Church of England – Pedophiles & Parasites

Cultocracy note :

More proof that child abuse is endemic within the UK establishment .

The Church of England is nothing more than a business , a very profitable business with assets worth around £8 billion .

Any business with this amount of wealth will be tightly controlled , pedophilia and perversion are the establishment tools of choice .

Standard establishment practice is to periodically throw the dog a bone and also throw somebody to the wolves .

What is unusual in this case is that the ‘somebody’ is still alive .

The Church of England and the clergy are also often used as a convenient cover for more sinister and spooky operations .


Prince Charles slammed by a child abuse inquiry for support of paedophile bishop Peter Ball

“But the report of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse said of Charles — who would head the Church of England if king: “His actions could have been interpreted as expressions of support and . . . had the potential to influence actions of the Church.”

“One of Ball’s victims said: “Prince Charles must have been fully aware of the power and influence his support would bring.”


Church of England sex abuse coverup

“The Church of England put its own reputation above the needs of victims of sexual abuse, with a serious failure of leadership by the former archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, in its handling of the case of a bishop who eventually went to prison, an official inquiry has concluded.”

“Ball “seemed to relish contact with prominent and influential people” ”

“William Chapman, representing survivors, told the inquiry: “The story of Peter Ball is the story of the establishment at work in modern times.” ”

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