Nanotechnology News – Introduction

Cultocracy note :

A relatively slow month for nanotechnology this month , the calm before the storm maybe .

In the corridors of power , linked by the echelons of evil , the controllers are becoming more and more anxious , you could even say worried .

Worried about what ?

Everything , well losing everything to be more exact . I often repeat to myself a personal mantra based on the premise that if you own nothing then you will have nothing worth stealing , it leads to a less complicated and easier life for me personally .

So what if you have almost everything , especially in terms of wealth and power ? Surely the reverse then becomes true , i.e. Everything you possess is potentially worth stealing or it can be lost , which leads to a far more complicated and bumpier ride on the rollercoaster of life . Further compounding this idea is the reality that much of what a parasitical elite now owns has been stolen in the first instance . Can any person seriously own a country and its population ? Imperialism should now be categorized as a serious mental malady , not an ideology .

“There are thieves and bandits everywhere , they want our money , they want our slice of the power pill , they want our place at the trough” . Such is the mindset of the controllers , this is the life they live , this is the persistently and patently paranoid mindset they would like to transfer to everybody else .

Those higher up the food chain often like to delegate this mentality to those at the lower levels of the food chain . The military and the intelligence services are often just below the invisible glass ceiling and just outside the vast gated estates where the power brokers reside . Sadly , many an individual are all too willing to carry the mantle , which often involves vainglorious and theatrical displays of power induced peacockery , ultimately they only obey orders , many know nothing else . A two pronged attack by the elite often sees the ‘defence’ forces of a country engaged in conflicts based purely on the theft of wealth and resources , coupled with mass domestic oppression based on a simple divide and control dialectic whereby carefully and craftily constructed tribes are pitted against one another .

A win win situation , for the controllers that is .

Are your perceived enemies really your enemies ?

Or are you your own worse enemy ?

The business model does not appear to be changing .

The previous cold war was unsustainable from the Eastern side , they were simply too weak economically , also Russian power was inflexible , the Western power bloc on the other hand enjoyed a bountiful cornucopia of taxpayers cash . A large chunk of the hard cash was diverted into black budget research , the fruits of which many are only now beginning to comprehend .

Are you actually worried about China’s use of AI ?

Or are the controllers worried that in a society such as China the administration will have carte blanche to perfect and trial AI technologies on a population which knows little about freedom ? In much the same manner that Western based technologies of control have been covertly trialled on domestic populations without their knowledge I might add .

Are you worried that Chinese administration is now using the same technologies perfected by the Western power bloc ? These are the same technologies that have been in widespread use against civilians and the public , particularly in the US and the UK ?

I would say the Chinese administration are very fast learners .

That is assuming that newly acquired Chinese technological prowess is not being monitored and even controlled from afar . Any war can always be harnessed for technological advancement , advancements which will inevitably end up in the hands of the globalists .

The post WWII Cold War was publicly touted as a nuclear arms race , which is not entirely true , in any game of poker you keep your strongest cards close to your chest , especially when you are playing against the general public .

How many wars or conflicts of the past century would you think were realistically fought in the name of public ‘defence’ , ‘freedom’ or ‘national security’ ?

I would say none at all .

So if the previous global arms race led Western societies to systems based on increased oppression , repression , surveillance , control and corruption , where will another potential arms race take us ?



China could represent a new threat to the stakeholders , not in any real sense , but in the imagined sense , the threat is purely a figment of the imagination , residing in the minds of the insanely and epigenetically corrupted . The Chinese administration now threatens to not only reverse engineer the ‘weaponry‘ used as the foundations of empire by the corrupt Western based power bloc , but also surpass that same weaponry , primarily in the name of defence .

The previous Cold War and the subsequent collapse of the U.S.S.R have provided a template of Western subterfuge and globalist backed wars of attrition , it also provided a list of mistakes not to make in any potential future cold war . Previous Western military hubris seems to be evaporating and making way for the waking realization that many of them have been played for fools , increasing privatisation and subcontracting is the inevitable result .

What if the Western power bloc loses a fresh arms and technology race ?

Unimaginable you may think . Maybe , but only if you have not imagined such a scenario may happen in the first place . I am sure there are those that are busy hedging their bets at this very moment .

