Global Debt – The Minority Report


Recent news states that US national debt is about to pass the eye watering $22 trillion mark . According to the same article at mainstream CBS news , interest payments on the debt for 2018 alone were a staggering $371 billion .

The important ratio , some would call it the golden ratio , regarding public debt is the GDP to debt ratio . Some would say that owing $22 trillion is fine as long as you earn $100 trillion .

Not surprisingly the US debt to GDP ratio has doubled since the inception of the murderous ‘War on terror‘ in the year 2000 .

By an astonishing coincidence the UK debt to GDP ratio has also more than doubled since the year 2000 .

Who says war does not pay ?

So who owns the debt ?

As can be seen from the charts below (US left – UK right) the debt is divided into overseas holdings (Banking Cartel) , foreign investments (Banking Cartel) , Central Banks (Banking Cartel) , Federal Reserve (Banking Cartel) , Pension Funds (Banking Cartel) , savings funds (Banking cartel) , Miscellaneous & other (probably Banking Cartel) .


Image source :

You can safely assume that the government debt pie for other countries has been carved up in a similar manner .

Significant debt sums will be held by large government bond buyers such as China and other cash rich countries .

Although many countries are now wisely reducing their exposure .

The Banking Cartel controls the government bond market .

It should be noted that the US and the UK are not the only countries indebted to the global financial system , in fact most countries in the world have managed to sell the family silver and get into debt at the same time . In fact some countries seem to have sold the shirts off their backs and are now stood on street corners in stockings and high heels (supplied on credit) and are now desperately ‘touting for business’ .

So who is the biggest whore ?

According to the mega whores club meeting at Davos , Japan has the largest debt to GDP ratio , although intriguingly 90% of this debt is held internally .

Although nobody can beat the US administration for spending .


The five countries in the list above , when combined , owe a massive 66% of total world debt .

The Davos Club does make a half hearted attempt to educate .

Like a school teacher admonishing children in a condescending , patronizing and sniggering manner they state :

“………too much accumulation of debt is not healthy for countries or the global economy as a whole .”

Conclusion – The Real Minority Report

A wide variety of shady financial mechanisms , endemic political corruption ,  military mismanagement , greed , avarice , foreign forays and general criminal & fraudulent behavior by those behind the levers of power have led to every man , woman and child in all of the countries of the world being indebted to the global financial system .

Whether they like it or not , there is no choice .

Public assets will be sold off to service the debt , public assets that your taxes and your forefathers taxes have funded , built and created .

You will have to work harder for less pay .

The debt is being paid directly from your pocket .

As public assets decline and public debt increases , where will future payments come from ?

It does make you wonder what will be sold off when there are no more material assets to be sold ?

You and me perhaps ?

My advice ? Go off piste .

Traitors and Globalists

The political establishment are handpicked for their subservience and promised a large slice of the action .

They sell populations and countries down the river and escape with the spoils .

In real terms the debt of a country is a simplistic wealth transference racket , from you to the few (I’m a poet , although I do not drink Moet) .

The wealth trickles upwards to the minority , your wealth .

One ring to rule them all .

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