NASA , ASAT , The Human Condition

News today suggests that the US based globalist deep state is ganging up on India in condemnation of their recent successful anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon test . There is now talk of a boycott of Indian satellite launches .

Monopoly stake holders are lashing out from within the space sandpit they have claimed all for themselves and are jealously setting about guarding the toys in the sandpit , lashing out at anyone else who comes close .

Current NASA administrator , ex US Navy pilot and top Boy Scout Jim Bridenstine had this to say about India’s attempt to storm the sandpit :

“We are learning more and more every hour that goes by about this orbital debris that has been created from this anti-satellite test. Where we were last week, from an assessment that comes from NASA experts … was that the risk to the ISS was increased by 44 per cent.”

“We are charged with commercializing low Earth orbit; we are charged with enabling more activities in space than we’ve ever seen before for the purpose of benefiting the human condition, whether it’s pharmaceuticals or printing human organs in 3D to save lives here on Earth, or manufacturing capabilities in space that you’re not able to do in a gravity well,”

“We need to be clear, also, that these activities are not sustainable or compatible with human spaceflight,”

“Debris ends up being there for a long time; if we wreck space, we’re not getting it back,”


Many will remember the titanic days of space exploration with the memory of a voyage to the Moon , the NASA Apollo missions were the glory days , a feat which apparently is soon to be repeated .

Although some would accuse NASA of attempting the impossible with the announcement of a future manned mission to Mars . Confidence is returning , there is no doubt that manned missions suffered a major setback after the Discovery space shuttle disaster .

In the meantime we have had missions such as the Cassini spacecraft which was sent an a 13 year mission to Saturn , the Cassini probe took sent back it’s final image of Saturn on the Sixteenth of September .

As for ‘wrecking space’ , people in the glass house should not throw stones , NASA has been party to developing some of the most destructive weaponry known to man , much of which is now in the hands of criminals and profiteers .

NASA does seem to perceive itself as the large family , but there is little doubt that other deep state agencies such as the CIA and NASA are close , in fact they could historically be described as the lovers , although there are suggestions that there is now tension in the air .

There can also be no doubt that space based surveillance systems and weaponry systems have been an essential tool enabling a continuous war of destruction and profit .

Some would argue that NASA scientists have the blood of the world on their hands , complicity is never an argument used in defence . Others have been left on the threshold of liberty by the hunters at the edge of night , wielding technology which was only ever intended to listen for the voice of space and decipher the mysteries of the horizon .

The defence agencies have previously been allowed a virtual monopoly in space , in fact you could say they are the muscles of the sky . NASA also has a close working relationship with many other agencies who are partly or wholly tasked with ‘national security’ , such as Argonne labs , who are only one amongst many .

An important question is whether NASA scientists have become so transfixed and obsessive with outer space that they have neglected and lost sight of the wonders of nature here on Earth .

As for ‘the human condition‘ ?

The term is often associated with eugenics and transhumanism .

An unusual turn of phrase you might think .

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