If this scenario plays out then inevitably the emperor will be exposed as having no clothes , as will the criminal system , not forgetting the criminals themselves . Revenge will swiftly follow and will be painfully extracted , empires will fall , as they always do .

China threatens to buy resources that the Western power mongers would steal , they can influence where the Western power bloc would threaten , they can buy where the Western power bloc would bribe , they can manufacture relationships where the Western power bloc would murder . Globalism has been stopped in its tracks , the unipolar ‘New World Order’ is now officially dead , for now at least .

An unintended by-product from globalism also offers new choices for the disaffected and disenfranchised . At an individual level you can now choose which team you wish to support . You can also choose no team at all . You can also choose several teams at once . You can have one team on Monday , another by Tuesday , another on Wednesday . You can even form your own team . An individual can learn to empower themselves , the first act of empowerment should be understanding the immense weakness and failings of the would be controllers of any society .

They are not Kings or Gods , they would only like you to think they are Kings and Gods .

The Western power bloc is now desperate for your support , they crave your support , they need your support , lies and deception sufficed in the past , the old tricks are not working anymore .

You should ask yourself one question ; do you need them as much as they need you ? The only issue with this issue is ; how far will the power brokers be willing to go to garner your support ?

As far as it takes is the answer .

Or in more realistic terms , as far as orders can go .

Exotic Technology Race

As such we have now entered a newly formed conventional and yet unconventional arms race , or at least the Western military bloc is trying to drag the rest of us into one , this runs parallel to the propaganda war which never ends . Information is the new golden resource , AI will manufacture the new cash cow . Your electronic data , lifestyle data , personal data , and even your DNA data will now be probed , plotted and patterned as never before , all in the name of ‘National Security’ which has now become a byword for global terror and racketeering . The tools of extraction , just like previous tools of wealth extraction are slowly being assembled , many are already in place .

This means more cash and shiny toys for the boyz . This also means more taxes and less freedom for the rest of us . This means a little respite and a little more time for the power brokers . This means more environmental destruction . This means less humanity .

In a barely tangible process , hard won freedoms are now being stolen . Generation after generation is more constrained and oppressed , even though many will not sense it , you do not miss what you have never experienced .

Which brings us to the other enemy , as viewed in the corridors of power .

You and me

The so called Fourth Industrial Revolution promises untold riches to those at the trough . The slack left by increasing automation during the industrial revolutions of the last few centuries was picked up by the service economy and consumerism . This business model is flawed , you simply cannot continuously manufacture and sell , resources are finite . Scarcity of resources always lead to war , if you need those resources to back up a flawed system based on capital accumulation and greed how far will you go to scoop up what remains ?

The term ‘sustainability’ is bandied around the globalists boardrooms more and more these days , this is not environmental sustainability , an environment they have worked steadily to destroy purely for profit . Sustainability in this sense of the word is connected purely to their currently profitable business model .

War is unlikely , unless you now include hybrid warfare in that definition , although there are those that purely enjoy the destruction and murder that traditional conflict brings , it will become less and less profitable .

The basic worry for the ‘elite’ (always substitute the term ‘elite’ for parasite) is this : What will the great unwashed do if the fourth industrial revolution powered by AI and robots leaves them increasingly obsolete ?

Will they just hang around on street corners ? Will they become increasingly frustrated and aggressive towards those holding the now frayed reins of power ?  Popular revolutions are built on these foundations .

How worried are they ? Well , worried enough to perhaps realize that they have sown the seeds of their own demise .

A wide variety of answers to ‘the human problem‘ have been touted ; a basic income , a shorter working week leading to more employment , increased surveillance and oppression of the masses leading to behavioral changes , increased fear based propaganda also leading to a change in behavior , increased control of the political system (particularly ‘populism’) , a continuous divide and control plan , increased fear and control based on manufactured terrorism .

We have reached this point at present .

Others actually perceive AI as actually being capable of solving ‘the problem’ , when in fact they are simply adding fuel to the fire .

There are many , many other options on the table .

You could say all options are still on the table .

Nanotechnology will be key to winning the new arms race .

Supremacy is unrealistic , a stalemate is the natural outcome , nobody will win .

New technologies will be developed , they will fall into the hands of the twisted and the insane .

Did I just say nobody will win ?

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