Life on Mars Exists

Cultocracy note :

According to a recent article at , scientists have suggested that life on Mars does exist .

The fanatical zeal with which some scientists pursue the Promethean quest for life in outer space does raise a few eyebrows . Pragmatists may say that back here on Earth there are other agencies waiting to pick up the technological spoils which will enable the pursuance of alternative agendas , primarily profit and control , which is usually combined with a healthy dose of war , pillage , torture and murder .

Lurking in the background , populating the higher levels of many supposedly scientific and intelligence organizations , there is a consistent almost cult-like belief that life on Earth was ‘seeded’ .

They want to meet their maker .

A few quotes from the article :

“The search for life on Mars shouldn’t focus exclusively on the distant past, some researchers say.”

“Four billion years ago, the Martian surface was apparently quite habitable, featuring rivers, lakes and even a deep ocean. Indeed, some astrobiologists view ancient Mars as an even better cradle for life than Earth was….”

“Things changed when Mars lost its global magnetic field.”

” “If Mars had life 4 billion years ago, Mars still has life. Nothing has happened on Mars that would’ve wiped out life,” said Michael Finney, co-founder of The Genome Partnership, a nonprofit organization that runs the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conferences.”

” “So, if there were life on Mars, it may have moved around, it may have gone into hiding a bit, but it’s probably still there,” Finney said last month during a panel discussion at the Breakthrough Discuss conference at the University of California, Berkeley.”

“But some researchers are pushing to expand the hunt to extant Martian life. One of them is molecular biologist Gary Ruvkun, who’s based at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.”

“Part of that case centers on panspermia, the idea that life has spread widely throughout the solar system, and perhaps the galaxy, by either natural or artificial means. If life did indeed come to Earth from somewhere else, there’s a good chance it once flourished on Mars as well, the thinking goes. The Red Planet could have been the source, or it may have been “seeded” as Earth was.”here at

“Ruvkun cited as supporting evidence the very early emergence of ATP synthase, the enzyme that makes the energy-storage molecule adenosine triphosphate.”

“ATP synthase goes all the way back to the base of the tree of life on Earth, meaning this intricate and complex molecule was up and running by about 4 billion years ago….”

The full article can be found here at .

Breaking News……

Following on from this story I pored over recent NASA and ESA images of the planet Mars .

Using cutting edge enhancement software I delved deeper into the images .

‘So what’ I hear you say .

Look a little closer .

The evidence is undeniable !

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