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An interesting appointment at Facebook reveals the methods used by the shadow government and the interconnected and global nature of surveillance , capitalism and the corporate world .

Is humanity itself destined to be reduced to an algorithm ?

Historically , intelligence and surveillance has always served those whose only interest was the accumulation of material goods , land and wealth . Where is the oil wealth ? Intelligence and surveillance can answer that question . How can we extract that oil wealth ? Intelligence and surveillance can also answer that question .

Now intelligence and surveillance can not only answer the question , it can also create the question .

In a modern world I often wonder where one single part of the triad ends and the other starts , there is undoubtedly an ever increasing overlap , perhaps even a total merger .

I think there are positive aspects to social media , it can connect people, much of it is harmless fun , it can even be educational .

There is a dark side though .

Your personal information , behavioral habits and data are a goldmine to those who would seek to control and shape individuals , or even a society in their favor .

Historically , societal systems were put in place to extract labor , financial taxes or some other form of material commodity , generally this always flowed to the select few .

Modern societal systems are now being geared to extract information in much the same way .

You are now a commodity , in more ways than you think .

Commodities are often surplus to requirements .

Who is Nick Clegg ?

If you do not reside in the UK the name Nick Clegg will mean nothing at all , unless you personally know somebody by the name of Nick Clegg .

Like many Western ‘democratic’ systems , the UK is governed by two party politics , a simple red team-blue team scenario . This type of system is easily managed by the power brokers whilst giving the voting public an illusion of choice .

All other minor parties are simply controlled opposition , whose policies are absorbed into the red team or the blue team (or both) . Only if a particular policy is popular that is .

So what about the yellow team ?

The yellow team in UK politics previously acted as a sort of release valve . If the two dominant parties became unpopular the yellow team was able to pick up the slack , along with the votes . Therefore the controllers of the yellow team were able to sway any (s)election vote in their favor by partnering the yellow team with either the red team or the blue team .

In UK politics Nick Clegg was a former leader of the yellow team .

So what do we know about Nick Clegg ?


The appointment of Clegg does lead to a big question regarding the ambitions and goals of each facet of an increasingly globalized society .


The purpose of capitalism is the concentration of wealth and perhaps power in the hands of the few , capitalism is driven purely by rapacious greed and excess which is actively encouraged in a modern society . There is of course a never ending supply of people willing to sell their souls for a bit of bling and a wad of notes , which many assume they actually now need for a variety of not so complex reasons . Apart from traditional hard assets , individuals can now be bought , whole organizations can be bought , in fact whole countries can be bought . Blunt force methods using financial tools are becoming increasingly outmoded and outdated , although still useful in some respects .

The corporate world is slightly different , you could argue that the corporate world is totally dominated by the capital world . Many companies are formed to generate wealth , a few are not , either way there are predators waiting in the wings ready to hoover up the next big company offering the next big thing . A takeover is quite simple if the company goes public , which most do . A takeover is not as simple if the owner decides not to sell shares to the public . The largest corporate companies are now global concerns , this potentially translates to global power .


Adding to the corporate confusion is the fact that many companies are now actively seeded by the fonts of power and capital . This is a complex , long term process which involves active surveillance , sedition and subterfuge . The main targets are the education system and academia , the brightest minds are cherry picked , others funnelled in a particular direction .

Surveillance ties all of the above together , why do you think that the power blocs are now fighting for 5G dominance ? Terrorism was never an issue , unless you want to make it an issue that is .

Active global surveillance of academia and active global surveillance of the corporate and industrial worlds was traditionally the primary goal of the surveillance state , with an added bonus that you could keep an eye on the individual and any rivals , real or imagined .

The creation of wealth and the accumulation of financial assets became secondary goals which themselves are now self generating , although only when you control the technological and surveillance infrastructure .

Knowledge is power should now be rephrased as information is power .


Mass electronic data now allows the analysis and detailed forensic inspection of the behavioral habits of whole populations , constant subdivisions of a population are possible , herding individuals into specified camps is now a proactive and automated processs . In the past it was a more laborious and rigid procedure .

What if an individual or group of individuals do not fall into a specific camp , or maybe they resist falling into a particular camp ? Well then you create one . Trial and error is required to perfect the system , no doubt seen as collateral damage by the architects . ‘The end is always worth the means’ becomes the daily mantra and any ‘blip‘ is rationalized with this central tenet in mind . Fitting the more spirited square pegs into the round holes simply requires a hammer , some things never change , only the method changes . Apparent sophistication can sometimes mask the familiar and crude tactics of terror and oppression in the quest for subjugation and conformity . Although not always .

Imagine divide and conquer on an infinitesimal scale , or alternatively imagine red team-blue team as ‘every color and every hue team’ . All carefully constructed , matched and controlled .

