UK Knife Crime – Influenced by the Media ?

The media has been whipped into a frenzy of late regarding the apparent rise in knife crime in the UK , the capital London is particularly afflicted , incidentally the place where ‘Jihadi John’ was raised .

There could be a wide variety of sociopolitical reasons for the reported rise in knife crime , ranging from police cut backs to a general decline in moral behavior or even poverty . Many incidents involving knife crime have been attributed to street robberies and muggings , some may carry a knife for criminal purposes , others will then react for defensive purposes .

What is rarely discussed is the influence of the media reporting the violent undercurrent of global warfare , particularly the War on Terror . Has a new generation become desensitized to violence ? Alongside existing generations to boot .

The War on Terror brought us a seemingly endless supply of blade waving Jihadis , all splashed across the internet and other forms of media , to some they may project an image of the ultimate ‘gang’ .

All media is easily accessible to the younger generation , the videos of which have more than likely been shared on school playgrounds a countless number of times . Smartphones and hand held devices beam atrocities across the globe at the flick of a switch , everyone is a now a potential reporter with a potentially global audience . Censorship is still in place , particularly mainstream censorship , to a large extent the public are only exposed to what the controllers would like the public to see .

Coupled with the general rise in tension and terror which is useful to the controllers for propaganda purposes and to herd the masses towards a required ‘militarized’ mindset .

Does a barrage of violent and warlike images and video influence a person’s behavior ? Most will answer with a resounding ‘no’ , but then most people will not understand the power of subliminal messaging or advertising .

Could this generalized projection of fear plant a seed which could possibly lead to a particular subconsciously defensive and potentially violent mindset amongst the more impressionable members of society ? At the very least is it a factor ?

When the controllers of a society propagate and display an aggressive and war like character is this transferred to a general population , in subtle psychological terms of course .

Does carrying a knife represent a reactive defence mechanism against an unknown and intangible fear such as terrorism ?

Or are there other less obvious factors at play ?

Does violence beget violence ?

Perhaps we will see a lot more ‘Jihadi Johns’ in the future , also Jihadi Jims , Jihadi James , Jihadi Janes , Jihadi…………

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