Directed Energy Summit 2019

Directed energy weapons (DEW) are now entering a newly resurgent phase of research and development . The least talked about and most secretive branch of modern warfare is now entering the mainstream .

It appears that the previous dominance of the Five Eyes syndicate in this particular field is now being challenged by scientists from China . What this means in layman’s terms is that China has now matched DEW capabilities which were previously only afforded to Western bloc countries , capabilities which have previously afforded a carte blanche ticket towards syndicate backed global warmongering , terrorism , environmental destruction and profiteering .

There is now a fear in Western circles that Chinese scientists may even surpass current Western capabilities , or maybe they already have .

HAVANA Syndrome increasingly appears to resemble a standard false flag operation designed to increase public funding for these previously blacker than black projects . Looks like the slush funds are starting to run dry .

The 2019 Directed Energy Summit takes place this week , the keynote speaker is ex NASA administrator Michael.D.Griffin , current Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering , a branch of the US D.o.D.

The summit is geared towards the development of functional DEW weapons that are capable of replacing and surpassing current ballistic weapons technology .

As can be expected there is no mention of the hidden agenda(s) regarding DEW weapons .

There are no notes or videos available at the moment to indicate what will be discussed at the 2019 summit , it appears to be more of a fear based propaganda exercise primarily directed at policy makers .

To glean an insight into DEW projects and policy there are a few pointers from the 2018 Directed Energy summit below .

What is apparent is that the US deep state controls the show , other ‘allied’ countries are subservient . Unfortunately for the established power structures of countries like the UK the lure of a technological advantage affords the establishment an opportunity to salvage and maintain what is left of the old Empire . Not to mention the financial and technological racketeering angles , also the inevitable domestic control and suppression . The ‘prize’ of being able to play with the big boys toys comes at a considerable cost , not that the UK establishment care , most are controlled and compromised .

Russophobia ? Cinophobia ? Yaaawwwwwnnn .

Change the script at least , but then I suppose ‘Islamic terrorists’ do not have the capabilities . Although a future MSM headline may read ‘ISIS blast UK from space‘ .

The technology represents a trojan horse , there is no such thing as a free lunch .

They can play with some of the toys , but not the brand spanking new toys that are hidden from view .

The Policy Perspective on Directed Energy (2018)
Featuring Dr. Mike Griffin

“This is a convocation of people who have stayed the course when the government was not investing in directed energy…..”

“Only DE could offer the extended energy and range and the speed of light kill….
DE has gone through a lot of evolutions…..”

“People who believed in it had to persist through a (non favorable) policy climate….
We can now see it from where we stand…that is in the space arena…..”

“China has declared itself a US adversary……”
“Russia is resurgent…..”

“There are people who would like to take us down….”

“If the US wants to maintain superiority…..we must have technological leverage….
DE is more than just big lasers…….”

“In the heyday of DE we were working on high power microwaves and several flavors of laser……”

“Fibre lasers and DPAL lasers have been researched & developed…..”

“DE is more than just big lasers….that is important……”

“These systems are non-attributable…..”

“They do not leave any debris…….”

“Four venues in which DE can serve….Land , sea , air and space…..”

“We want to take advantage of the brain power our traditional allies can offer……”

“I became convinced when I was in the SDI initiative that partnership with our allies was important…..”

Cultocracy note :

“There are people who would like to take us down….”

More people than they realize , ironically the vast majority of which are US citizens , not Chinese citizens .

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