Roger Carr , BAE Systems – Best Friends of Saudi Headchoppers Inc.

BAE Systems (Bowing before Arab Ego) boss Roger Carr has told the UK that we should be best friends with the head choppers , savages , gang stalkers* , butchers and terrorist financiers in the Saudi Arabian puppet administration** .

* Saudi nationals , including prominent nationals , are used by sections of the UK security services and others in a wide variety of operations officially pertaining to the ‘War on Terror’ . These operations are actually domestic psychological terror operations perpetrated against innocent domestic targets by the domestic security apparatus .

** It should be noted that the Saudi regime was created by the Western establishment and the medieval form of governance in Saudi was originally intended to oppress and repress the Saudi people , thereby securing the oilfields and creating a defence against popular unrest .

Carr states in an article an MSM article :

“Two issues damaged the position of Saudi Arabia in eyes of world – the Khashoggi affair is one of them and also the war in Yemen.”

“On Khashoggi, we have seen that politicians have admonished Saudi Arabia. Politicians didn’t believe the way that was done and handled was appropriate or acceptable and that’s exactly right.”

“On Yemen – our involvement with Saudi Arabia is helping us to take them to a point where a war that is, for them, a defensive war is something that they all recognise as something that needs to be brought to a conclusion as soon as possible.”

What do we know about Roger Carr ?

Enough said really , or should that be Saïd ?

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