The Matador and The Bull – Fear & Suggestibility

Cultocracy note :

I drafted an article regarding the control mechanisms of induced fear and anxiety a while ago but did not finish it . The exact same methodology can be scaled up or down , it can be directed towards individuals , groups of individuals or whole populations .

An article I found over at global research correctly affirms that emotional responses in global populations are viewed as psychological vulnerabilities and as such are systematically exploited to further the ends of the power brokers . The article concerns Julian Assange who it appears is firmly in the cross hairs at the moment , there is no doubt that Assange has been party to sensitive information , as such he will not be extradited to the US .

The article also confirms the fact that the subconscious mind (and also the unconscious mind) is able to process emotional responses before the conscious mind produces a reaction . The power of the subconscious cannot be underestimated and is something that the power brokers are acutely aware of .

Perhaps the whole Assange episode is simply a psyop intended to send a resounding message to any would be whistle blower , a subconscious message that is .

I assume many , many , many individuals have received the same treatment apparently meted out to Assange , unfortunately the vast majority will be completely unaware

The question I ask myself is how long can the same tired old methods be expected to yield the required results ?

I suppose ultimately it all depends on the individual .

How many bona-fide individuals do you know yourself ?

How Psychological Vulnerabilities Are Exploited to Control Us

By Dr. Lissa Johnson and Eresh Omar Jamal
Global Research

How has psychology been used by the US and UK to persecute Assange and WikiLeaks?

Psychological vulnerabilities in the human reality-processing system have been exploited over the last decade in order to push particular versions of “reality” concerning Assange and WikiLeaks, which depart starkly from the fully-informed, well-researched reality. In short, whereas WikiLeaks is a media organisation and Assange is an award-winning journalist (as confirmed by UK courts and tribunals), he has been cast as a terrorist and WikiLeaks an enemy of the state.

In order to turn reality on its head in this way, a key psychological vulnerability exploited in the war on WikiLeaks has been the fact that human information processing is powered largely by emotion.

Even in terms of the neuroscience of cognition, emotion enters the decision stream well before conscious thought, and influences the kinds of reasoning and deliberation that people will entertain. The end result is that unless people are especially motivated to be accurate and factual, we are all susceptible to information and arguments that fit with our emotional states.

If we feel angry or disgusted about something or someone, for example, we are more likely to believe and accept damning rather than positive information about them. This all takes place on an unconscious level, outside our awareness, and plays a very powerful role in shaping our worldviews.

Read the full article here at Global Research

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