UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order

Oh dear…..What a tangled web we weave…………They’re at it again .


The Special Relationship ????

The collection of insane individuals , profiteers , parasites , globalists and warmongers that answer to the Crown and the Banking Cartel have laid bare their global ambitions in an official House of Lords paper .

This is the real special relationship in terms of globalization . The US administration , in particular US military power was always one of many convenient mistresses .

It should be noted that the UK House of Lords is regarded as having little legislative power , although conversely many people in the UK still believe that policy decisions that affect themselves are actually made in the cesspool of degradation , degeneracy and drunkenness known as the House of Commons .

The real power lies with the high priests of high finance .

The document has been grabbed by supporters of the Trump administration in the US and held aloft as proof of meddling by dark forces based primarily in the UK . The phony Russophobia and Sinophobia narratives are now being laid firmly at the door of Whitehall . I am sure they have had more than a little help along the way from their compadres within the US deep state .

Emerging state powers are threatening to dislodge those entrenched at the fat end of the global trough and the fat greedy pigs do not like it .

The blundering UK deep state has unleashed the mighty power of Barbra Streisand in an attempt to shape the narrative of the narrative , not the first time I should add . Attempts to keep the public in the dark have only served to feed the fresh narrative , something only state actors could accomplish . I think it would be giving the controllers too much credit to assume that there is method to the madness & events are part of a larger plan . Unless the plan is to discredit and destroy the Western power bloc , in which case they are succeeding admirably .

If anything the whole sordid episode exposes the deep state , both in the UK & the US , as simply being an arm of higher globalist powers .

The UK-US special relationship is not so special after all , in fact the relationship probably finished years ago , putting on a public face is all the controllers really know . Unfortunately for the power brokers the mask has now slipped , in fact it has fallen on the floor where it has been trampled upon by the mob and is now fractured and splintered beyond repair .

The paper produced by the House of Lords Select Committee on International Relations can be found at the link below .

The paper displays an arrogance , a sense of entitlement and pompous grandiosity only found amongst the ruling classes . Many of these dinosaurs still live in the past and refuse to accept change in a rapidly changing world . The serfs and the little people still have to be controlled , other countries should bend to the will of the globalists and should be controlled , in fact they would like to control everything and everyone . I am sure there is a common and severe psychiatric disorder prevalent amongst these people , it goes well beyond simply being out of touch , they are clearly out of mind as well .

A few quotes from the paper are below :

“These changes are reshaping the international order. The foundations of British foreign policy—the construction and maintenance of a rules-based international order, the relationship with the US and EU membership—are being challenged as a direct consequence of political and social waves caused by people’s access to information, boosted by instant connectivity on an unprecedented scale and speed. Governments are responding to short-term demands of their citizens, who have been empowered by their access to information and opinion .”

Cultocracy translation :

You as an individual should remain uneducated & uninformed . Only we should be allowed to control the false narratives .

“The UK should continue to resist US challenges to the multilateral system, and
seek to strengthen key institutions particularly the United Nations, the North
Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the Bretton Woods institutions and the World Trade Organisation.”

Cultocracy translation :

If we create global institutions and then control those institutions , we will control the world .

The UK should step up its engagement with international organisations of
all sizes.

Cultocracy translation :

If we create global institutions and then control those institutions , we will control the world .

“Given the importance across Whitehall of cyber security , we recommend the designation of a Minister with responsibility for cyber issues across government .”

Cultocracy translation :

A nod to the true seat of administrative power .

“In a world where the UK’s influence can no longer be taken for granted and
where the shifts in economic and political power relationships are not working
to our advantage , a more agile , active and flexible approach to foreign policy
must now be developed .”

Cultocracy translation :

‘….not working to our advantage’ – Says it all really .

N.B. The term ‘our’ does not refer to the British public .

‘agile , active and flexible’ = Dodgy dossiers & false falgs .

“We believe that this agenda cannot just be manufactured. It has to be built up layer by layer”

Cultocracy translation :

Everyone can now see through the lies and deception .

“We believe the Government should further expand the main overseas
scholarship programmes”

Cultocracy translation :

Overseas scholarship = Manchurian candidates

“The focus of the UK’s development spending should now take account of the UK’s old friends and new partners.”

Cultocracy translation :

Old friends = Banking cartel

New Partners = Banking Cartel

“Countering propaganda is increasingly important”

(Cultocracy Translation Machine exploded when fed the above sentence)



The traditional forces of global capital are worried .

Paradoxically the people of the UK have always been forced to accept change , even when not in their favor , which is usually always .

You reap what you sow .

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