Uri Geller Says he will Stop Brexit

Top old-time showman , chancer , trickster and magician Uri Geller has wrote to UK PM Theresa May saying that he will ‘stop BREXIT with his mind‘ .

Uri says in his letter to the PM :

“As much as I admire you, I will stop you telepathically from doing this – and believe me I am capable of executing it.”

“Three years before you became Prime Minister, I predicted your victory when I showed you Winston Churchill’s spoon on my Cadillac, which I asked you to touch.”

Cultocracy note :

Hmmmmm , is that some kind of euphemism ?

“Jeremy Corbyn never gets the keys to Number 10 Downing Street”

“I will ensure that they bend out of all proportion to ensure that he never takes up residence there,”

Proof if was ever needed that the UK political establishment is simply a global laughing stock .

Or maybe Uri has inside information .

One thing BREXIT has proved is the incompetence and inadequacy of the British political system , perhaps an understatement .

Anyway , I got my cutlery tray out of the drawer and placed it on the table intending to try a bit of ‘spoon bending‘ .

I got sidetracked and started to listen to some music instead , whereupon I glanced back at the table in astonishment .


Forkin Amazin

I amaze myself sometimes , did it without even trying .

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