central to future military and economic dominance . Rival syndicates now threaten Western dominance , I suppose when the rest of the world has gone elsewhere after deserting the FVEY Syndicate of syndicates then there will only be the domestic populations to feed off .


How has this particular ‘crackdown on journalism’ scenario been modelled and what is the predicted outcome ?

Are the cracks in the globalist led FVEY syndicate starting to show ? Are there ongoing internal power struggles ? Are insiders just starting to realize where their globalist masters would lead us ? Is a more enlightened public threatening the plans of the syndicate ? Are individuals and journalists becoming bolder ? Are individuals and journalists becoming more immune to the designated primary policy , provisionally termed ‘the climate of fear‘ ?

Probably all of the above and more .

The answer in the halls of power ?

Increased surveillance .

Which the controllers hope will lead to AI led prediction and future scenario modelling .

It should go with out saying that there is no need to attempt to predict the future when you can shape the future , although you do need to predict the results of your own meddling .

AI is not their salvation , it will be their destruction .

I wonder if the AI has predicted that one ?

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