UK Drone Laws – Off the Leash

Another day , another set of laws by UK politicians . There must be more laws in the UK than the rest of the countries of the world combined . Most are now ignored by a large chunk of the general population , all are ignored by the ruling classes and their chums .

This particular set of laws is related to remote controlled flying drones , the introduction of new legislation has been on the cards for a while .

The proposed laws will require drone owners to take an online test , which will no doubt require a fee , an unlicensed owner could face a fine .

There are a lot of other countries that have drone laws , even Afghanistan would you believe .

Killer Drones

No doubt the ever expanding fleet of hunter killer drones produced in the UK by BAE systems will be exempt from any laws , both moral and legal .

[Demented Subterranean Transhumanist Lunatics]

The development of the UK’s drone fleet is largely down to the shadowy scientists employed by the DSTL , or the Defence Science Technology Laboratory . DSTL has underground labs scattered across the UK , many within the boundaries of large aerospace and defence contractors such as BAE Systems , they have close links to the UK military and intelligence services .

Many scientists are placed in impossible situations , others are willing and complicit in the manufacture of machines of death and destruction which will only profit the few . Others are in a state of denial , many are simply drones themselves , inhuman hive mind technologies are commonplace in the defence and aerospace industries .

Off the Leash

Off the Leash’ is a report published by Drone Wars UK and covers the development of the drone fleet in the UK .

The report has this to say about DSTL :

“DSTL is able to support targeted research which neither academia nor the private sector would be willing to conduct alone.”

The UK’s drone programme is basically owned by BAE Systems . The company is listed on the stock exchange and is largely unaccountable to the government , the political establishment in the UK is either blackmailed into submission , or scared into submission . BAE systems is controlled largely by the UK deep state along with their partners (in crime) in the US .

In fact UK politician Robin Cook (R.I.P) had this to say about BAE in his autobiography :

“I came to learn that the chairman of BAE (Sir Dick Evans) appeared to have the key to the garden door to No. 10. Certainly I never knew No 10 to come up with any decision that would be incommoding to BAE.”

According to ‘Off the Leash‘ BAE Systems is closely connected to the US deep state :

“The division’s Special Activity Exploitation (SAX) research group works closely with government research labs and organizations, including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency (IARPA).”


BAE Systems latest toy is called Taranis . According to the report :

“Ground tests for Taranis took place at BAE’s Warton aerodrome in 2010, with
the first two phases of flight trials taking place at the Woomera test range in
Australia in 2013-14 and a third phase commencing in 2015.”

“Taranis also appears to have the capacity to identify and attack targets autonomously. In an interview with the Daily Express about the aircraft, BAE’s Taranis Programme Manager, Clive Marrison, pointed out that although it was “highly likely” that the UK’s Rules of Engagement would continue to require a human to determine target decisions, “the Rules of Engagement could change,”

QinetiQ & Zephyr

QinetiQ is another private company which forms part of the Western military industrial complex (MIC) .

According to ‘Off the Leash‘ :

“QinetiQ is a UK-based arms manufacturer which evolved from the Defence
Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA), a Ministry of Defence agency which
was privatised in 2001.”

“QinetiQ emerged as the commercial entity resulting from privatisation, while other DERA functions were retained in-house as DSTL.”

“QinetiQ has also been involved in the development of other unmanned systems for the Ministry of Defence. The company originally designed and built the Zephyr High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite – a new generation of drone capable of flying to heights of over 20,000 metres and loitering for extended periods of days, or even weeks. Zephyr holds the official record for the longest duration of unmanned flight, remaining in the air for 14 days during a flight in 2010, and in August 2018 exceeded this with a 25 day flight.”

“The aircraft is extremely lightweight and is powered by a combination of solar cells and rechargeable batteries and can be equipped with conventional cameras, radar and lidar sensors, and communications interception equipment. It is capable
of undertaking reconnaissance and security patrols, acting as a communications
relay platform, and undertaking advanced surveillance work.”


The research and development departments of the deep state are now largely out of public hands and out of control , this allows contractors full autonomy and zero accountability . They can now research anything and conduct horrific clandestine experimentation on anyone , ‘national security’ is bellowed from the rooftops if anyone dare pry , nobody from the UK political establishment will .

This situation is replicated in the US , in fact it is probably even worse .

The enlargement of the surveillance state and the creep towards a merger between industry and state intelligence continues at a rapid pace , some would call it fascism . An ironic situation since the militarized and securitized state only represents the twin prongs of corporate and capital power , which in turn are only represented by a handful of individuals , albeit extremely wealthy individuals .

At least this was the case in historical terms .

The report regarding drone research in the UK does lay bare the growing tactic of M.I.C partnerships with the private sector . Does the M.I.C now constitute a global power in itself ? Does it not answer to anybody in a modern world ? If not is there an ideology which underpins the new military corporate complex ? Does it go beyond the simple accumulation of wealth ? Is it all about power and control ?

Probably a slice of all of the above coupled with a large dose of power induced insanity .

To answer the above questions you will have to follow the money , if you can that is . It would appear on the face of things that money is simply siphoned off and wasted , a large portion of which will find itself into the hands of wealthy shareholders in the form of dividends , which in recent years have far outperformed many other investments .

This is not an accurate portrayal of the bigger picture .

The reality is that funds and profits are sunk into top secret black projects , way beyond the public eye and way beyond the public imagination . The fruits of the research may yield commercial applications which are taken to market by seemingly unconnected startups . Other research is invaluable in maintaining the cloak of secrecy and zero accountability that has become normal policy in what now can only be described as racketeering on a global scale .

The situation is now so perverse , desperate and extreme that the controllers and their minions are backed into a corner , like rats with nowhere to escape . They simply have no option but to continue as they have always done . The alternative of public disclosure will mean certain destruction . The more people they can consume with their diabolical scheming , the safer they assume they will be .

Defence & national security ?

Maybe , but for who exactly ?

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