NSA – Mercenary Whores

Cultocracy note :

It appears that the going rate for ‘ex-spooks’ is up to $400,000 , payment for spying on their fellow citizens and aiding oppressive regimes .

Nothing new there then , except for the pay grade .

The article from Reuters also reveals how ‘ex-spooks’ are pimped out around the globe to contractors in operations involving US nationals . For the rest of us not living in the US the mercs have absolutely no compunction whatsoever about targeting any other person of any other nationality .

Strangely enough the Middle Eastern countries always seem to have a role in this type of operation , I suppose they have the cash . I also suppose they provide excellent cover for a wide variety of peripheral international operations and also plausible deniability for the real controllers .

A laughable quote from the article states :

“…..her background as an intelligence operative made her comfortable with human rights targets as long as they weren’t Americans.”

This particular quote had me even more perplexed and puzzled :

“U.S. law generally forbids the NSA, CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies from monitoring U.S. citizens.”

The next particular double oxymoronic quote could only come from a former government employee .

“I am working for a foreign intelligence agency who is targeting U.S. persons,” she told Reuters. “I am officially the bad kind of spy.”

The article underlies a more serious issue which is the creeping privatisation of the taxpayer funded military and intelligence organizations . Sooner or later you will probably even be able to buy their shares on the stock market .

But then again haven’t they always followed the money ?

National security tripe and propaganda just does not wash anymore , can you really blame those at the blunt end of the greed , war , hypocrisy and deception machines for becoming jaded and selling their souls ?

Not that the US spooks have a monopoly on privatisation , the UK versions only work for BAE systems , the Saudis and the Crown .

Others too , as long as they have an exceptionally large wallet .

Inside the UAE’s secret hacking team of American mercenaries

Ex-NSA operatives reveal how they helped spy on targets for the Arab monarchy — dissidents, rival leaders and journalists.

wo weeks after leaving her position as an intelligence analyst for the U.S. National Security Agency in 2014, Lori Stroud was in the Middle East working as a hacker for an Arab monarchy.

She had joined Project Raven, a clandestine team that included more than a dozen former U.S. intelligence operatives recruited to help the United Arab Emirates engage in surveillance of other governments, militants and human rights activists critical of the monarchy.

Stroud and her team, working from a converted mansion in Abu Dhabi known internally as “the Villa,” would use methods learned from a decade in the U.S intelligence community to help the UAE hack into the phones and computers of its enemies.

Stroud had been recruited by a Maryland cybersecurity contractor to help the Emiratis launch hacking operations, and for three years, she thrived in the job. But in 2016, the Emiratis moved Project Raven to a UAE cybersecurity firm named DarkMatter. Before long, Stroud and other Americans involved in the effort say they saw the mission cross a red line: targeting fellow Americans for surveillance.

Read the full article here at Reuters

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