Not human control of course , such a system would be far too complex .

Technology is now surpassing financial wealth as a tool of societal control .

Technological power will eventually render financial power obsolete .

Information is the fuel for new technology .

Imagine the above sentences to be true for a second .

There can be no doubt that the seats of global power in recent history have centered around capital which has dominated societies across the globe and now dominates the whole world .

There can be no doubt that rampant and unconstrained capitalism has bred modern consumerism .

The two combined have led to countless wars , death , decimation of whole cultures and societies and the destruction of the natural environment .

So where will a global power system based on technology and surveillance lead us ?

Surely such a system if realized would not exist purely to further enrich the few ?

Would it ?

Surveillance Capitalism

Author Shoshana Zuboff coined the phrase surveillance capitalism in an attempt to explain the path which a merger of surveillance , technology and capitalism may take us down in the future . It is a phrase you will hear more of in the future .

Do you still think that mass surveillance is related to the ‘War on terror’ ?

In one sense it is , although not in the way that many would think .

Shoshana Zubof also calls out surveillance as the satanic spawn of capitalism , instead of the accumulation of wealth , surveillance is simplistically described as the accumulation of information .

A logical progression you might think . A detailed knowledge of scientific or market information for example will inevitably lead to wealth generation when in the hands of capitalists .

To further explain surveillance capitalism I have taken a few choice excerpts from Shoshana Zuboff’s research paper titled :

Big other: Surveillance capitalism and the
prospects of an information civilization

‘The technological trajectory, however, is clear: more and more data will be generated about individuals and will persist under the control of others’ (White House, 2014)

‘This new form of information capitalism aims to predict and modify human behavior as a means to produce revenue and market control.’

‘In the history of capitalism, each era has run toward a dominant logic of accumulation – mass production-based corporate capitalism in the 20th century shaded into financial capitalism by that century’s end – a form that continues to hold sway.’

‘The data from computer-mediated economic transactions is a significant dimension of ‘big data.’ There are other sources too, including flows that arise from a variety of computer-mediated institutional and trans-institutional systems.’

‘Among these we can include a second source of computer-mediated flows that is expected to grow exponentially: data from billions of sensors embedded in a widening range of objects, bodies, and places.’

‘A third source of data flows from corporate and government databases including those associated with banks, payment-clearing intermediaries, credit rating agencies, airlines, tax and census records, health care operations, credit card, insurance, pharmaceutical, and telecom companies, and more.’

‘A fourth source of ‘big data,’ one that speaks to its heterogeneous and trans-semiotic character, flows from private and public surveillance cameras, including everything from smartphones to satellites, Street View to Google Earth. Google has been at the forefront of this contentious data domain.’

‘‘Extraction’ summarizes the absence of structural reciprocities between the firm and its populations.’

‘Consensual participation in the values from which legitimate authority is derived, along with free will and reciprocal rights and obligations, are traded in for the universal equivalent of the prisoner’s electronic ankle bracelet.’

‘Surveillance capitalism establishes a new form of power in which contract and the rule of law are supplanted by the rewards and punishments of a new kind of invisible hand.’

‘The work of surveillance, it appears, is not to erode privacy rights but rather to redistribute them. Instead of many people having some privacy rights, these rights have been concentrated within the surveillance regime.’

‘These arguments suggest that the logic of accumulation that undergirds surveillance capitalism is not wholly captured by the conventional institutional terrain of the private firm. What is accumulated here is not only surveillance assets and capital, but also rights.’

‘Surveillance capitalism thus qualifies as a new logic of accumulation with a new politics and social relations that replaces contracts, the rule of law, and social trust with the sovereignty of Big Other. It imposes a privately administered compliance regime of rewards and punishments that is sustained by a unilateral redistribution of rights. Big Other exists in the absence of legitimate authority and is largely free from detection or sanction. In this sense Big Other may be described as an automated coup from above: not a coup d’état , but rather a coup des gens.’

‘The two entities at the vanguard of this new wave of ‘reality mining,’ ‘patterns of life analysis,’ and ‘predictive analytics’ are Google and the NSA.’

‘Finally, and most important for all scholars and citizens, is the fact that we are at the very beginning of the narrative that will carry us toward new answers. The trajectory of this narrative depends in no small measure on the scholars drawn to this frontier project and the citizens who act in the knowledge that deception induced ignorance is no social contract, and freedom from uncertainty is no freedom.’


The mass surveillance and security establishments were historically simply whores and rent boys used by capitalists on their own personal road to self fulfillment and self gratification , as only they knew how .

But if an informatized system is a more valuable system of global control than the financial system itself then it follows that whoever controls the information system will also control the financial system .

That is assuming that the traditional financial powers do not already control the information system already .

Whichever way you look at it , the keyword is always control .

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