NASA Plan to Divert Asteroid in 2022

Cultocracy note :

The age old dialectic is displayed in all of its gratuitous glory . What better way to obtain public funding for a large scale racket than to gradually instill fear into the collective consciousness .

WMD’s and Islamic terror are soooooo yesterday .

Now we face actual asteroid extinction .

From the International Business Times :

Here’s How NASA Plans To Stop Asteroids From Hitting Earth, Causing Another Extinction

“According to Business Insider, NASA has approved a mission that aims to slam a spacecraft into a “small” asteroid and bump it off course. Dubbed the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), this would be the space agency’s first planetary-defense mission.”

“The asteroid NASA will be attempting to punch is the 150-meter-tall moon asteroid dubbed Didymoon. As hinted by its name, which originates from the Greek word for twins, Didymos, it is part of a double asteroid system and orbits another asteroid that is 800 meters tall.”

“DART, which will be powered by a solar-electric propulsion system, is scheduled to crash into Didymoon in October 2022. The European Space Agency (ESA) will be helping NASA out in this project with its Hera spacecraft, which will gather data about the asteroid. Hera won’t be present at the actual collision, but it will observe Didymoon in the aftermath.”

Read the full article here at International Business Times


The global scope of the corrupt Western deep state is laid bare , the paid off talking heads and masters of the brown envelope at the United Nations have now been enlisted to add an international flavor and a degree of (in)credibility to the proceedings .

In 2013 the UN founded the originally titled IAWN or International Asteroid Warning Network , about the only thing decided by the UN in this particular public exercise was the name . Snappy acronyms are only reserved for more official deep state programmes .

In fact , by a stroke of magnificent coincidence , only ever found in deep state marketing circles , the IAWN found that the chance of an asteroid impacting the earth in 2022 was a whopping 43% . The term whopping in this case refers to the large chance of a strike and not the large degree of bullshittery practised by (deep) ‘state’ institutions when a smash and grab raid of taxpayers cash is on the cards .

It does make you wonder how these people manage to influence wider institutions and the wider world , does it not ?


The 2022 a$teroid ‘deflection’ mission will be the first of many . In the future the public should be expected to be threatened by several asteroids per year , or possibly even several hundreds . This will give the chipped goons at NASA time to perfect the art of forcing an a$teroid into an entirely new orbit . The new path could possibly be an orbit around the Earth , whereupon the a$teroid will be penetrated and probed by expensive deep state toys .

Eventually expect to see the a$teroids raped and pillaged continuously until decimation , possibly leveraging favoured deep state pimps contractors for the job . Also expect to see parallel MSM stories about how the a$teroids are being mined to save the Earth .

The rich will get richer , the deep state will have new material to continue the proliferation of its war machine .

What is not talked about at the UN is the possibility of an a$teroid falling into an Earth collision trajectory after being hit with a DART .

I wonder if this possibility has been discussed at NASA ?

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