Canadian Diplomats Sue Government for Cuba Attacks


Guilty until proven innocent

An update to the Cuban diplomat attacks story , or as it is now called in deep state circles ‘contain this now before the flood gates open‘ .

It now appears that Canadian diplomats FELled by the directed energy weapon attacks are suing their own government , which does not happen to be their own government , so the case should be interesting . Fingers crossed that it actually reaches court .

A few damning quotes from articles reporting the plight of the Canadian diplomats lay bare the disgraceful and diabolical behavior of those involved , the deep state will go to any lengths to cover up their crimes . All politicians in the Western Five Eyes syndicate countries are controlled .

Also bear in mind that children have been severely assaulted , a normal day at the office for deep state filth :

“Five Canadian diplomats and their family members who became mysteriously ill while posted to Cuba are suing Ottawa for more than $28 million.”

“Global Affairs Canada acknowledges that nine adults and five children from diplomatic families have developed unusual illnesses in Havana”

“In their claim, however, the diplomats say Ottawa has “actively interfered” with their ability to seek appropriate medical care.”

“”Throughout the crisis, Canada downplayed the seriousness of the situation, hoarded and concealed critical health and safety information, and gave false, misleading and incomplete information to diplomatic staff,”

“Daniel, a career diplomat whose postings have sent him to some dangerous countries, said he, his wife and children were all diagnosed with brain damage in June 2017.”

“The Cuban government says the Trump administration is using the issue to roll back new measures instituted by the Obama administration to re-engage with its Caribbean island neighbour”

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