UK Operations in Yemen – A Testing Ground

Mainstream sources reported a few days ago that UK troops are in Yemen as part of a (now not so) ‘top secret campaign‘ .

In case you have been distracted by Brexit , Yemen is proving to be what some commentators have termed a ‘human catastrophe‘ .

A real catastrophe that is , not a trivial farcical one .

From afar the Yemeni conflict could be viewed as a final fanfare in the ‘War on Terror’ , although I am sure the Yemeni people will have far more depressing and horrifically realistic opinions .

As per usual the conflict represents a wider proxy war with the prize being control of Middle Eastern resources together with the inevitable and extremely lucrative arms deals that follow .

You do have to wonder if it will ever end whilst there is still oil to be extracted , perhaps the mindset of the Western architects of the ‘War on Terror’ is now ‘if we can’t have it then nobody will’ .

A continuing dialectic does mean profits for all sides , except for those at the epicentre , where it only means suffering , death and destruction .

I personally think the end is in sight , I think there is quiet desperation in certain quarters , just a notion arrived at when reading between the lines .

As can be expected , the UK establishment are funding and supporting the Saudi backed Yemeni coalition .

Which as also can be expected includes rapists , sodomites , terrorists , exploiters of children , racketeers and genocidal maniacs .

In fact the complete and utter destruction and degradation of an entire generation , the younger generation , features heavily in the Yemeni conflict . This is standard Western cabal practice designed to induce long term fear , trauma and terror , ‘softening up’ the younger population , preparing them for the ensuing silent & subtle indoctrination .

The reality is that the Western ‘military machine’ is over hyped , built on propaganda and bloated on profits . The military proxy wars are always waged against dissenting civilian populations , designed to divide and control and ultimately maintain the ongoing strategy of tension and terror in the Middle East . The use of military force simply speeds up the end goal of civilisation destruction & assimilation . Basically the military operations are designed to induce annihilation & trauma on a massive scale , wiping the slate clean so to speak .

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

Iran has been accused of backing the ‘Houthi rebels’ and providing them with missile technology which has allegedly been used to attack Saudi naval vessels off the coast of Yemen .

This particular ‘attack’ provided the US with a convenient pretext to place their own ships off the coast of Yemen .

Predictably , these were soon attacked by land based Houthi rebels using the same  ‘Iranian missile technology‘ .

The more hawkish US puppets called the attacks an ‘act of war‘ .

This whole furore caused an infuriated war machine to put ‘Iran on notice‘ .

Cultocracy note :

Hmmmmm…..I wonder what the US deep state could have meant by ‘putting Iran on notice‘ .

I’d have thought Iran has been ‘on notice’ since 1979 .

Nearly as long as me .

As is usual in hybrid warfare , other less cooperative countries were also smeared and slandered .

Although preemptive strikes can often backfire .

In fact the Iranian regime has been accused of using Yemen as a testing ground for new weaponry and even newer ‘malign activities‘ .

Of course , other countries would never use the Yemeni people and the Yemeni conflict as an excuse for testing out ‘exotic weaponry’ , especially not the US administration and it’s allies .


#1 –  The UK military are now officially global mercenaries , whose services can be sold off and whose members can be pimped out to the highest bidder by the UK establishment and their allies .

#2 – The conflict in Yemen is being used as a huge playground by the ‘big boys’ to test each others capabilities and probe each others defences , particularly regarding ‘exotic weaponry’ . What fun they must be having .

#3 – The corrupt Western backed proxy coalitions are losing .

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